How To Not Be Rude

20 Ways To Not Be Rude

If you want to be a socially adept person, you’ll need to learn how to not be rude. For a lot of people, this is extremely easy. Being nice is something they can do quite naturally simply because that’s just who they are. However, not everybody is like this. In fact, a lot of people who are genuinely good deep …

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Build Self Esteem

20 Ways To Build Self-Esteem

Learning how to build your self-esteem is a vital task if you want to improve your social skills. Depending on your self-esteem, your mind and courage will either enable or prohibit you from doing certain things that will help you build relationships. As an adult, building relationships is something you will constantly need to do in both your personal and …

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Be Authentic And Genuine

How To Be More Authentic And Genuine

To be authentic is to live your life the way you want it. Being in control of your life, instead of living other people’s dreams and expectations. It’s about aligning your decisions and actions with your values and goals in mind—the most liberating and empowering thing you can ever do for yourself.  It’s normal to have different identities in your …

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8 Ways To Deal With Boring Friends

8 Ways to Deal With Boring Friends

Boring friends make you want to stay at home and do some activity by yourself. It can be hard to confront them about it without offending them. Or maybe you’re not thinking about confronting them because you want to give them a chance. Look, you can be boring to other people too. It depends on how you define ‘boring’. But …

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