How To Meet People In Brisbane, Australia

Looking to meet people in Brisbane? The vibrant heart of Queensland offers a unique blend of lively atmospheres and friendly locals, perfect for both newcomers and long-time residents.

It’s a city that’s full of life and exciting atmospheres. It’s generally known for its warmth, incredible outdoor activities, and for having a dynamic culture.

Brisbane locals are known for embracing the outdoors, with a fondness for activities like biking along the Brisbane River, enjoying barbecues in the city’s numerous parks, or relaxing at the South Bank’s man-made beach.

This outdoor enthusiasm contributes to a relaxed and friendly social atmosphere, making Brisbane a city where nature, urban life, and community spirit intertwine seamlessly.

Ready to dive in? Let’s explore some of the best places and activities to help you make friends in Brisbane.

Here’s Where To Meet New People In Brisbane, Australia

1. Best Meetup groups to join in Brisbane

  1. Brisbane Walkers
  2. Social Cyclists SEQ
  3. Friends you haven’t met yet

For more Meetup groups in Brisbane, be sure to check out this link.

2. Expand your culinary knowledge

Learn How To Cook And Mingle With Other Students in Brisbane

Cooking can be a very social event when you do it with multiple people. This is why many people who are seeking to meet new people in Brisbane do so by taking cooking classes. Give this thing a shot and take a class with Vanilla Zuzu.

You’ll be trained by accredited chefs here. Learn cuisines from all over the world such as Italian, Thai, Spanish, and more. You’ll be trained along with other students allowing you to socialize with others as you expand your culinary knowledge.

3. Indulge with a Food & Drink tour

Enjoy A Food And Drink Tour And Socialize With Other People in Brisbane

If you’re a foodie and enjoy a drink or two and you want to meet others just like you, you could give one of the Food and Drink tours the city offers a try. Kiff & Culture’s Food and Drink tour is a good option for this.

Kiff & Culture offers daytime or evening tours where you start with drinks, followed by a couple of delicious courses. You’ll do this tour with others who are looking to enjoy good drinks, good food, and of course, good company.

4. Join a jet ski tour

Go On A Jet Ski Tour And Make Friends in Brisbane

Jet skiing can be a very fun activity, and it is particularly popular in Brisbane. If you want to meet more people in this city, take part in this fun activity and you’ll end up surrounding yourself with a ton of people.

One good way to jetski and meet new people at the same time is to take part in a jet ski tour. Explore the waters around Brisbane and get to see some of the city’s most beautiful landscapes and sceneries. Of course, you’ll be able to interact with the others who are taking part in the tour as well.

5. Take a Sip & Pottery class

Learn Pottery And Meet New People in Brisbane

Pottery is an activity that’s becoming more popular as time passes on. It’s an elegant and useful skill that allows you to create beautiful crafts for yourself and to give to others. If you’re new to this activity, you’ll have a more fun time partaking in it if you do it with other people.

You know what will make this activity even more fun than it already is? Wine. That said, join a Sip & Pottery class and you’re bound to have a grand old time! You’ll befriend the other students as you learn this awesome craft together!

6. Join a Smartphone Photography class

Be Better At Smartphone Photography And Mingle With Other Photographers

Brisbane is home to a ton of gorgeous views and sceneries. You’ll always feel motivated to take pictures of places when you visit the city’s hot spots. Professional cameras are super expensive, but you don’t really need them if you simply want to take pictures for yourself and your followers on social media.

You can use your smartphone instead! Thankfully, there are smartphone photography classes in Brisbane you can take. Take this class, get introduced to other photography buffs, and talk to them about tricks and techniques, as well as some of the most picturesque places in the city.

7. Taste the best wine and blend your own

Blend Wine And Socialize

Have you ever dreamed of blending your own wine? While it’s not a particularly common dream, it’s still a fun activity to do. So fun, in fact, that many people in Brisbane go on wine-blending workshops! If you want to do this also and meet the other people who are interested in this activity, check out City Winery’s Wine Blending workshops!

Wine blending is a sophisticated activity that’s also super engaging to do. Plus, you get to drink the wine you blend with the others in the workshop! It’s a great bonding experience.

8. Create your own artwork

Paint And Make New Friends

If you’re an artist or want to improve your painting skills, you can try out one of the painting classes that are being offered in Brisbane. You’ll be taught by skilled professionals and meet other artists and aspirants such as yourself.

Painting is an incredibly good way of expressing yourself. A room full of people looking to express themselves artistically would be a nice place to meet people in Brisbane. The beauty of places like these is that they give “one-time classes”.

These are convenient because they allow you to test the class out and see if it has like-minded people.

9. Network with Brisbane’s professionals

Expand Your Social Circle And Professional Network

Brisbane is home to a lot of Australian professionals who are looking to expand their businesses, as well as their own skills and knowledge. You can join a professional networking group and meet these professionals so you can expand your social circle, as well as your professional network.

It’s fun to play hard all week, but there will be days when you’ll also have to work hard. When you network and socialize with these professionals, not only will you make new friends, but you’ll also feel extra motivated to better yourself professionally.

Improve Your Social Skills & Make New Friends In Brisbane More Easily

When you improve your social skills, you drastically improve your chances of having a good time no matter where you go. You’ll be less anxious and awkward to interact with others, they’ll have a better time talking and interacting with you, and most importantly, you’ll have fun interacting with them.

That said, improve your social skills today and get rid of any social anxiety and awkwardness you may have. Learn how to make more meaningful conversations and fun small talk. Learn how to interact with a crowd. Be more socially skilled today and you’ll make more friends in Brisbane more easily.

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