If you’re looking for apps for making friends or apps and websites that are kind of like Tinder for friends, then this article is for you.

Mobile apps are a blessing and a curse. Most of them come and go. They start by having a decent amount of users, then they become full of fake or inactive accounts. In other words, most of them don’t work as you’d expect. But still, if not just for the fun of it, they can be of some use.

You can meet new people using new mobile apps. It’s just not guaranteed to work, so don’t take them too seriously. You also need to try a lot of them, play around and see what works for you. That is why today, I’ve compiled 15 more apps for meeting friends. Choose which ones are perfect for you.

Here are 15 apps you can use to meet people and make friends.

1. First things first, Check Out Patook!

patook making friends app

I put it first because Patook is an absolute favorite right now. It uses a system of scoring potential friends based on interests and values. I highly recommend to try this app and use it to meet potential friends in your area. Meeting people based on things you have in common is the best way to go.

Patook prides itself as being the Tinder of friendship apps. The main big difference is, of course, people go to Patook for making friends instead of looking for romantic relationships. Patook is also very strict on its “Just friends, no flirting” policy, even going as far as setting up detection algorithms to avoid such things from happening.

2. Nextdoor


If you’re not there already, subscribe to Nextdoor, and meet your neighbors. This app/website attracts mostly adults and parents, but it can provide great opportunities for neighbor-to-neighbor friends for any age-group. You can also find events that are held, places people usually go to, and the kinds of people that visit different areas in your community.

Nextdoor also provides information exchange between members of a community. You’ll find contact information on reliable babysitters, what to order at cafes and restaurants, and how to keep your family secure should you need to take measures. You are most certainly able to find friends in a helpful community such as this.

3. Friender


Friender is an app that is exactly as it sounds like. Friender is a friendship app that is perfect for meeting friends. Not only that, but it actually matches you to people you have at least one thing in common with. Friender encourages friendship between alike people by only allowing users to message other users who have shared interests.

Friender is definitely usable for free, but it does have a premium option which allows you to have premium features such as changing your location, having unlimited swipes, among others. You also have the chance to be at the top of search results if you’re a premium user. If you don’t mind spending extra bucks, availing that will certainly give you an advantage.

4. Facebook Groups App


Now that Facebook is trying to separate services like Photos, Messenger, and Groups, the latter feature is becoming more useful. If you subscribe to a group based on a certain interest of yours, you can chat more with the members than in the past. Groups used to be too public and were hard to use as a means for creating connections. Now, people are talking more in them and are taking them more seriously, so it’s worth a shot!

Facebook Groups have also been more specific over the years. If you have a niche interest and you feel like there aren’t that many of you in your area, Facebook will prove you wrong. Just search groups for any of your interests and you’re bound to find one dedicated to that.

5. Bumble BFF

Bumble Bff - for friendship

Bumble BFF is a perfect way to meet people, make friends, and expand your social circle. Whether you’re new in town or are just looking to meet new people in your own city, the Bumble app can help you out.

Although BFF is a term more associated with female friendship, both men and women use the friendship feature of the Bumble App. Bumble already has a good reputation, compared to other friendship apps that are closely tied to dating apps.

Since the Bumble app has three modes, namely Bumble Date, Bumble BFF, and Bumble Bizz, people in Bumble BFF are generally friendlier to people who are only looking to meet new friends instead of finding people to date.

6. We3 App

Me3 app meet people who are similar to you

We3 focuses on helping you meet people who are “shockingly similar” to you by using their “Smart Matching” algorithm. You go through a few tinder-like cards that show you values/beliefs/activities/interests, and you swipe left or right to select what you like. The app then matches you with people who are into the same things.

Interestingly, We3 does something different from other friendship apps. Instead of just paring two people together, you are placed in a group of 3 along with other people who share your interests, hence their name: We3. You automatically have the chance to nourish a friendship group instead of having to build one yourself.

7. CitySocializer


This website and app will help you connect and engage in fun activities with new locals. It shows you upcoming and/or ongoing events nearby. It also allows you to create new ones so if you want to host your own party, invite others, and make new friends, posting it on this app will surely be helpful.

City Socializer is more active in larger cities and towns than smaller ones; as of now anyway. So if you’re living in a big city, or have just moved to a new city and are looking to meet local friends, make sure you take advantage of this app.

