If you think you’re weird… well, that’s great!

If you think youre weird...Today, I wanted to share with you what I think is a problem for many people. They worry that they seem too different from others, and thus not get accepted and liked. If this is your case, please read on…

I say, if you’re weird… that’s maybe good news.

See, people act, talk, and think in certain ways. And in order to make themselves comfortable, and feel “grounded” in their community, they check with others to see if they agree with them. They perceive that if others see them as normal , then that’s good.

Nothing is wrong with that, it’s just how humans work. But this phenomenon makes you think that if you don’t fit with others, then that’s not so good.

It makes you think that if you’re different (you don’t think and act exactly like everyone else), you’re not gonna be accepted. This probably made you hide your originality, your free-thinking mind, and your sense of adventure.

But, now… things have changed.

We live in a different world. With the internet, and especially social media, we’re exposed to a whole lot more people.
These people are different from us, and behave and think and dress, differently.

The range of what’s “normal” has expanded.

People have been exposed to so much stuff, so many fads, so many different ways of living, thinking, talking, dressing, etc… that a lot more things are considered “normal” now.

This all means that maybe it’s time for you to start showing more of what’s different and original about you. If you have a weird hobby, a different way of thinking, an original opinion, maybe it’s time to start talking about it.

Sure, there are still some close-minded people, but you don’t need to censor yourself for them.

So… get your weird on!

– Paul Sanders

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