Why Would You Learn To Make Friends?

Even the popular guys are in trouble

I hear story after story of people who had a wonderful social life… until they left college, or until they moved to a new city. Now, popular people complain about how facebook became like a substitute for real social interaction and less people have a desire to go out and have fun.

Loneliness is RISING and becoming like an epidemic. Now, the average american has LESS THAN ONE best-friend. That number used to be up to THREE.

If not now, when ?

Making friends seems to get harder as you grow up.

And even if you HAD a fair amount of friends, some of them will move to other cities, get in a relationship that consumes all their time or develop other interests and disappear from your life. I think we should ALL be ACTIVELY making new friends.

I personally had my 3 best friends move to other countries to follow their goals. We still keep in touch with Skype, but I had to make new best-friends locally.

If you learn to make friends…

You get refined social skills that give you more power in life. People will listen to you and respect you more.

And that has makes a snowball effect. People would think : “If others hang out with you and seek your attention and company, maybe I should too. If a lot of people are on YOUR side, maybe I should too”.

If you don’t…

No one really listens to what you say. People won’t feel inclined to do what you say. No one would want to go out with you. And Even if you’re a great guy, your lack of friends and social skills will almost put a label on you that says “LOW SOCIAL STATUS”.

If you DO learn to make friends EFFECTIVELY…

You can meet anyone and keep in touch with them. You can keep JUST the people you Love To Spend time with. You meet more hot and interesting girls and have MORE friends that Introduce MORE of them to you.

You get to Build the Perfect Social Circle, whether you like to hang out with big or small groups of people.

You get to feel grounded and have a real connection with people.

If you don’t…

You feel lonely more often. You are forced to settle for anyone who wants to hang out with you.

The people you want to hang out with, will NEVER meet you. And you won’t attract the RIGHT people.

Girls who are hot and interesting who are IN NEED for some companionship will NOT consider you. For them, you would not qualify. These girls are only attracted to socially-successful guys.

If you learn to make friends…

More people line up to help you achieve your goals. They provide more resources and contacts for you to reach what you want.

You’re be able to befriend  successful friends that PUSH you TOWARDS success. You have more people that believe in you. You get motivation and support when you most need them.

Some will even believe in you more that YOU do. Some will commit to becoming your MENTOR without you asking for it directly.

If you don’t…

You’ll have to do everything by yourself. Chances are, you’ll achieve things that don’t go beyond yourself. And have no one to CELEBRATE your success with.

You have no one to pull you up when you feel down. You can’t choose who you’re friends with. You end up knowing some loser-friends who don’t believe that you can amount to bigger things. These people hold you back towards mediocrity and failure.

-Paul Sanders

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