How To Make Friends : A Critical Step That Makes A HUGE Difference In Your Social Life

friends in a lakeMost guys take too long to work up the courage and admit to themselves that they need more friends. They have that BIG fear of admitting it to anyone, so they stop even facing it withing themselves.

When some day, they decide that it’s TIME to Make New Friends that are Cool and bring them to their life,… they mostly fail fast and go back to their old habits.

They often go and get in touch with some old friends to get socially active. They even work up the courage to talk to some new guys and girls and get their number.

The best ones go and connect with five to six new people and FEEL Great About it. Witch it’s pretty cool.

Then, it seems that they have to do ALL THE WORK :

They need to make the call, send messages, invite people to go out… it feels like a Job! And if most of these new friends are often too busy to show up, it gets very discouraging!

At this point, most guys just give up and go back to living a dull life with no new and exciting Cool Friends, and no fun experiences and adventures.

The sad truth is that if you stop there, you just stopped ONE STEP before your social life Can Take Off!

That critical step, is pretty simple and a little tricky. But if you don’t do it, you’re playing a losing game.

That step is to Get Your New Friends To Meet!

… how hard can that be, right?

Most guys never do this. And It separates the PROS in building a social circle from the beginners.

If you get your new friends to meet and get along, they’ll want to go out with you more because it’s more fun. They’ll be grateful for having you as a friend. They won’t think of you as a social dead-end. They’ll even bring OTHER friends too, and make your plans even more fun and interesting.

If you don’t get your new friends to meet each other, the relationships you have with them separately will get boring after a while. They’ll think of you as just someone to have coffee with once in a while. And when it’s time to have fun on a Friday night, they won’t call you and not even think of calling you.

And if you happen to call them, they won’t tell you to come join their plans. You know why? Because they’re not sure you’re confident enough to go out with a group and have fun even if there are a lot of people around.

You can manage these fun meetings to get a lot of leverage in your social life. It becomes easy when you know how to do it. I wrote a whole part about it in my “3 Friends in 3 Weeks Report”, check it out.

You can download it for free, just go to the top-right of the page, put your name and email and hit “Download”.

Talk to you soon.

Paul Sanders.

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