Making Friends After A Break-Up Or Divorce

Making friends after a breakup can be a challenge, but making friends may just be the very thing you’ll need to do after a painful event. Breakups and/or divorces are one of the most difficult things a person can go through. It is extremely painful at worst, and highly inconvenient at best. Either way, it’s an overall negative experience. Having friends with you at a time like this can be a very good remedy.

Making friends may not be one of the first things you’ll prioritize after a breakup or a divorce. Although you do have other things to worry about, making friends is something you should never disregard. Spending time with friends at a time as awful as going through a breakup or a divorce can be very therapeutic.

So get out there, have some fun, spend time with your friends, make new friends instead of just staying at home and feeling awful.

How To Make Friends After A Break-Up or Divorce

If you’ve been together with your former partner for quite some time, and have barely socialized with other people outside of your circle, making friends now may prove to be a challenge. It’s only that way, though, because it’s kind of like a new path you need to walk on. Once you familiarize yourself with the road, it will become much simpler.

With that in mind, let’s learn a couple of ways of making friends after a breakup or a divorce.

1. Take a break from dating

Take A Break From Dating

Going back into the world of dating shouldn’t be the first thing you should prioritize after going through a separation. You need to remove this from your mind if you want to start making friends successfully.

The idea of dating again when going through a breakup can be very tempting. It can seem ideal, even. But you should allow yourself time to heal before you start going into relationships again. Being in a romantic relationship after a breakup won’t necessarily heal a heartbreak, but a friendship can.

If you remove the idea of dating in your head when you’re out and about, you can approach every single individual you meet with a platonic point of view. Instead of considering a romantic relationship with, say, an attractive person, you’ll be able to successfully make friends without any form of compromise.

If someone, like someone from the opposite sex, senses that your pursuit towards them is for more than just a friendship, it may turn them off and drive them away. Any semblance or possibility of friendship with them will disappear before it even starts.

For now, just focus on making friends first. You’ll go back into the world of dating in no time. Perhaps it will present itself to you. But your priorities now shouldn’t be to fall in love with someone else again, it should be falling in love with yourself more. A friend will do that and more.

2. Do something you’ve never done before

If there’s something you haven’t been able to do before, or if there’s anything your former partner restricted you from doing, now’s the opportunity to do all that.

Better yet, search the web for any activities you can do. Be sure it’s something a lot of other people do as well. That way, you’ll be able to experience something new and meet a few people you can be friends with along the way.

Have you ever wanted to go mountain climbing but never got the chance to do so? Well, do it now! Is the idea of learning a new instrument appealing to you? Join a class! Have you ever wanted to learn a martial art but your previous partner thought it was too dangerous? Nothing’s stopping you now.

Treat this part as a way to grow as a person and make friends in the process. These are two of the best things that you can do to better yourself after a breakup or a divorce.

3. Go out more

Go Out More

The best way to meet people is to go out and see the world. Even if you just go to places within your community, you’re automatically increasing your chances of meeting and making a new friend.

If it’s within your capabilities, travel. Seeing what our little blue world has to offer is an amazing experience. It’s even physically beneficial for you according to recent studies. Plus, you’ll get to meet people from different backgrounds and ethnicities. People with different upbringing, culture, and different stories to tell.

Doing this can be very good for you in terms of self-healing and friendship building.

If that’s still something that’s currently out of your reach, though, participating in certain activities around your community can also give you a massive boost as well.

This can be even better because the people you’ll meet are just people who are living close by, which allows for a closer type of friendship in the future.

Check out your local community boards online and offline for any upcoming group activities. Or just go ahead and go to certain places yourself. Visit bars, parks, museums, and other places where people usually flock in. There’s no better way of making friends than being physically present.

4. Enhance your current hobbies

If you have any hobbies now, take advantage of that and do them more often. Practice and utilize them regularly. And then, go to communities or groups who practice the same hobby and meet people who share your passion.

For example, let’s say you’re a writer. If you haven’t scribbled in a while, go back to the process and reignite your passion. Write more often than you did before. Learn new techniques and principles. Join classes or surround yourself with other writers.

The same idea can be applied to any other activity. Dancing, music, art, etc. If there’s a skillful craft that you love doing and haven’t been able to do so in a long while, do them again. Use this opportunity as an outlet to not only make yourself feel better but also meet new people in the process.

You will always have better conversations with those you share a certain passion with. You can talk about the thing you both love for hours on end, and you can get to know each other a little better during that time. You’ll have made a new friend or two before you know it.

5. Use social media and websites for socializing

Use Social Media

While reading this article so far, you’re probably asking yourself at certain points: “Okay, but where do I find people to meet? Where can I socialize?”

Well, thanks to the power of modern technology, figuring out where people usually visit is simpler than ever.

