How To Meet People in York, UK

If you want to meet people in York, you have plenty of opportunities to mingle with locals at festivals and cultural and art events.

York came 9th in a 2015 survey as a great place to live in the UK. While it is large enough with a cosmopolitan feel to the place, it still has a very homely air about it. If you have recently moved to the city you will find the people friendly and open and adjusting to the city will be easy. Being part of a meetup group is one of the easiest ways to meet and make new friends in York or elsewhere.

How & Where To Meet People In York, and start making friends

  1. Join a meetup community

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Social Groups & Clubs You Can Join:

  • White Rose Water Ski Club: If you enjoy or are looking to learn how to water ski, this club provides a friendly atmosphere for you. Learn the sport and enjoy the waters with the other members. You’ll have a grand time at it!
  • Ladies Circle York: A unique platform in York for women to engage in local initiatives, enjoy social gatherings, and build a strong community network.
  • Round Table York: Offers men between 18 and 40 in York a chance to join an organization that combines fun, service, and networking in a supportive environment.
  • 41 Club York: A social club in York for men over 41, primarily those who have graduated from Round Table, offering a space to continue friendships, community service, and active social engagement.
  • Rotary Club of York: This social club in York is for influential community members to engage in meaningful service, exchange ideas, and contribute to the betterment of society.
  • Lions Club York: A prominent social group in York known for its commitment to social welfare, providing a space for members to contribute positively to society through various service initiatives.
  • York Elks Lodge: Offers families in York a place to engage in community service and enjoy social events, emphasizing moral and patriotic principles.
  • BNI York: In York, joining BNI means becoming part of a diverse business community, dedicated to the principle of ‘Givers Gain,’ where members actively support and refer each other.
  1. Bond with other women professionals

Bond with other women professionals

If you are a young woman professional and want to lead a more active social life and get to meet other women professionals in town, the York Ladies Circle would be the perfect place. The club welcomes ladies between the ages of 18- 45, and participate in a host of fun activities. Join the sorority and meet some very interesting young women with whom you could develop a rapport and make lasting friends.

  1. Meet People in York at GYBO

Meet People in York at GYBO

If you enjoy walking and would enjoy being part of a community of walkers GYBO (Get Your Boots On) is the place for you. A sociable group of young walkers in the age group of 20 – 30s, explore North and East Yorkshire. Enjoy a variety of walks from short to long trips, see the beautiful countryside and get some new and exciting mates along the way.

  1. Buddy up with the bikers in town

Buddy up with the bikers in town

York is a fabulous place to explore on a bicycle in good company, it definitely is more enjoyable. There is an avid biking community in the city and York Rouleurs Cycling Club is the group to join. Enjoy a variety of rides for riders with different abilities and experience.

There are regular weekly rides and if the weather permits there are rides through the week as well. Every ride culminates with cake and coffee at a local cafe. Besides riding the club organizes a number of social activities also, where you get to make friends in York.

  1. Volunteer with a social charity

Volunteer with a social charity

If you have spare time on the weekends and would like to get involved as a volunteer for a local charity, it would offer two benefits. You will get to do something for your city and its people and a chance to meet other volunteers.  A great way to make new friends and having the satisfaction of knowing you are giving back to your community.

  1. Join a triathlete club

Join a triathlete club

If you are a fitness enthusiast who enjoys new challenges then joining the triathlete community in town would be a great way to make plenty of new friends. Join these iron men and women and enjoy biking, running and swimming with the group.

They cater to all levels and abilities from novices to advanced, so you will feel right at home. Push yourself to your limits and over time see the transformation into a super fit triathlete. There are professionals to guide and help you at every step. You get to join an exclusive band of athletes as a member.  A great way to stay in shape and make new friends among the group!

  1. Meet people in York at a dance class

Meet people in York at a dance class

Do you like to dance and would like to learn a new dance style? Dance is one of the best ways of staying fit and among the easiest ways to make friends among strangers. Salsa is a fabulous Latin American dance style that has seen a revival in popularity across the UK.

There are Salsa dance clubs and workshops popping up all over the place with Strictly Salsa one of the leading classes to learn. Professionally trained Salsa dancers train newcomers and beginners. Learn the Salsa, enjoy the warm and friendly atmosphere and make some cool new friends at the dance classes.

  1. Make friends through art

Make friends through art

Have you always had an interest in art but not had an opportunity to be creative? It is never too late to start with adult art classes a great way to indulge in your passion and make friends. Creative York offers a number of art classes for beginners. Join the group and hone your artistic skills while meeting and making friends with other art lovers in class.

Make Friends In York and Everywhere Else

The 9th greatest city to live in the U.K. surely is nothing to scoff at. If you happen to be living in this city now, make sure you don’t disregard its beauty.

Meeting the locals and making new friends is one of the best ways to ensure that you’ll have an amazing time in this city. So be sure you check out the tips you’ve read here. Also, take the time to hone your social skills before going out. The articles here will help you out with that. Good luck!

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