3 Free Tech-Tools to boost your Social Life

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In this article, I’m gonna lay down Three FREE-Technology Tips to arm yourself with when you’re building your social circle.At the end of this article you will be able to…

– Keep your contacts information FOR EVER (never lose what takes you years to gather)
– Get informed of EVERY cool party or event in your city
– Get that information to COME TO YOUr calendar, instead of you searching for it (+ never forget a friend’s birthday)Are you ready ?

1. Contacts belong in the cloud !

This is what separates an amateur from a pro networker.

This is very simple. Get every contact information you have in one place :: Google Contacts (or any other cloud-based system) where the information is saved and secured on the internet. That means that you won’t lose any information if you drown your smartphone in a hot tub.

It also means that you can view or modify all your contacts’ information from a laptop or a smartphone, witch is easy.

2. Get informed of EVERY cool party or event in your city

I assume you’re on facebook. Am I right? I hope I’m right.
This is how you become aware of every relevant Event or Party that’s going on in your city, in advance. By doing so, you’ll know where to go out, what’s hot and what’s not and people will wanna be friends with you because you instantly become more valuable. When someone talks to you and realize that you know what’s up in your city, they become much more interested in hanging out with you.

This is how I do it :

Remember all the pages or groups you saw on facebook promoting Bars, Clubs and cool Restaurants…?

Remember all those people on facebook that have 4000 friends and that seem to be promoting events, parties or club openings…?

I want you to LIKE all of those pages, JOIN all those groups and ADD AS A FRIEND all those PEOPLE !!!  → They’ll keep you informed, that’s their job.

As soon as you remember the name of a good place in your city, look for it on facebook and get connected to it.

Every time you see a facebook event, look for who created the event and add them as a friend, or like their page. Club promoter will usually accept any friend request, so just go for it.

When you see ANY relevant event on facebook, hit the “Maybe attending” button, I’ll tell you why in the next section.

3. Get the parties and events information to COME TO YOU!

The concept : Get the events information from Facebook to your Electronic Calendar
The result : You save time by viewing the events on your favorite device (all your friends turn to you to know where to go and what’s hot)
The beauty : It works automatically. Everytime anyone invites you to an event on facebook, it shows up in your favorite calendar BY ITSELF. You don’t have to do any updates !!
The other beauty : It’s FREE

You can only do this if you have an electronic calendar. I find Google calendar to be the best, I use it for Pro and Personal matters. It’s very flexible and it’s smartphone friendly. You can use any other electronic calendar and here’s how :

Btw, remember, we’re doing this so all the events information that is ON facebook, comes to your calendar :

Go to your facebook’s events page : facebook.com/events
Scroll down at the bottom-left. Click on “Export”. A window shows up with a link on it. I want you to copy that link.

When that’s done, go to your electronic calendar and add the calendar by inserting the URL from facebook. If you’re using Google Calendar, go to the bottom left and click the little downward arrow, next to “Other Calendars”. Then click on “Add by URL” and past the link that you got from facebook.


If not, post a question below the article, I’ll show ya.

…never forget a friend’s birthday

The concept : Get your friends birthdays from Facebook to your Electronic Calendar.

How you do it : Go to your facebook’s birthday page : facebook.com/events/birthdays/
Again, scroll down and hit “Export Birthdays”, copy the link and bring it to your electronic calendar like with did with general events.

Easy Shit !!

I hope you benefited from this.
Do you have anything to add to this? Do you use any other techniques to stay aware of what’s hot in your city? Share with us !

Cheers !

Paul S.

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