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To keep your social life alive, you need to be actively looking for new people. To make it easier for yourself, a few mobile apps can help. The ones I’m about to share wth you are about the “real-life.” I’m not a fan of virtual relationships; I won’t suggest that you to spend more time checking facebook.

And as I always say, you need a context; a context helps you make friends. That’s why general “chat” apps aren’t very helpful, and usually get used only for dating. Apps like “badoo” or “skout” aren’t really helpful, as they don’t give you a context for friendship.

Here we go:

Sporty (only on iphone right now):

This is a relatively new one, you might not find lots of people in it, yet. It allows you to join or create sports activities around you, and meet the people that are playing them. (including workouts, running, etc)

App store link

Meetup (iphone/android):

This is self-explanatory. The advantage of using it on your phone is that you can be notified of nearby events or follow your favorite groups, and know when they’re organizing something. The more you’re notified about social activities, the more likely you’re going to participare in them. 😉

App store link

Play store link


Eventbrite has a clear purpose, help you find out about events happening around you. I suggest that you “allow notifications” from it so you don’t have to continually check. It notifies you for mainly professional events happening around you, where you can make some new friends or associates.

Eventbrite on iphone

Eventbrite on android

A Tip To Use On Facebook:

One of the few real-life features of facebook is the events feature. Unfortunately, facebook doesn’t make it easy for you to see/consider social events. To go around that, I suggest that you add your facebook events (and friends’ birthdays) to your personal calendar.

You only have to do it once, on your computer. Go here for instructions.

Once that’s done, you can just look at your calendar, see the upcoming events, and decide if you want to attend. It helps you suggest plans to people you want to meet, a few days in advance.

I hope this helps!
– Paul Sanders

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