Get Over Losing A Friend

14 Ways To Get Over Losing A Friend

Losing a friend is a terrible thing that can happen to anyone. No matter what the circumstances are behind losing a friend, there will always be pain that comes along with it. It can make one depressed, miserable, and pessimistic for the future. For most people, their relationship with their friend is closer and tighter than that with anyone else …

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Beat Shyness As An Introvert

Beat Shyness As An Introvert

Experiencing shyness as an introvert, if you want to socialize more than you already are, can be a tough endeavor. Thats what we’ll tackle here.

Have No Friends Here Is Why And What To Do About It

Have no friends? Here Is Why & What To Do About It

Do you find yourself thinking, “I have no Friends Anymore!” While that can make you feel lonely and desperate, it can definitely be solved. First, you need to know why you have no friends, and what to do to make new friends and build a social life.

loneliness and individualism

7 Loneliness Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About

While we all know that “loneliness is bad,” there is actually more to it. Often people tend to confuse it with depression, which is really a different beast. Let’s shed some light into this obscure and mildly uncomfortable subject, with these 7 facts about loneliness you probably didn’t know about.

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