How To Be More Relaxed In Social Situations

You’ll need to be relaxed in social situations if you want to socialize properly. However, this is much easier said than done. This is most especially true if you’re someone who’s dealing with social anxiety.

Don’t worry, though. With enough time and willingness, you can be more naturally relaxed in social situations. You’ll finally learn to enjoy them, as you should, so that you can befriend anyone you want and have proper conversations with strangers.

That said, here are 10 very effective ways you can keep in mind to be more relaxed in social situations.

Think of the person, not the entire room

One of the things that can make you feel nervous in social situations is if you think about the entire room. If there are multiple people in that place, the notion of socializing with every single one of them can be intimidating.

However, you shouldn’t think about social situations like this. Instead, just focus on one person. If there’s one person in the room you can socialize with, think about them. Don’t worry about the entire room as a whole.

Besides, focusing on the person you’re talking to will allow you to respond more appropriately to them.

Be in places you’re comfortable in

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It can also help you be more relaxed in social situations if you’re in places you’re comfortable in. Otherwise, you’ll always feel iffy, guarded, and awkward.

For example, if you prefer serene and atmospheric places, you’ll feel more relaxed there. However, if you force yourself to go to loud and rowdy places, you’ll feel uncomfortable all night.

Go with friends

Go with friends when hanging out and you’ll start to feel more relaxed. Having people you know and trust with you is always better than going out there alone.

That said, if you’re not used to socializing yet, be sure to have a friend or two to hang out with you. This way, you’ll feel a bit of comfort knowing there are people there you can rely on. Being surrounded by strangers can be a very scary thought. You don’t have to go through this right now if you’re not ready.

Wear something you look good in and feel comfortable with

Another thing you can consider to be more relaxed in social situations is your choice of clothes. If you wear something you’re comfortable with, and it looks good on you, you’ll feel better when socializing.

Take time to consider this. Buy new clothes if you need to. You’ll be surprised at how empowering it is to wear something you look good in and feel comfortable with. Your attitude in social situations will improve drastically.

Stop overthinking the social situation

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Overthinking is one of the worst things you can do in any social situation. You’ll end up reaching conclusions that are highly false. You’ll think one thing when the reality is another.

Stop overthinking from here on out if you want to be more relaxed in social situations. Start knowing that others aren’t as critical of you as you believe. They might be dealing with their own social anxieties too.

Clear your mind when you’re out socializing with others. In fact, make use of the first tip from this article. Focus on the person you’re talking to. Never allow overthinking to take over you.

Be mindful of your body language

Your body language can have a major hand in how others perceive you in public. In addition to this, it can also affect your overall mood. If you can portray the body language of a confident person, you will also feel more confident.

From now on, start paying attention to your body language. Stand straight instead of slouching. Stand confidently when speaking with someone instead of crossing your arms. Make eye contact instead of keeping your eyes on the ground.

Get used to making conversation with strangers

One thing you’ll always need to do when you’re out there is making conversation with strangers. If you can get used to this, you can be more relaxed in social situations.

Practice making conversation with anyone you can from now on. Whether it be work associates, people you meet at your favorite coffee shop, or friendly faces you pass on the street.

You should also start mastering the art of conversation. Be sure to take a gander at our other articles on conversation techniques to learn more about it.

Focus on the positives of socializing

Make a connection with people

Socializing should never be a stressful endeavor. In fact, it should be something you become excited about. If you start focusing on the positives of socializing, you’ll feel much better.

Think about the idea of making new friends. Think about having the opportunity to listen to other people’s stories. These are things you can experience if you socialize with others. Get excited about this. The moment you see these things and look forward to them, you’ll be more relaxed in social situations.

Avoid speaking to multiple people at once

It can be overwhelming interacting with multiple people at once. It’s something only socially adept people should do. That said, if you believe you’re not that socially adept yet, avoid this for now.

Keep your conversations a two-way street for now. Find one person you can interact with and start there. Don’t worry about interacting with groups. Once you become more socially skilled later on, you can dip your toes in that water.

Be more socially adept

The best thing you can do to be more relaxed in social situations is to be more socially adept. Improve your social skills and you’ll feel incredibly comfortable in any social situation. You’ll enjoy socializing, you’ll look forward to it, and you’ll be able to get the friends you want.

Improving your social skills takes time, effort, and knowledge. You can have all three by reading the other articles we have on this site. We have an abundance of resources that teaches how you can be more socially skilled. From dealing with social anxieties to other social skills such as being more approachable, you can read about them here.

Be sure to take the time to read those after you’re done with this one. Treat this as research and improving your social skills as a project. Once you finally complete the project, you’ll finally be more relaxed in social situations.

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