How To Be More Interesting

You don’t need to have an amazing to be a more interesting person. If you become more interesting, it will make your social skills work more effectively.

There’s just something about people who are very interesting that makes you want to go up to them. Get to know them more. Be friends with them. You can automatically make a social gathering more interesting and better just by being present. More importantly, people will WANT to have you around at every social event.

Training yourself to become a more interesting person will also make your life more interesting altogether. You will start to see things differently, your life will become so much more exciting, and people will see you in a very different light.

If you believe you’re someone who’s not as interesting as you want to be, then don’t worry. You can become the person everyone will have conversations with by studying and practicing. That’s what we’ll tackle in this article.

If you want to know how to become more interesting, or if you’ve always wondered how to have an interesting life, keep on reading. Today you will learn the steps you need to take to master the art of being more interesting in public.

1. Dress Well and Groom Yourself

There’s a very common saying that goes “If you look good, you feel good”, and you need to start applying that to yourself. Take the time to find outfits that are perfect for you. Nothing too tight, and nothing too loose. If you feel like you’re not exactly a fashion expert, find someone who can help you.

Dress Well

Get a proper haircut, trim your nails, groom your beard (if you have any), and wear perfume. Go out of your way to be the best looking version of yourself. Workout if you can. A healthy physical life will also do wonders for your self-esteem.

Take note, you don’t have to be the most good looking person in the room, but you need to appear presentable. You need to look neat. People will see those who are well dressed and well-groomed as people who respect themselves and therefore, are worthy of respect. For you to be a more interesting person, you have to also be respected.

2. Have The Body Language Of A Confident Person

People will be hesitant to approach you if your body language indicates that you’re anxious. If you look afraid, ashamed, or if you seem like you don’t want to be there, people won’t find you interesting at all.

You need to start thinking positively about yourself if you want to be more interesting. Be confident in who you are. Have this mindset: “I can add something to the table”. You need to think about this everywhere you go. If your mind is confident, your body will show it. Thus, you will become more approachable. More people will be interested to meet you if you have the aura of a confident person.

One way to work on your confidence is to know your strengths and use them. For example, if you’re good at humor, then take advantage of that by making people laugh at social events. Have jokes and funny stories on your mind at the ready. On the other hand, also know your weaknesses and work on them.

If you feel like you don’t give out the best life advice, be more empathetic towards other people. Be genuine with your words. Do everything you can to work the weaker aspects of your social game until they become strengths too. To finalize, take advantage of your strengths, and work on your weaknesses.

3. Relate To More People And Be More Relatable

Relate To People

If you want to be the person everyone wants to approach, you need to be able to relate to as many people as you can. Talk to as many people as you can at every social gathering. Listen to them actively, and relate to them.

If someone says a comment about something you’re interested in, let them know that you’re into that thing too. You can then further that interaction by asking them more questions about it and allowing them to show off their knowledge to you.

For example: If someone says something like, “I went snorkeling last week. I saw the most amazing aquatic life”, you can then respond with, “Oh I love snorkeling! The open waters are so beautiful that I just can’t get enough of the ocean. I don’t know that many places around here to snorkel on though. What are the best places, in your opinion?”

By doing this, you are sharing a common interest with the person you’re talking to. You are also letting them voice their opinions on the matter. They’ll feel like they’ve taught you something and that subconsciously makes a person more interested in you.

Conversely, you can also offer your thoughts on a topic. If you say something they didn’t know beforehand, they will become more interested in you as well.

One more thing you can do to become as relatable as you can be is to share a few private stories. There are two kinds of things that you can share to make yourself more interesting in the eyes of others: embarrassing, and things about you that you consider “secrets”.

One, embarrassing stories are just funny altogether. If you share something embarrassing that has once happened to you, people will not only find you funny but will appreciate your openness. A lot of embarrassing things have happened to a lot of people. Some people just aren’t that open in sharing them. But if you share yours, they will see you as someone confident and relatable.

Two, share something you consider as “secrets”. Something you don’t exactly share with everyone you meet. It doesn’t have to be very extreme. It’s better if you keep it on the “less extreme” side of things.

For example, if you’re oddly fascinated with something not a lot of people are interested in, you can share that. You can say something like “I don’t tell everyone this, but I am incredibly fascinated with old folk music”. It’s not something very alarming, but you don’t meet someone who’s into “old folk music” every day.

4. Give Flattering Compliments

Give Compliments

Don’t be afraid to give out a compliment or two. By complimenting others, you are boosting their self-esteem and you are bettering your self-image. You can compliment anything about a person. You can say a compliment on their looks, their thoughts, what they’re wearing, or for even hosting an amazing party. Here are examples of compliments that you can say on social events:

  • I love your dress/suit. Who made it?
  • Your insight was very interesting. Care to tell me more about it?
  • This party is fantastic. Thank you for having me over.
  • You look lovely this evening. I feel like all eyes are on you.

