Is There A Good Side To Loneliness? Can Feeling Lonely Be A Good Thing?

Could there be a Good Side to the Feeling of Loneliness? Is there a biological “reason” why we feel pain when we’re not connecting with people?

Well, according to recent scientific research, YES.

There is a GOOD Side to Loneliness. Here is a hint :

– When you don’t drink for a while, you feel THIRSTY.

– When you don’t eat for a while, you feel HUNGRY.

– When you don’t connect with people for a while,…. you feel LONELY.

It’s not different at all. We inherited that feeling because, a long time ago, not relating to people meant that you DIED. You couldn’t survive in the jungle if you had no friends to help you kill the lion or the wolf or wolves.

So when you keep away from people, you feel an internal drive, that wants to prevent you from staying alone.

Loneliness doesn’t mean you suck and deserve to be depressed. It’s just a Reminder for you to connect with people again.

Plus, you feel that you are in DANGER, witch makes you suspicious of everything, including people!

That’s the bitch. Loneliness is a mechanism that both PUSHES You towards and Makes You CAUTIOUS Of People. But, we’ll talk about that later.

For now, just realize this : Loneliness is a GOOD Thing. It’s the feeling that helps you REMEMBER how VITAL it is to be around people. Next time you feel lonely, don’t beat yourself up and don’t feel depressed. IT IS JUST A SIGNAL.

Talk to you soon


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