Technology Cannot Replace Social Skills and Making Friends At Work

Welcome to edition #23 of our news series, where we share with you the latest resources we’ve found on social skills, making friends, and more. In this edition, we’ll discover that social skills are becoming more valuable in the job market and share an informative infographic about making friends at work and why it’s so important.

Computers Can’t Replace Social Skills in the Workplace

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Technology may easily automate repetitive and math-based tasks in the workplace. But what about socializing? Computers cannot mimic human interaction; as a result, jobs that require social skills are paying higher wages.

This Journalist’s Resource article discusses a new study on the growing importance of social skills in the labor market. Computers fall short of simulating many human characteristics, such as theory of mind (the ability to put oneself in another’s shoes). Humans possess a diverse set of skills and bring to the workplace critical and creative thinking. These added values are quantified and reflected in salaries.

Paul’s commentary:

Artificial intelligence is replacing more and more jobs. AI and automation can replace even junior law firm jobs, basic financial trading, and financial auditing. Other clerical work and assistant jobs can be out the door, too.

One thing they won’t be able to do without is social skills. Employers and clients will be posting higher and higher wages for the ability to feel with people. This makes it more urgent to improve your social skills.

In fact, improving your social skills is one of the best investments you can take.

Over the years, I’ve seen many people struggle with their careers because…

  • They have no one to help them.
  • No one gives them advice.
  • No one tells them about career threats before they happen.
  • They don’t get connected with people that can provide opportunities that would easily double or triple their income and speed up their career or business.

I recommend that you start improving your social skills today. Go here to start learning.

Having Friends at Work Makes Your Job Easier

11 Incredible Reasons Why Having Friends At Work Is Important (INFOGRAPHIC)

Having friends that you enjoy at work can help alleviate stress and increase your coping skills in high pressure situations. But did you know it can also make you more productive?

This amazing infographic illustrates all the benefits of befriending your coworkers, including an increase in morale and productivity. Managers that encourage office friendships now see proof that their employees have a higher commitment to quality and a stronger connection to the company.

Paul’s commentary:

I’ve written before about making friends at work. This infographic is great because it sums up many studies about friendship at work in one place.

I’ve also meet a few best friends at jobs I had so this made me think of some good old days. (feeling nostalgic!)

If you’re in a job that allows you to meet good people, there is no reason not to make friends there.

You can do it on your rhythm, too. You don’t have to be best friends and have every lunch break together. At the very least, be friendly and try and acknowledge their lives outside work. Talk about weekends, vacations, and family.

The better your social skills are, the friendlier a co-worker you’ll be seen. The more you’re appreciated, the less hassle and work drama you’ll be dealing with.

You can learn how to improve your social skills here.

– Paul Sanders

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