Privacy Policy

Collected Information – Voluntary

GetTheFriendsYouWant.Com does not collect or obtain any personal or contact information about its users without their express, prior permission.

Users can, at their option, opt to join the GetTheFriendsYouWant.Com email newsletter. GetTheFriendsYouWant.Com uses a reputable, CAN-SPAM compliant newsletter management service. GetTheFriendsYouWant.Com only sends email communications to users who specifically request information about friendship advice or social skills.

If a subscribed user wishes to unsubscribe from the newsletter for any reason, he or she may do so instantly by following the automated unsubscribe link, located in the footer of every email. In addition, the user may contact us by email.

The data collected by our newsletter system will be used for marketing purposes related to topics on friendship advice, social skills or similarly relevant content.

The data will not be shared, sold, rented or distributed to any other party for any reason.

The only exception to this is if GetTheFriendsYouWant.Com is sold to a third-party, at which time data may be transferred to the new owner. Subscribed users will promptly be made aware of any such activity before any data is transferred, and will be given sufficient time to unsubscribe if they choose not to have their information transferred to the new ownership.

Collected Information – Involuntary

The only information collected involuntarily from all visitors is basic geographic, referral, on-site navigation patterns, and IP information for the purpose of tracking our website traffic statistics. We use this data in order to improve our website & user experience, as well as measuring the effectiveness of our advertising & marketing efforts.

Data is not evaluated on a “user by user” basis, but rather in the aggregate on a mass scale. We look at the overall patterns based on the statistical information collected from thousands of visitors.

We use Google’s Analytics program to see how many visitors come to this website per month. This free tool, provided by Google, also allows us to see other anonymous information about our visitors (age, gender, interest, etc.) so that we know how to serve them better.

The data is collected (and stored) by our preferred & reputable traffic analysis service. The data is stored securely and is not publicly available. Only GetTheFriendsYouWant.Com (ownership & staff) can access this statistical data, without exception.

This data is collected through the use of a simple javascript script on each page of GetTheFriendsYouWant.Com, and does not interfere with or affect the user’s internet browsing program whatsoever.

GetTheFriendsYouWant.Com does NOT use spyware, adware, viruses, trojans, nor otherwise any invasive, involuntary methods to increase incoming traffic, or otherwise for any other purpose.

Analytics and Advertising Features We Use

We use certain tracking and advertising features in Google Analytics, Adwords, and other similar services. We only work with reputable companies, and we never allow your activity to be tracked by companies that haven’t proved their respect for your privacy.

Here are some of the features we use: Remarketing, Analytics, Geographical data, User-Ids, and Cookies.

These tools help us better understand visitors of our website, they help us get better at being helpful and relevant.

We use Google Analytics to know the sources of web traffic, so we can optimize our budgets; we get information about how much time you spend on certain pages, to see if those pages are indeed helpful; we also use the “user-id” function which helps us understand your needs, even if you use our site through multiple devices. The fact that you use the site through your smartphone and through your desktop shouldn’t mean that we’re going to treat you as a complete stranger to the website and to our services.

We never send your PII (personally identifiable information) to Google Analytics. We do however unify the sessions when you’re logged in, and when you’re not. This means that our site doesn’t treat you like a stranger, just because you’re not logged in. If you want to opt-out of this feature, please read the ‘how to opt-out’ section below.


We use an advertising technique called ‘remarketing.’ When you visit our website, you may get into a “remarketing list.” We do this through Google Adwords and Google Analytics. This helps us advertise to you later if we see that it’s relevant. For example: if we have a brand new product, we might want to advertise to you and to all the other people who visited our website recently, so you don’t miss out on the product or promotion.

The ads show on the google display network. Google puts a “cookie” on your website to be able to recognize you later if we want to broadcast promotion to you. The ads can then show on some websites that have opted for the Adsense network, or a similar Google Partner.

We are however very careful not to show any ads that may reveal your activity to a by-stander for example. We know that the topic of this website is intimate, so we are careful. We may never show ads that say, as an example: “complete your purchase.” We believe that your activity shouldn’t be blasted all over the web, to anyone who can look at your computer.

How to Opt-Out

If you want to opt-out of our session recognition and linking techniques, please contact us by email. We are able to disable your “user-id” information, all you have to do is ask.

If you want to opt-out of our remarketing lists (ads that show on other websites), you can use the universal option specifically for Google’s use of cookies, by clicking here and also here. You can also opt-out of other service’s use of cookies by clicking here.

If you have any concerns or questions about using our website, or our statistical tracking practices, please contact us by email.

This privacy policy was last updated on September 9th, 2018.