Social Events in Baton Rouge, Louisiana This Week

Let’s explore social events in Baton Rouge, LA happening this week. Local events are a great way to meet new people and make new friends. Look through this page and consider going out and socializing during one of these social events.

Are you looking to take a break from your regular ventures, build friendships or develop emotional intelligence? Social events could just be just the thing you are missing. As they always say, one’s company, two’s a crowd, three’s a party. In these events, you will get to meet a whole new range of people, engage other cultures and understand different perspectives. You get opportunities to expand your circle through the interactions and conversations elicited. Whether you are looking to improve your social or work connections, this is it for you.

There are many events held across Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Events range from backyard outings, outdoor activity events, singles events, professional networking, meaningful discussions, and more. They are all varied and interesting covering your lifestyle and preference. If you find it hard to make connections or socialize in these events, here are a few tips to save your situation.

Local Groups’ Events in Baton Rouge

May RING Meeting – strategies for building and maintaining wealth

May RING Meeting - strategies for building and maintaining wealth

◦ When: Tuesday, May 14th

◦ Where: Title2land, LLC

Hello Ring Members,

This month finds me challenged to determine my focus between plans to build wealth using my knowledge of Real Estate Investing, and responding to the issues that stand in the way of making those plans happen.

At our meeting I’ll go over some of the challenges I see, how I’ve been responding, and have a round table discussion about what we think the best solutions and strategi(…)

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Baton Rouge Chorus

Baton Rouge Chorus

◦ When: Thursday, May 16th

◦ Where: Ingleside United Methodist Church

NEW DIRECTOR! The Baton Rouge Chorus is excited to introduce Sherry Barron, certified music educator, as our new director. With over 40 years of directing, teaching and producing various events, she brings a new and exciting focus to the Chorus. No experience or vocal training necessary – just a love of singing. Call 341–1608 or go to for more information or just come visit ou(…)

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USS Corsair Game Day (In Person)

USS Corsair Game Day (In Person)

◦ When: Saturday, May 18th

◦ Where: Little Wars

**Join Members of the USS CORSAIR for In Person Game Day at Little Wars on Jefferson Hwy**. Enjoy your favorite table top or card game or learn something new. Make new friends and have fun!(…)

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Board Games on Top of the Table

Board Games on Top of the Table

◦ When: Friday, May 17th

◦ Where: Jason’s Deli

Come meet new people and play board games! Bring some of your own or enjoy the plethora already available. We typically open with a lighter game then subdivide by interest; some preferring games based partially on luck or social deduction to relax and others preferring more strategy and resource / area management. Please RSVP so we can better prepare for the fun, the meeple carnage … or both!(…)

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Tips to meet people at social events

You can make more friends at one party by showing interest in them than in a month by trying to meet people online. Meeting new people and making genuine connections in local events can be fun and easy if you go with the right mindset.

When it comes to meeting new people, nothing beats showing up in the real world. But none of the tips will work if you are not coming from the right place. Keep an open mind when attending social events. Reframe strangers as potential friends, it will make it much easier to approach conversations and fully engage in them.

When choosing an event, keep an eye on interesting themes, something you can relate to. Meeting new people in the context of mutual interest increases your chances of being friends.

Research events with the types of people you want to meet. They could be people in your age group, your field of work, or a specific neighborhood. Do not be too strict though, loosen up a little bit from your expectations.

Go where people are intentionally looking to make friends such as networking events where it feels normal and expected to walk up and introduce yourself.

In this digital era, apps and websites are the most convenient solutions for finding out about local events. If you are not sure where to look for events happening in Baton Rouge, you can try out,, or

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