Do you need to be Rich to build a social circle?

dollarsSkip to the “back in business” section of the article to get straight to the ideas, that will help you spend the LEAST amount of money and Build your Social Cricle.

At one point in my life, I had no friends I can be proud of. Back then, I thought that the only way to have fun is to go out and approach girls, get them to sleep with me and somehow stumble upon some new friends.

That did work sometimes and I only met people I can count on one hand. We only met in order to go to clubs and share tables.

I thought I needed to go out a lot more to make more friends. And that meant Spend-more-money !

The problem : I was already spending ALL my money every month

The Fist Solution I found was to give up !

The (stupid) solution I’ve found is to no longer go out at night, meet people at coffee shops and contact girls online. I used to contact girls on facebook, set up dates in coffee shops and bars and spend the least amount of money possible. That resulted in a comfort zone that led me NOWHERE.

I wasn’t having much fun and was stuck with some boring half-passionate friends that I met occasionally.

One day, I set up a date over facebook with a hot girl. We went in a bar and everybody turned to look at her. She knew how to dress and looked very sexy and a bit glamorous.

I wanted to go sit at a table but she insisted that we go sit on the bar stools.

We had a lot of fun, It was a expats-night (where expats meet to make new friends and know more about the city).

One girl approached us and asked us to explain to her the concept of the night. The girl with me invited her to join us to witch she agreed. I had a friend of mine coming up, so we ended up being a group of four at the bar.

We had a lot of fun talking and joking… but one thing caught my attention.

The glamorous girl had only ONE BEER for over three hours. No one else noticed, no one cared. And no, she wasn’t one of those light drinkers.

Later on, I discovered that she only had a small call-center job and had a few dollars to spend when she was out.

From that day forward, the idea of ordering less drinks came to me. It’s dumb, but WHY NOT.

I used to go out and order three to four heavy drinks a night to look normal !!

So I decided to make a few adjustments, in order to reach one GOAL :

Spend the LEAST amount of money and MAXIMIZE the impact on my Social Life, get more friends and have more fun.

The Solutions that allowed me to get BACK IN BUSINESS

I came up with some ideas that allowed me to no longer be concerned with money. I always knew that I won’t spend that much no matter what happens. I started realizing that building my social circle was such a cheap game.

– If you like to drink, buy what you like and drink some at home before you go out.
– When you’re in a bar, drink beers or soft drinks and DRAG them as much as you can, like one drink every hour and a half or more
– NEVER have dinner outside, eat at home and go out. Dinner can be the most expansive thing you can have outside.
– Never go out with the same people too many times in a row, it’s repetitive, doesn’t make your social circle expand, gets boring and makes you spend more to have nothing.
– Never go out with boring people or people that don’t have the criteria of who you want to have in your social circle. It gets you NOWHERE and when the night is out, you spent money… for NOTHING.
– Never go out with social dead-ends, either. The money you spend is flushed down the toilet.
– Be on the look out for people with houses and can invite people in. House get togethers, and befores and afters are just too affordable to ignore. (Few beers and wine, some pizzas and there you go)
(If you can’t find people like that quickly, find out where the expat-parties are and go. These parties are full of people who are hungry to make new friends and discover your city. Just by standing there, you become VALUABLE to them. And plus, they all have their own houses and are ready to invite people.)
– If you’re on a first date with a girl and she wants to split, don’t say no ! Treat her like you treat friends. Each one pays for what he or she got.

Alright, that’s all that came up to mind for now. Register your email in the form below to receive notifications of all the coming ideas on How to Build Your Social Circle easy, fast and low-hassle.

That was always my goal, build a social circle.

Easy, fast, affordable and low-hassle.

See yah !

Paul S.

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