Bumble and Tinder For Friends… Good News, I Guess!

Looks like we have some good news here when it comes to more solutions to making new friends.

There are more and more people in the app-making space who are realizing that making new (genuine) friends is becoming a real challenge and that people are in need of making that process easier.

Of course, there is yours truly, who works night and day into bringing you the best tools and education to help you build a great social life.

But, getting help from the app makers is always welcome.

So, we have two new apps which can help you meet new people. One is just for women, the other is for both.

Tinder For Friends: This is the one that is reserved for finding girlfriends. It’s becoming more and more popular. Give it a shot – you may end up meeting someone nice. The app name is “Hey! Vina.” You can download it from the app store here. (only on iPhone for now)

– And, Bumble For Friends. Bumble is a tinder-like app (with a twist). It gives women more control: if both people “swipe right” on each other, the woman has to initiate contact before they can start talking.

You can find it in the app store, and play store.

It’s a twist from the original Tinder functionality; I think it’s interesting and prevents women from getting too much spam.

So the new functionality is called “BFF” and it helps you make friends, whether you’re a guy or a girl. Frankly, we don’t expect you to meet a Best Friend-Forever today, but it’s worth a shot.

The Bumble app isn’t as popular as Tinder, but this new functionality might give it even more users, and thus making a more useful app.

So, go one, play with those – you never know who you might stumble upon.

And, if you haven’t read Get The Friends You Want, what are you waiting for? It’s specifically made to help you overcome social challenges, learn the most important social skills, make new friends, and build your social circle. Try it now.

– Paul Sanders

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