Secrets of Meeting New Friends

Secrets of Meeting New Friends

By Paul Sanders

Did you know that the skill of meeting new people is CRITICAL when it comes to having good friends and avoiding loneliness?

In fact, it is the skill that makes or breaks your social life. If you don’t know how to meet new friends consistently, then as soon as you lose the friends you have, or you move to a new city, you can end up alone for a long time.

In this article, I want to share with you what works and what doesn’t, when it comes to meeting new people  that you can go out with, have fun, and meet regularly.

Avoid the “Weak” Strategies For Meeting New Friends

People develop certain strategies that they think will bring new friends in their life.

The first strategy is what I call the “GIANT STEP”.

It’s when a person wants to meet new friends, and thinks that he or she needs to go make friends with the super-popular kids. You may have thought that making friends is about going to intimidating places like parties with high social-pressure.

You also may tend to compare yourself with the most socially active person in the group. And of course, it makes you feel terrible, because these guys have a lot of social experience, and a lot of friends.

Going to highly intimidating places, and trying to meet intimidating people, doesn’t work.

Another weak strategy is what I call the “VICIOUS CIRCLE”.

This is when you think “I want to meet new people, but I don’t want to go out alone. If I had friends, I’d go out for sure”. Well, this keeps you stuck in loneliness.

If you’re waiting to have friends, in order to be able to go out and meet friends… you’re probably going to wait for a long time.

What if you had access to certain “strategies” that are VERY effective for meeting new friends… but you just didn’t know how they work…

And finally, there’s what I call the “ COMMANDO” strategy.

This is where you decide to finally “do something” about your social life. So you motivate yourself. You figure out where you will go. You get creative about it. And you do something completely new to you.

For example: you go to a party, 80 miles from home, or you go try a dance class that feels too weird to you.

If your “attempt” to meet new friends is too hard, too complicated, or requires a lot of courage from you… there is something VERY important to note about it…


If it’s hard, and doesn’t feel “natural”, you’ll only try it ONCE. And if you don’t end up meeting friends there, you’ll never do it again.

Why People Stay Lonely For Years

Using the above strategies… people stay stuck.

You have probably noticed this: when in it comes to meeting friends, it’s hard to say if you’re actually making progress or not. It’s not easy to figure out if people want to meet you again, or not… especially at first.

When you’re just starting, and no one is calling you to hang out, and you don’t know why, you start to think that there is something wrong with you, and you stop “trying” to avoid feeling rejected or embarrassed.

This is why people give up.

This doesn’t have to be your case…

Secrets of Meeting New Friends

The Best Way to Start Meeting New Friends: Start EASY!

What if you had access to certain “strategies” that are VERY effective for meeting new friends… but you just didn’t know how they work. And therefore, never used them.

The reality is, you have these strategies, and you can start using them today, here are some of them:

  • Your hobbies and interests. It’s easier to make friends with someone when they share your passion or interest. It naturally makes sense to keep in touch and meet regularly. You can go find these people. Chances are high that they’d love to meet with you, too.
  • People who are already looking for friends. Instead of trying to make friends with people who already have too many friends… go and meet those who are LOOKING for friends. Where do you find them? Think and think about expat events (look at
  • Interesting, cool people that are introverted, and maybe a little shy. Again, don’t think that you’re going to make friends with “very popular”, right away. Begin by making friends that are maybe a little shy, but STILL great people! Too many people don’t realize that others need friends as much as they do. They only notice the “popular kids”, and compare themselves to them. That’s why it feels like they’re the only one who lacks friends. Wrong!

These strategies should get you started…

…but if you want to MASTER this, to the point that you can easily go to places where you’ll have fun, meet new people, stay in touch, and meet them regularly, without being judged or rejected, then you need to go get yourself a trial copy of my “Get The Friends You Want” eBook.

In it, I’ll share with you advanced strategies on how to meet new people, talk to them in a way that makes them want to be your friend, how to make plans that people would LOVE to join you in, and without having to “work” at it.

This book is the best way for you to drastically improve your social life, and you can start using the tips and techniques – and see results – IMMEDIATELY.

I’m so confident my eBook will improve your success in making friends, I’ll let you give it a try for 30 days. For more info, go right here: Get The Friends You Want – Risk Free Trial

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