What To Give and What To Get From A New Friend

One great way to know if a friendship is going in the right direction is to notice how much energy each person is investing.

Energy can mean how much is each one of you talking/texting/inviting/calling/helping/listening to/going out with/inviting for trips the other.

At first, you must invest small pieces and see if the guy or girl is replicating.

Like, you can shout them a message on facebook and see how much they text back and how excited they are.

It is critical that we don’t invest ourselves too much too soon in a friendship. Because if we do, we look like loosers who don’t like themselves a lot.

No Good!

Instead, each time you wanna make a new friend, you may talk to them or text them ONCE A WEEK… at first. If they replicate, you can keep it going, but if they’re reserved you will place a little more timing before talking to them again.

Later on, and this is the beauty of it, you stop measuring this stuff.

Each one of you will be investing in the relationship to make it even bigger, more interesting and valuable.

That’s what’s up.

Talk to you soon.

Paul Sanders

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