8. Fruzo

Fruzo is a video chat app that people use to connect from all over the world. It is considered a social network and a great place for meeting new friends.

A big difference between Fruzo and other popular chat sites is the heavy reliance on video when first meeting new people. Video chat apps do not often go beyond portfolios of photos. With Fruzo, not only can people skip right to the live video feed, but users can also follow each other, add to a friends list, search, post unlimited pictures, and more. Meeting new friends is easy on Fruzo.

9. Have a Pet? Try these


Here’s an idea: find people with pets, get your pet to find new friends, and meet the owners in the process. There are many apps for this, here are a couple: Sniffr, and Pets Amino.

These three apps are essentially like any other social media accounts, except they’re for your dogs and/or other pets. There you can see other pet parents’ activities with their cute little animals, find out where they hang out, and what they usually do for fun around your community. You can also arrange play dates, interact with other owners, and socialize with animal lovers anywhere.

10. Nearify


Nearify is perfect for those who are seeking fun entertainment and meeting people at the same time. It notifies you or lets you search for upcoming musical events, concerts, and festivals that are near your location. Aside from that, it also highlights indie shows, art exhibitions, movie openings, and theater plays.

The app will remember your interests based on the events you check out. This allows you to meet people who share your passion and interests at any of these events. One of the other features of the app is it allows you to follow your favorite artists and musicians on the app. That way, you’ll know when your favorite artists will visit your area. When they do, you can attend their shows and meet people who love the artist just as much as you.

11. MeetMe

Meetme app

MeetMe is an app that acts very similarly to Facebook and Facebook Messenger, wherein you can find and meet people and chat with them online.

This is a good app to use if you already know what you want going in. The app still recommends you other users that have similar interests and hobbies as you, but you have to take the initiative to chat them up first if they don’t already do so to you. Knowing this, it’s kind of like how you’d normally socialize in a bar, but you chat them online instead of talking to them in person.

12. For women looking to meet female friends, Hey! Vina app is the right one for you

Hey Vina

Hey! Vina is the ultimate social media app for women of all ages and backgrounds who are looking to make friends online. This app aims to help women from all around the world build their social circles or meet new people in a different city. Whether you’re traveling to a different place for a few days or weeks or are moving in for good, this app will help you make female friends in that area.

Aside from helping women make friends everywhere, Hey! Vina also holds a lot of programs and activities for women to participate in. As a user, you can also make your own event and invite the other women on the app.

13. Atleto, a friendship app for athletes and sports enthusiasts


Atleto is a social media website and application created for athletes and sports enthusiasts. It will assess you as an athlete based on your choice of sport and skill level and match you with others who are similar to you. Not only will you be able to take advantage of your love of sports, but you’ll also meet people who are in range with you.

You will find on the app different activities and sporting events around your area which you can request to be included in. You can also host your own events if you want to. You will be able to grow your sports network and your skill as an athlete with Atleto.

14. Realu


Realu is an app/website that is exclusively made for making friends. Their slogan is “Real people in real-time’, which means you’ll be able to interact with people who are looking to socialize in an instant.

This app is perfect for those who are new in an area, visiting a new place or are just looking to expand their social circle. It will highlight places near your location others usually frequent. And of course, you’ll be able to chat anyone on the site anytime so you’ll be able to socialize and interact with people right away.

This platform is known for its very friendly atmosphere. Even though it’s very simple in nature, you’re surely bound to find a lot of friendly people in this one.

15. Meet and Make friends who live in your building with OneRoof app

Oneroof App For Making Friends

If you live or recently moved to New York City and want to meet new people then you should get the OneRoof app. OneRoof makes it easy to chat, meet and make friends with similar interests living in your building and form new friendships. Communication should go further than a nod in the elevator.

It’s a fun way to:

  • Buy and sell items from each other
  • Organize dog play dates
  • Ask a neighbor to dog sit
  • Find a gym buddy
  • Attend board game nights
  • Do cloth swapping
  • & much more

Ready to meet and make friends with your neighbors? Try out the OneRoof app here.

Try at least a couple of these apps for making friends and meeting people. You never know what these will do for your social life!

– Paul Sanders

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