Explore where and how to meet people in Atlanta, Georgia, a one-of-a-kind city with vibrant energy and southern hospitality. Atlanta is poised as a world-class city with small-town charm. There, you’ll find there’s something in the air in Atlanta when it comes to tight-knit communities and meeting new friends.

Let’s Explore How and Where To Meet People In Atlanta

Most Popular Meetup Groups

Here are a few of Atlanta’s most popular meetups

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Climb a Giant Rock!

Stone Mountain is a site to behold. The largest high relief sculpture in the world, the Confederate Memorial Carving, depicts three Confederate figures of the Civil War. The entire carved surface measures three-acres, larger than a football field and Mount Rushmore. Take the one-mile trek to the top of the mountain and enjoy amazing views of downtown Atlanta and the North Georgia mountains.

See Where the Zombies Play

Are you a Walking Dead fan?  See where it all began by taking a tour of filming locations in Atlanta with a guide who has starred as an extra on the series. Stops include the hospital where the whole storyline of the show began, as well as the Goat Farm from the “Vatos” episode. There’s even friendly trivia to play with other fans during the tour – a perfect way to start conversation with potential new friends.

Take Fido for an Adventure

Piedmont Park is a haven for dogs and humans alike! While a City of Atlanta ordinance requires all dogs in public areas to be leashed, Piedmont Dog Park is one of the few locations in metro Atlanta where dogs may run free, off the leash. Meet other dog lovers as you let your pup run free over three acres of lush and shady trails and landscaping. Dogs are a little known secret for attracting new friends.

See Weird Art While Hiking

The Atlanta BeltLine is a living, breathing part of the community that is transforming the city. It connects 45 intown neighborhoods by way of a 22-mile loop of multi-use trails, modern streetcar, and parks – all based on railroad corridors that formerly encircled Atlanta. While leisurely hiking many of its natural trails, you can enjoy the largest, free outdoor art exhibition in the South. Meet health-conscious friends by joining a fitness class or attend a unique homeowner’s empowerment workshop and meet other first-time homebuyers.

To Market, To Market


Atlanta’s vibrant fresh markets span across entire communities. See the past and future come together in the historic Sweet Auburn Curb Market, a building that houses twenty-four individual businesses, including produce and meat merchants, a full service bakery, a bookstore, pharmacy and eleven of the most popular eateries in the city. Or visit the Central Food Hall, various shops, flats and offices of the Ponce City Market.  Built in the historic Sears, Roebuck & Co. building, this market infuses vigor and excitement into one of Atlanta’s most cherished neighborhoods.

Shop and Play in a City Inside a City

Atlantic Station redefines the term live, work and play. It’s much easier to befriend people within the confines of a few city blocks. And you can do that as you shop, dine, and get entertained in this mixed-use neighborhood. Atlantic Station offers myriad community events. They give a small-town feel, making it easier to connect and take a breather from the hustle and bustle of the rest of this thriving metropolis.

Root for the Dawgs!

Georgia loves college football and fans all around Atlanta show their pride! UGA is home to the famous Bulldogs. Why not meet fans at a game or be brave and join a fan contest to start the proverbial ball rolling. Team spirit brings strangers together faster than you can say, “Go Dawgs!” Football-based clubs and communities has been a unique way to meet people in Atlanta.

Get Scienc-y with Other Adults

To meet people in atlanta, you don’t need to be a science geek to enjoy Fernbank After Dark, but you DO need to be at least 21. On the 2nd Friday of each month, you can enjoy a variety of unique after-hours experiences. This includes evening access to Museum exhibitions, live music, full bars, and tapas menus. Let’s not forget films in the giant screen theater, and all-new science demonstrations and encounters.

Eat, Drink and Be Merry!

Eat Drink And Be Merry

The unique Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse is a professional theatre with ready to eat cafe-style food and drinks available before each performance. Here you’ll see performances by The Atlanta Shakespeare Company. They’re a bright and talented group of professionals who interpret, direct, produce and perform the classic works of William Shakespeare.

Learn About Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr., the leader of the American Civil Rights Movement, was born in Atlanta. The people of the city are incredibly proud of him and his legacy. If you want to meet people and make friends in Atlanta, you’ll also need to learn a thing or two about one of the greatest people in the history of the nation.

The best place to do this is at the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Park. Here you’ll find museums, gift shops, and exhibits all commemorating the life and legacy of an incredible man. A lot of locals also frequently come by the park just to hang out and awe at the sights. You’ll be sure to meet a few people while visiting this place.

Get With The Movie Industry

Georgia has the largest film industry in all of the United States — and in Georgia, Atlanta is at the center of it all. A lot of famous blockbuster films are shot in this city so the locals have gotten accustomed to it. The film industry has given the city of Atlanta a massive economic boost. It has even been called the “Hollywood of the South” by many people.

A lot of the locals in Atlanta are most certainly knowledgeable, or at least acquainted with the film industry. If you’re a film buff too, then you’ll love living in this city. There are multiple clubs that you can join where you can meet people and talk to them about the movies you love. This is where you can make new friends in Atlanta

Join A Civil Bikes Tour

The Civil Bikes Tour is a very interesting and engaging way of learning more about the city’s history, culture, and people. You’ll get to bike around the city along with people who are experts or have taken an interest with the city. You’ll learn more about the city and you’ll meet people who are in love with it.

Be A Part Of History With StoryCorps

StoryCorps is a very interesting organization where you can share your stories and have it recorded and preserved. The organization has been listening and recording stories for over 15 years. If you have a story to tell and want to preserve, you can do it here. Anyone can do it here.

It’s a very good way of leaving behind a legacy to the future generation with your own words. A lot of people participate in it too so you surely will also meet people who have stories to tell.

Meet People And Make Friends In Atlanta, And Then, Everywhere Else

If you want to meet people in Atlanta, make sure you’re open to new experiences that you’re not used to. Be open-minded about where you go and who you hang out with; most importantly, be open to improve your social skills, for now, and for the future.

If you are open to improving your social skills — which is essential if you want to meet people in Atlanta — then read this eBook. Here you’ll have the knowledge and techniques you’ll need in order to hone your social skills so you can get the friends you want in Atlanta.

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