You can even use compliments as a form of banter; kind of like a praising tease.

  • I would never dare debate someone as knowledgeable as you.
  • This place is indeed beautiful! And speaking of beautiful—

Uplift others by saying good things about them. Not everyone may show it, but people love getting complimented on. Just be sure you don’t overdo it, though. A comment or two should be enough. They will find you a delight to be around and will be more interested in you as a person.

5. Try More New Things

If you want to be the most interesting version of yourself, you need to adopt the mindset of a thrill-seeker. Don’t be afraid to try out new things. Do things you never once thought you’d ever do. If you remain in your safe bubble, you’ll never be able to grow as a person, and thus will never be the interesting person you want to become.

Find people who are very into a lot of exciting activities. Mountain climbing, hiking, trekking, water-rafting, the works. Go out, see the world, and enjoy a few adventures. You are also broadening your scope by trying out things you’ve never done before. This is also a very good opportunity to meet and connect with other interesting people. Not only will you be able to do a lot of amazing things, but you’ll also have the chance to learn from very interesting people.

If you go out and make the world your oyster, you are not only training yourself to become the most interesting person you can be, you are also adding spice to your life. If you want to know how to make your life more interesting, this is how you do it. Go out and have an adventure. Enjoy your time, and be sure to collect every memory you can on your activities. You’ll be able to use and share them as amazing stories later on.

People will be pleased to hear those stories and therefore find you even more interesting as a person. The most likely next scenario once you share your exciting story is that others will share theirs too, thus creating a discussion. This will create a level of camaraderie among the people within the discussion and YOU will have started that.

6. Be Competent In Your Craft

Be Competent

Whatever it is that you do, or if you have any hobbies that you do regularly, make an effort to be as competent as you can be. People who are highly skilled at their craft are automatically more interesting to other people.

You will also have the chance to meet a lot of people who share your interests if you’re good at what you do. For example, let’s say you’re an engineer. If you’re at the top of your field, other engineers will want to hang out with you. They will want to meet you and talk to you about your expertise. This is a very great way to establish a good friendship later on. It is also way easier to connect with people who have a lot in common with you.

Study and practice as much as you can on what you do. Whether if it’s something you do for a living like law, medicine, or architecture, or something you do for fun like cooking, playing music, or writing, be the best as you can at it. People will want to approach you, have conversations with you, and be friends with you if they know you’re competent and are amazing at your craft.

7. Be Kind To Everyone You Meet

Aside from being good at what you do, you also need to be good as a human being. Treat everyone kindly everywhere you meet. Whether if it’s in a social gathering, or if you’re just walking down the street, or even if you’re just shopping at the mall, be kind. Even if others are rude, be the better person. The villains may be interesting in movies but it’s the kind and decent people who will be interesting in real life.

Nobody wants to be friends with someone awful. Just remind yourself that if your goal is to socialize better. You’ll end up building more friendships and being more liked if you’re known as a kind person. Other’s interest in you will rise if they hear stories of your kindness. It’s also very important that you’re genuine about being good. Your positivity will be reflected in your actions, making you want to be kind all the time.

Be happy with your life. Be content with what you have and acknowledge the goodness of others. Even those who are rude have experiences that made them that way, but they are naturally good inside. Internalize on this and you will be the best version of yourself.

8. Expand Your Knowledge

Expand Your Knowledge

Always be naturally curious. Question everything. Seek to know as much as you can. If you expand your knowledge, people will be very interested in you. You don’t necessarily need to be the smartest guy in the room, but strive to be as intelligent as you can.

Don’t just learn things about science, math, politics, or history, learn about people. Learn about different cultures, human behaviors, and why people are the way they are. You’ll socialize better the more you know about people. You can empathize better and you’ll have a significantly lesser chance of saying something wrong.

Keep filling your brain with information and people will find you very interesting to talk to. When in conversation with others, you will always find subjects to talk about. Whenever someone asks about something, you will highly like to have an answer to that.

You will be able to speak better if you know what you’re talking about. People will want to hear what you have to say. They will be drawn to you and you will have the chance to build a lot of friendships with people who are also eager to expand their knowledge.

Once again, you don’t need to be the smartest person in the room. You just need to know enough. Study about everything you deem interesting. If you stumble upon an article that talks about something interesting, read it. If you meet people who are experts, talk to them about their craft. Ask them. The more you take in interesting tidbits, the more interesting of a person you become.

9. Connect With People Who Are Different From You

Don’t hesitate to connect with people who are very different from you. A difference in personality can create very interesting friendships. You will also be able to work on your empathy and conversational skills if you constantly talk to people who are different from you. It will be more challenging to do so, but the reward will also be more satisfying. If you can connect with people who are different from you, connecting with people similar to you will become so much easier.

