10 Ways to Deal With Being Shy Online

Just like how people can be shy in the real world, they can be shy online too. The online world is a place almost everyone on the planet visits on a frequent basis. A lot of things that used to be done in person are now done online, like shopping and talking. A lot of people also now take to the online world to expand their social circles. That’s just the reality of things now, but you won’t be able to do that if you’re constantly shy online.

That’s what this article is for. Even though you still shouldn’t disregard the act of socializing in person, you should also take advantage of the convenience of modern technology. You can indeed build yourself up online and start socializing there. You just need to stop being shy online.

Why You Still Feel Shy Online

A lot of people feel shy online for multiple reasons. Whatever it is for you, this is the first hurdle you’ll first need to acknowledge and eventually conquer if you want to make friends online. These are some of the most common reasons why people feel shy online.

You feel pressure online

Even though the online world is vastly different from how you interact with people in person, you can still feel pressure on there. The online world can be overwhelming, after all. A lot of people you know are already incredibly well-versed in the comings and goings of social media etiquettes and behavior, and that somehow makes you feel pressured.

Don’t worry. The good thing with the online world is that small-scale mistakes on your end can be easily fixed and barely noticed. Everything happens very fast online and the people on there are vastly numerous. You’ll do just fine.

You’re not used to social media

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Some people feel shy online simply for the fact that they’re not used to how social media works. Technically, there are no “wrong” or “right” ways to do social media, but there are unspoken rules most people adhere to. All you have to remember is this: never say or do anything on social media you wouldn’t also say or do in real life. That’s as simple as it can be and as long as you remember that, you’ll be fine in the online world.

You’re not confident with chatting

Another possible reason why you’re shy online is that you’re not confident with chatting with anyone on there. That’s fine, though. This is something we’ll discuss in detail later on. For now, all you have to remember is that chatting with others online may not be as challenging as you think.

You prefer to have your presence felt in person

You could also just prefer the idea of interacting with others in person instead of having your presence felt online. This is a matter you think and believe so well that you already somewhat feel shy online. You’ve never worked on it because you never believed it, and now you’re left with this anxiety when it comes to the online world.

While this is all well and good, you also need to remember the advantages of online interactions and how they can be very beneficial for your social life.

Now is the time for you to understand the balance between having your presence felt online, as well as having it felt in person. If you want to be as social as you can be to expand your social horizon, this is something you should not underestimate.

You don’t know where to start

At this point in your life, you see social media and the online world as this grand thing and everyone is so ahead of you already. You’ve either never gotten the hang of it or never even stepped into it in the first place.

The idea of social media being this grand thing is very understandable. However, it’s not that grand that you need to be this overwhelmed that you begin feeling shyness overtake you. Social media and the online world aren’t really that complicated.

All you need to do in the online world is to put yourself out there for your family and friends to see. They’re the first group of people you need to concern yourself with. You don’t need to worry about the rest of them for now. Your network will grow on its own as long as you persist in the online world.

You know how toxic the online community can be

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This is a fact everyone needs to acknowledge when it comes to the online world. There are a lot of communities online that can be extremely damaging and toxic. This is because some people online can say without real-world repercussions. Take note that I said, “some” and not “all” since more and more people today are making sure people who do awful things online actually face consequences in the real world.

That said, the online world is a big place. Yes, there are some toxic corners out there, but there are also parts that will bring you contentment and joy. These are the parts you need to focus on.

You’re socially inept

Finally, one of the reasons why you may be shy online is simply the fact that you’re socially inept in the real world. This then got carried over to the online world. If this is the case for you, don’t forget that the online world has different functions. Even if you’re socially inept in real life, the online world can be a place that will help you practice instead of a place you can liken to the real world.

For now, just deal with being shy online so you can properly interact with other people on various social media platforms. From here, we’ll discuss how you can deal with being shy online so you can finally make use of this technology to build friendships and improve your social skills.

Ways to Deal With Being Shy Online

Take note of these 10 ways to deal with being shy online. As long as you are persistent online, this task can be seriously easy. Keep on reading and good luck!

Just be yourself

First things first, you don’t need to put on a different persona when creating a personal account online. Just be yourself. Treat your online account as an avatar for who you are in person. It should be representative of who you are. What people will see in your online account should essentially be what they’ll get from you in real life.

As mentioned previously, the things you say and do on social media should be things you can and will also say and do in real life. Don’t fake your online persona. That will just make you feel uncomfortable about the whole thing, which will also lead you to be more anxious whenever you’re online.