There are a lot of social media sites out there that will help you in finding people and locating hotspots for socializing. There are even sites that are exclusively for finding places for certain communities.

For one, there’s the very popular social media site—Facebook. You will not only find people to socialize with there, but a feature on Facebook called Facebook Groups can help you meet people who share your interest. If you have any kind of interest, Facebook Groups will have a specific group for that.

Other sites can help you when it comes to this like Meetup and Eventbrite. Some apps can help you find people just within your community like Nextdoor.

The internet, like the real world, is a vast and massive place. Be sure to take the time to explore all the possibilities you can. Utilize the web for places you can go to and groups you can join in, and head out there personally to personally meet other people.

6. Reach out to your current and past friends

Reach Out To Friends

The easiest way to make friends after a breakup is to approach the ones you already have now.

It’s a normal matter that people spend less and less time with their old friends as they get into relationships. Your true friends will understand this, of course, given that you still took the time to see them every chance you get. But the fact of the matter is, the moment you got into a relationship, your time became spent elsewhere.

Gone were the days where you’d hang out all night with friends. Instead, you spent it with your partner. Now that your partner is gone, approaching your friends can and will be beneficial to you.

Your friends can help you get back on track and socialize again. You can ask them to accompany you as you go to bars and other places. They can even introduce you to other people too.

No matter what the case, your true friends will always be there for you, and there will be there for you this time. The friends you have now will help you get through this tough time, all you have to do is to approach and ask them.

7. Move on

Move On

Before you even consider going out there and letting other people in your life, you have to accept the fact that one has left.

Making peace with the separation will not only help you as you socialize with other people, but it will also put your mind at ease. Doing this will make you calmer and happier. Those are two important aspects when it comes to socializing in public.

If you can’t be calm and happy while you’re out socializing, chances are, it will be incredibly difficult for you to develop new friendships. Instead of being able to read a room and empathizing with other people, you’ll be stuck in your mind thinking about the past.

Your idea of the future and the possible friendships you’ll build will be blurred and you’ll just yearn for what you lost.

Be sure you’re at peace with the idea of you and your former partner have broken up before you go out to socialize. Make sure this is really what you want.

If you want to make friends now and you want it to happen, you can make it happen. But if you’re still conflicted at this point, you won’t be able to succeed in socializing as much as you want to.

8. Take care of yourself

Finally, if you want to succeed at making friends after a breakup or divorce, you have to take care of yourself first.

Your mental and physical health should be your first and foremost priority as of this moment. Once you fulfill that properly, making friends will become so much easier for you.

Make sure you’re in a good place mentally. Or at least, make sure you’re doing your best to be there. Make sure you want to be there.

Then, make sure you’re not disregarding your well-being. Avoiding drowning yourself in temporary and destructive distractions. Take care of yourself. Make sure you remain healthy throughout this whole process.

If you’re able to manage that, socializing will become easy. Why?

If you’re someone who takes care of yourself, it means you have self-respect. It means you’re in a good place mentally. Other people, the people you’ll be socializing with, will be able to see that. They will respect you as well. They will want to befriend you.

Handle yourself properly and you’ll give off a positive aura. This positive aura will draw people to you. You will be able to meet and befriend a lot of people just by taking care of yourself.

Handle Your And Your Ex’s Mutual Friends

All the friends in common that you had and made as a couple and the activities you did with those friends will change after the break-up or divorce.

Some of your friends will remain in contact with both you and your partner. But more often than not, your friends will pick a side and they’ll stay there after the breakup. Or they will eventually.

You have to know that this happening is okay and normal. The most likely scenario is that the people who are closest to you will stay with you and your partner’s with theirs regardless of the reason for the breakup.

If the people you thought were closer to you decides to side with your partner, then that’s fine. It’s their right to choose. You should just be happy with the people who stayed with you. Make sure you cherish them.

Spend more time with those who stayed with you. Have fun with them. And don’t be angry about the fact that some of them decided to stop seeing you. It’s just the way of life. That’s just more reason for you to make more new friends now. Use it as motivation instead.

Next Step: On To Making Friends

Now that you’re set and what you want and what you should do, it’s time for you to get out there and make new friends. Remember everything you got from this article and make sure you’re able to utilize them properly.

Make sure you’re set on the idea of making friends at this point. Look for places to socialize in. Learn new things and hone the skills you already have. Connect with your current friends better. Take care of yourself, and finally, get out there. Go into the world and meet as many people as you can. Socialize wherever you can. Make every interaction a possibility of friendship. You’ll be able to make many friends if you take these things to heart.

If you feel like you still have more to learn before you can go out there, check out the training videos and other articles on this site on how to make friends, how to improve your social skills, and how to have better conversations. You can also choose to grab a copy of my eBook. Use these tools that I’ve made for you and you’ll be able to make friends wherever you go.

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