Party of 4, a new app to help you make friends with couples, if you’re a couple

We’re happy to discover the Party of 4 app, an app for making friends with other couples. As we mentioned in our list of apps for making friends and our guide to making friends as a couple, Party of 4 is for couples only. It’s an app to find friends based on your location and the phase of life you’re in (for example: if you have kids, no kids, etc.). It’s an app for finding platonic friendship only (strictly enforced). Make a profile today and start swiping!

We’ve spoken with Megan Valverde, Founder of Party of 4, and wanted to share with you our conversation.

Get The Friends You Want team: So, Megan, tell us a little bit about Party of 4. Who is it for? Who should use it? And why do you think it’s a good app for making friends?

Megan Valverde: Party of 4 is for all couples. Whether you’ve just gotten together with your significant other and are trying to build a social network together, or if you’ve been married for ages, Party of 4 is for you. It is the first app to prioritize couples. Sure, there are apps to find love, or friends, or a dogsitter. But none prioritize the importance of helping couples find other couples for platonic friendship. The app allows you to search by radius, so you can find your future best friends that live right around the block. You can also filter by if a couple has kids or not. On each couples’ bio there is a field to list hobbies and interests, so you can see how much you have in common with other couples before matching with them.

GTFYW team: What do you think is unique in a couple-to-couple friendship? Why do you think it’s a good opportunity for deep social connection?

Megan: Couples friendship is unique because there are 4 different people, 4 different personalities that have to mesh together well. How many times have you hung out with a couple your partner introduced you to and one of them is cool and the other is a dud? It’s happened to my husband and I a bunch of times! Party of 4 allows you AND your partner to choose who you hang out with.

GTFYW team: In your opinion, what kind of effect on children does being socially happy as a couple has?

Megan: I believe that a good strong social network is key to building a happy and healthy relationship with your partner. And that translates throughout the family. If parents are happy, then the kids are usually happy as well.

GTFYW team: Do you have any success stories from your users who were able to make great friends with the app?

Megan: Yes! I have spoken to a few couples who have already made connections on the app and have met up with other couples for socially distanced drinks in the park. I love hearing these stories!

Partyof4 App Phone Preview
Party of 4 app preview

GTFYW team: Where is this app available now? Are you planning to expand it globally, and if so, do you have a timeline for that?

Megan: I launched the app in the Netherlands, because I live in Amsterdam and my husband and I were struggling to make couples friends ourselves. It can be hard as expats living in a different country to maintain friendships. Many great couple friends we had have already relocated, it is a very transient community. The majority of our user base is in the Netherlands, but the app is available to download for free all over the world. I will start spreading the word to other cities and countries very soon. I am so excited to take this app global!

GTFYW team: If everything goes according to plan, what is the ideal scenario for your app? What kind of impact do you want to have on the lives of couples around the world?

Megan: My ideal scenario is that this app helps couples find a strong social network with other couples in their area who have similar interests, hobbies, and/or similar aged kids. Social connections make people happy, I want to help people find that happiness.

GTFYW team: What message would you like to tell couples in our community to encourage them to use the app and meet other couples?

Megan: Download the app and find your future best friends, they may just live around the corner!

We’d like to extend our thanks to Megan Valverde and the team from Party of 4. If you’d like to go try the app and start making friends with other couples, you can find them here:

Party of 4 in Apple App Store (Android version coming soon)

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