get a social life you can be proud of

How To Get A Social Life During The Very Little Free Time You Have

A few months ago, I was interviewed by Kiara Moore on how to get a social life and make new friends as a busy professional. I wanted to share with you our interview here, to help inspire you to get a social life that makes you happier, instead of getting stressed out by friends who don’t understand you.

what friendship is a special type of relationship

What Is Friendship and What Is A Friend

In this article, I’d like to answer the questions like “what is friendship?”, “what is a friend?”. If you understand the meaning of friendship, you’re better off in making friends. It’s especially important because it give you a clear idea of what to expect from a friendship.

enough excuses, it's time to socialize

Let’s Ditch The Excuses… (And Start Socializing)

As more and more people read my eBook, Get The Friends You Want, or get coached by me or someone in my team, we typically receive many questions. Some, however, are more like excuses than anything else. It’s true that some people have reasons for why they’re not socially successful… one or two are absolutely fine! We help them overcome all of them and get to where they …

Let’s Ditch The Excuses… (And Start Socializing) Read More »

Screw Up A Friendship Lose A Friend

How To Screw Up A Friendship

If you found a great friend or a group of friends, you would be so happy about it that you’d think “We’re tight!” You may think that if the friendship is good enough, nothing can mess it up, right? Not really!…

Make Friends At Work

How To Make Friends At Work

People ask me how to go out with a co-worker and make friends at work. The same rules of friendships are applied, with a few minor changes.

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