If you want to meet people in Cardiff, Wales, and build new friendships, we have some ideas to help you succeed in that goal.

Cardiff is the smallest European capital with approximately 350,000 residents, but despite its size, it offers plenty of entertainment and activities. The most attractive aspect of Cardiff is its fantastic community spirit with a close-knit community of people.

A vibrant and beautiful city, it offers no dearth of opportunities to interact with locals and newcomers. You just need to look in the right places to meet people in Cardiff, and we hope to motivate you to make friends through the ideas we have shared.

Ready? Let’s Explore Where and How To Meet People in Cardiff and Make Some New Friends

1. Meetup communities are always a good place to start

Other groups to connect with https://www.meetup.com/cities/gb/x5/cardiff/

2. Meet people in Cardiff at Youth Cymru

Meet People In Cardiff At Youth Cymru

Youth Cymru (Welsh term for Wales) is a voluntary organization, which has served the youth community for more than eight decades in Wales. If you want to add your bit to help in the development of the community, signing on as a volunteer would be ideal. You will get to meet and interact with other volunteers, make new friends among them and get to be part of a noble cause.

3. Make friends in Cardiff at a pets adoption centre

Make Friends In Cardiff At A Pets Adoption Centre

If you love animals and want to interact with other pet lovers, a visit to the nearest pet adoption center would be a great idea. You could even consider the idea of adopting a homeless pet from the Cardiff Dogs Home. The dogs are super adorable and, without a doubt, will bring immense joy to whomever pet lover adopts them. Come and meet the wonderful pooches looking for a home, get to meet other pet lovers and give adopting a dog some serious thought. Their friendly and lovable nature, loyalty and unconditional love will melt even the stoniest heart!

4. Meet people in Cardiff at a Law of Attraction class

Meet People In Cardiff At A Law Of Attraction Class

Self-improvement classes are the rage and there are courses available both online and offline. If you want to find your true purpose and bring positive change in your life, join the popular Law of Attraction class. The bottom line is everything begins with the mind and a change in our mindset can profoundly impact our lives.  You get to connect with other members and even possibly accomplish the goals you aspire to achieve.

5. Make friends in Cardiff through sports

Meet People In Cardiff By Joining Sports Events

Have you tried Korfball? If you have recently moved to Cardiff, and enjoy playing sports, you have to give Korfball a try! A team sport with mixed gendered players in a team; it is a fun fast-paced game. While it is a mixed-gender sport, both genders only mark players of their own gender. Train, play and socialize in a sport growing in popularity across the world. An exciting way to gain new friends in town!

6. Try the sport of paddle-boarding

Paddle Boarding Is A Good Way Of Making New Friends In Cardiff

A sport that has taken the world of water sports by storm, paddle-boarding is very popular in Cardiff. It is a combination of surfing and canoeing and a great way to get a full-body workout. Enjoy the thrill of paddleboarding in the beautiful surroundings of Cardiff Bay. Newcomers can learn the sport at Cardiff International White Water. It is ideal for a group with a minimum of 4 people in a team. Make this your new sport and make new friends among other paddle-boarding enthusiasts.

7. Explore Cardiff’s magnificent outdoors

Join With Cardiff Outdoor Groups And Make Friends

Cardiff is the perfect city to explore if you are a nature lover. With 330 parks and gardens, the coast to the south and beautiful mountains to the north, there is plenty of nature all around. Join an outdoor club like the Cardiff Outdoors Group, which organises weekend outdoor activities through South Wales and beyond. A great way to meet other outdoor lovers and strike up new friendships in the city!

8. Join a photography workshop

Join Photography Clubs In Cardiff And Make Friends

When you live in a city like Cardiff that has an abundance of natural beauty, a passion for photography is sure to develop. If you are a beginner and want to improve as a photographer, joining a workshop would be a great idea. It will help to keep you updated with the latest advancements in photography and learn the necessary skills to become an accomplished photographer. The Cardiff Camera Club is the oldest in Wales and conducts regular classes and workshops. You get to learn from top photographers and mingle with other photography enthusiasts.

Find Friends In Cardiff By Improving Your Social Skills

Cardiff is a beautiful place with a lot of opportunities to relax, enjoy the natural resources of the Earth, and learn new crafts. Your time in this city can be made even if you can make friends everywhere you go.

It’s a helpful thing that you now know where and how you can actually meet people in Cardiff, now you just have to develop the right set of social skills and how to have proper conversations with others.

Learn more about being good at conversations here.

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