In this page, let’s explore where to meet new people and make friends in Denver, Colorado. Below, you’ll find all kinds of ideas and places where you could go to meet new friends.

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Now, How and Where Do You Meet People And Make Friends, in Denver, Colorado

Meet People In Denver Colorado

1. Most Popular Meetup Groups

First, let’s start with the most popular meetups…

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2. Wine Shops

Shops all over town do wine tastings, and if you follow them on social media, you can find out when free parties and events are happening.

3. Yelp Event Pages

Denver has a large Yelp community; and there are quite a few unofficial Yelp events you can attend. It’s a great way to meet new people.

4. Yoga clubs in Denver

You don’t have to be a yoga fanatic to join. You can just get in the free introductory classes, and if you like the mood, stick around. Try Samadhi Yoga, The Freyja Project, or Kindness Yoga.

5. Get Inspired By The City

There is a lot of stuff happening in Denver, we recommend that you let the city’s events inspire you to go out and have fun. This can give you ideas on what to suggest as plans with people you met recently. Stay up to date with some Denver events!

6. Discover New Books, Maybe?

Want to mingle while you discuss books you read, and discover new ones? You have to check out Book Bar, Book Social. It’s a prominent place to meet bookworms to befriend.

7. Secret Spots: Where Strangers Feel Like Talking

A great place to meet new people is not necessarily one everybody knows. If you go to a any of the secret spots in Denver, you’ll find that the people there are very open to meeting others who also know of that place. Just the fact that you all know of that spot makes an excuse for conversation with friendly strangers. Check out a few Denver secret spots and try them ASAP.

8. Hidden Bars

Yes, you can actually get into the “exclusive” and hidden bars few people know about. You can meet some pretty interesting folks down there. Just show a confident self and pretend like you always found it easy to talk to new people, even in hip/new environments.

9. Meet The Reddit Community

Reddit people are some of the most diverse, smart, and interesting. We recommend that you check out some of the weekly meetups and enjoy talking to a very open-minded crowd. Pick the next event that sounds the best, and bring your happy face!

10. Meet Some Expatriates, Living in Denver

Some of the most interesting people you’ll ever meet, will come from places you know little or nothing about. They are the ones guaranteed to make you learn at least something. They’ll expand your horizon, and make you into an interesting person: guaranteed! That’s why we highly recommend that you go and meet people in Denver, who are not from Denver at all. And remember, they’re probably going to be extra-friendly as they’re eager to meet new friends. Meet them here, or here.

11. Do You Have A Card?

Remember to check out the business events in Denver. You can meet lots of professionals who are open to expanding their social circle in the city. You just need to pick a couple of business events per month (or more) and attend. There are some of the easiest places to meet new folks; they’ll actually expect you to walk up to them and introduce yourself. That, if they don’t come talk to you themselves! You don’t have to be shy, just pick a professional event you like and show up.

12.  Meet The Neighbors

It’s probably not the best place to meet like-minded people, but it’s worth a try. Neighborhood organizations can be a source of surprise on who you’ll get to know, and what you’ll learn about the neighborhood and the city. We recommend that you try out your local neighborhood organization, and see if the people there are open and receptive. If you can, contribute with a skill you have.

13. Give Some Of Your Time: Meet Awesome People

A great trait that people look for in others is generosity; and when you are generous enough to give some of your time to volunteer, you prove it. We recommend that you pick an organization or NGO that you like, maybe something that matches the issues that you most care about, and give some of your time! You’ll never regret it, and you’ll feel great about yourself. Meeting awesome, giving people, is an extra-feature of volunteering – some great friendships are built that way. You can start here.

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