Podcast: Make Awesome Friends

Make Awesome Friends

In part 2 of my podcast discussion with Rachel Rofé, we talked about how to make friends with people you just met. We focused on how you can turn a contact you met through a networking event into a potential friend. Rachel named this episode “Make Awesome Friends.”

Here are a few things we talked about:

  • Why you need to be more strategic throughout the friend-making process and surround yourself with people who elevate and inspire you.
  • How to use ‘hook points’ to naturally steer a conversation towards exchanging contact information and precisely what to say.
  • Why leveraging activities you are already doing is the perfect invite strategy and how to create pressure-free group outings even if you’re brand new to a location.
  • My weekly habit for following up with people and what to do if they don’t respond.
  • How showing a little vulnerability can go a long way towards establishing strong, long-term friendships

If you haven’t listened to part 1, you can find it here.

I hope you enjoy our conversation. I sure enjoyed talking with Rachel. Don’t forget to subscribe to her podcast, too.

Good luck,
– Paul Sanders

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