Other people will also find you highly interesting if you can connect with anyone, whether they have things in common with you or not. Imagine a friendship between a star athlete and a scientist. Wouldn’t you find that friendship interesting? Wouldn’t you want to meet either of those people to know how they became friends in the first place? Of course, you would.

Go out of your way to develop connections with people who have nothing in common with you. Not only will your social skills increase, but you will be more interesting as a person.

For you to this, you need to keep asking questions. Say, you meet someone who works in something very different from what you do. For the sake of discussion, let’s say you’re a seafarer and the other person is a business owner. You two don’t exactly have similar professions, but that doesn’t mean you can’t build a friendship.

Ask them about their work. Let them share their knowledge of their craft. Keep asking and let them keep sharing. In turn, they’ll ask about yours and you need to keep sharing as well. Once you understand each other’s differences, you’ll start finding things in common with each other in your personalities. Do all this and you’ll find yourself building an incredibly interesting friendship.

10. Learn The Art Of Good Story Telling

Story Telling

If you want people to be interested in you, you need to have them listen to you. For that to happen, you need to learn how to tell your stories better. You need to “engage” your listeners and let them know you have something interesting to say. If they listen to you, you can have the opportunity to let them know you’re interesting. But for that to happen, you need to learn how to tell stories interestingly first.

So how can you tell a good story? Follow the steps below and you should be able to catch the attention of all of your listeners every time you share a story.

  • Grab their attention early on – You need to let everyone know that they’re going to want to hear your story from the onset. You can say something like, “I couldn’t believe that was happening to me” or “That is one of my best memories ever”. Look at people in the eyes when you’re telling your story and they will pay attention to you.
  • Have a strong, clear voice – Even if your story is good, no one will want to listen, or no one will be able to listen if you don’t speak properly. Make sure you clear your throat before telling your story to avoid cracking. Say your story proudly.
  • Use body language – When telling a story, move your body. Your body should be telling a story too. You can’t share a good story and just stand there like a tree. Move around according to the needs of the story. Wave your arms or mimic actions.
  • Set the mood – If your story is scary, set the mood by saying something like “This happened on a cold and dark night”. If your story is happy, all the same. Paint an image of the scenario with words. Make sure your listeners are feeling what they should be feeling. This way, you’re already letting them feel something before even getting to the good stuff.
  • Set up, build-up, climax – These are the 3 steps your stories should follow if you want to make them substantial. Set up the scenario, build-up the ending, and end on a high note. Study stand-up comedians and how they tell a story. Their formats are always like this. They open it up by setting up the scene, they build towards the ending, and then they say the punchline.

If you can manage to tell amazing stories amazingly, people will always seek you out. You will be an interesting figure and people will like to have you around at parties.

11. Travel More

If you’ve been wanting to travel but are lacking the motivation to do so, here’s your push. You will be very interesting if you’re someone who has seen the world. Well, maybe not the entire world, but enough of it. Someone who has seen more than most is an interesting person in the book of many.

Take the opportunity to travel whenever you can and if you can. You will be amazed by how amazing the world is. You will also have the chance to meet people from other cultures. Expand your horizon by meeting people with different backgrounds and seeing lands beyond your borders. Once you come home, you will not only be a more interesting person than when you left, but you’ll have a lot of stories to tell the next time you socialize.

12. Be happy with your life

Most importantly, you need to be content with your life and be happy if you want to be a more interesting person. Not everyone is content with their lives. If you are, people will see you as someone noteworthy. Someone they’ll want to meet. You can become very approachable and interesting just by simply being happy. Your optimism will be like a source of light for others.

Whatever it is you have now, be happy with it. You can acknowledge that you can have more, but never be sad about having less. Instead, strive to have more. If you feel now that you’re not that interesting yet, then strive to be more interesting. Be happy with the idea that you can be more interesting, but don’t be sad about the fact that you’re not there yet.

A person’s happiness can be addicting, and even contagious. People will even get jealous of you for being happy, but they aren’t likely to hate you. They’ll be interested in knowing why you’re so happy. They’ll want to feel like you. People will even want to be you. You can do and be all that just by being happy. Not a bad trade, huh?

Becoming the interesting person you wanted to be

With enough study and practice, and even more, studying and practicing, you will finally become the interesting person you wanted to become. Your life will be more interesting than it was, building friendships will more fun, and people will enjoy your company at social gatherings.

Make sure you do all of this with the best interest at heart and being interesting will happen to you faster and more naturally. People will not only see you as someone interesting but also someone who’s not faking being interesting.

If you want to speed up the process of becoming the most interesting person you can be, then learn the right social skills here. Study more and practice more. You’ll reach your goals in no time.

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