Know how to properly use social media

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As incredible as social media can be, there are limits as to what you can put on there. Never divulge information about yourself that is too personal, nor should you talk about other people’s issues there that are too implicating.

Don’t let it reach a point where you’re seen as a nuisance on social media. Just take it easy. Talk about the things you enjoy and share relevant and appropriate things that affect you either positively or negatively.

As you continue reading this article, you’ll find more things people do on social media which are considered acceptable and others that aren’t.

Share what you can, but post occasionally

If you want to stop being shy online, then you’ll need to persist. Don’t just create an account and leave it blank. Start posting and sharing some things. Make sure your posts and shares are consistent.

Posting occasionally will allow you to be more seen. This is how you can actually expand your presence on social media. Once you expand your presence, it’s going to be easier to chat with others on social media. Chatting with others is one thing you’ll need to constantly do eventually so you can finally get over your feeling of shyness in the online world.

Chat people you know… at first

Chatting with people online can be a challenge, but not if you’re simply chatting with people you know. With that in mind, start with them. Don’t worry about chatting with strangers for now. Get used to communicating with people online first. Get the hang of the rhythm of the exchange.

In fact, you can even ask the people you know for tips on online chatting etiquette. You can also ask them if your online presence has been noteworthy or if there are things you still need to work on. Work with the people you trust until you can finally muster up the courage to chat up with other people to socialize.

Join groups and communities you’re comfortable in

This is one way you can make things easier for yourself in the online world. One of the best ways to stop being shy online is to actually enjoy browsing online. You can do this by joining groups and communities you’re comfortable in.

The online world is a massive place. Whatever your interest is, you’re bound to find a group or community for it online. Visit and join those places so you can feel comfortable in an online community. That way, your online anxiety will dissolve much faster.

Talk to like-minded people online

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Once you’ve gotten the hang of chatting online by chatting with the people you know and you’ve joined groups and communities you’re comfortable in, it’s time to take your progress to the test by finding like-minded people. If you’re already in groups and communities that cater to your interest, finding a person to talk to should be easier now.

Start making small talk with strangers. Just take note that not everyone you talk to will be eager for a conversation. A lot of people are either wary or shy online, just like you. Be understanding and patient and you should be able to meet someone you can properly converse with. Treat them like you would a friend. Be curious about them. Any hint of shyness will disappear when you start being engaged in a conversation with somebody.

Observe positivity and don’t be bothered by the negativity

As mentioned previously, the online world can be incredibly toxic. On the bright side, there are also a lot of gorgeous things you can witness and experience online. That’s the side of the internet you should focus on.

If you keep getting bothered by negativity online, you’ll be put off by it, then you’ll start to ignore it even more, and you’ll never be able to get over being shy online. Focus on the things that affect you positively, or even negatively enough to make you grow as a person. Talk to people you know and new-found friends whose companies you enjoy.

Find apps and sites you’re comfortable with

Just like you should seek out groups and communities online that you’re comfortable with, you should also do the same for the apps and websites you use and visit. You may not really enjoy, or even understand every popular app or website today. Just find the ones you actually do enjoy and understand and focus all your efforts there.

Don’t push it

Whenever chatting with someone else online, if you feel like they’re not as engaged as you are, don’t worry too much. Let it go. Never push a conversation or interaction with someone who doesn’t want it. You’ll be wasting your time and theirs.

Instead, find someone who’ll actually engage with you. It’s been made clear by now but the online world is a massive place. You’ll have no shortage of people to talk to. A lot of people are more welcoming than you think. If you keep engaging with people who want nothing to do with you, you’ll simply face rejection after rejection and that’s not beneficial to what you’re doing.

Never compare

Dont Compare Yourself To Others

One cardinal sin when hanging out in the online world is to compare yourself with others. There are a lot of influencers and popular figures online who live lives that may or may not be accurate to who they actually are. A lot of people try their best to be like those individuals, only to fail and be disappointed.

Just focus on what you’re doing for yourself and not what others are doing for themselves. We all have different lives. Don’t compare your life with theirs. Focus on talking to like-minded people, expanding your online presence, and building friendships you otherwise never would have built without this technology.

Going Online to Improve Your Conversational Skills

Keep talking to other people online and you’ll eventually get over your feelings of anxiety. This platform can be great for improving your conversational skills. Be sure to take advantage of it.

To know more about improving your conversational skills, be sure to read the other articles on the site covering this topic here.

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