How to Talk to Strangers, Airbnb’s New Experiences, and Acquaintances To Friends?

Social Skills and Making Friends News – Edition #3

Welcome to edition #3 of our new series, where we share with you the latest resources we’ve found on social skills, making friends, and more. In this edition, we’ll talk about an experiment on London subways called Tube Chat, introduce you to Airbnb’s new tours and experiences, and teach you how to turn acquaintances into friends. Don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter so you don’t miss any future editions!

An Experiment on How To Talk To Strangers,… that made people happier

how to talk to strangers

In this article from The Guardian, the author reveals that, according to an accumulating body of research, people really are happier when they talk to strangers, even when they predict they’ll hate it. It references an experiment on London subways called Tube Chat, where you can where a badge to signify that you are interested in chatting with other passengers during your commute.

Although the Tube Chat experiment did provoke some hostility over social media, it is a brilliant idea that reminds us we are not the only ones feeling the need to connect with others and have some trouble doing so on our own. Isolation and anxiety over starting conversations can overcome many of us, and this idea of being “open” to talking to strangers is certainly a way to alleviate some of those issues! I found it fascinating how recent studies reveal people that seemingly resist talking to strangers are actually happier when they make an effort to do so and succeed.

Airbnb Now Provides Tours, Tailored Activities and Other Experiences

airbnb trips

The New York Times shares about Airbnb’s new way to socialize and meet new folks while traveling or even in your own city.

Airbnb is expanding beyond its core short-term rental business by introducing a service called Trips. This new social opportunity will provide tours, tailored activities and other experiences. Trips is starting with 500 experiences that can last a few hours or span days. There are just a handful of cities where the service is initially being offered, it is worth it to visit one and try this new social experience for yourself.

How would your vacation experience change if a local opened up their home to you and provided unique experiences other than standard sightseeing? Would it be more memorable? This new service certainly helps immerse visitors in the real local culture and open up the possibility of seeding a new friendship in the process. Thumbs up to a new, encouraging way to meet new people, socialize, and have some very unique, local experiences while you’re at it.

How Do You Turn Acquaintances Into Friends?

turning acquaintances into friends

This article on Psych Central discusses how relatively easy it is to meet new people, especially online, but many people get stuck still feeling lonely and having no one to actually connect with once the weekend rolls around. It offers practical tips on how to pry yourself away from your computer and convert those new acquaintances into actual friends.

Making friends is not necessarily a skill that comes naturally or easily, but it is a skill that can be learned. And it takes some effort. I love the practical steps offered here that help you be an initiator.  It’s hard to convert acquaintances into lasting friendships, but with a little practice and guidance you can stop feeling so alone and build a circle of true friends.

– Paul Sanders

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