How To Meet People in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Thanks to the multiple of social events and festivities, you can meet people in Winston-Salem while enjoying the city. Finding friends depends on going to the right places – places where other people are also out to make new friends. Read on to discover some of those places…

Winston-Salem in North Carolina has it all vibrant arts scene, with plenty of history, superb cuisine, great schools and all the creature comforts you can expect from living in a modern city. The city has a progressive character with a close-knit community that makes living in town all the more enjoyable. The restaurants without a doubt are world-class and its cultural attractions are outstanding.

Winston-Salem hosts plenty of social events and festivities and as part of the community, you will get to meet plenty of new people and have a great time. If you are looking to make friends in town you will have a wealth of opportunities to do it.

Ready? Let’s Explore Where and How To Meet People in Winston–Salem and Make Some New Friends

1. Start with the popular meetup groups

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Social Groups & Clubs You Can Join:

  • Winston Salem Ski and Outing Club: This is the perfect club for this who want to meet likeminded people as the ski and do outdoor activities in Winston-Salem. The club hosts year-round events, giving you ample opportunities to have fun and socialize.
  • Old Town Club: Experience the timeless charm and southern hospitality of Winston-Salem when you join the Old Town Club. The club welcomes everyone who wants to have fun and meet friends.
  • NextDoor Winston-Salem: A good meeting place for Winston-Salem residents, offering a friendly space to discuss neighborhood news, plan community activities, and build local friendships.
  • Rotary Club of Winston-Salem: In Winston-Salem, this club brings together influential leaders and professionals to collaborate on impactful service projects, both locally and globally, enhancing community welfare.
  • Lions Club Winston-Salem: In Winston-Salem, this club is a beacon for community service, bringing together compassionate individuals committed to making a tangible impact in their local area and beyond.
  • Winston-Salem Elks Lodge: In Winston-Salem, the Elks Lodge is recognized for its charitable work and family-oriented environment, aligned with ethical and national values.
  • BNI Winston-Salem: Offers a unique opportunity in Winston-Salem for members to join and benefit from a diverse network of professionals committed to helping each other succeed in business through referrals.

2. Meet people in Winston-Salem at Newcomers & Neighbors

Join Newcomers Club In Winston Salem And Make Friends

Looking forward to make friends in Winston-Salem, and clueless where to start? How about Newcomers and Neighbors Club in town? The club welcomes people who have recently shifted to the city and serves as a platform to connect with members of the community. Members get to learn about their city’s history, cultural aspects and other interesting information. Plus it helps to build new friendships in the community.

3. Work with your community

Do Volunteering Work In Winston Salem And Meet New Friends

Doing community service is something that each one of us must accept our share of responsibility. Any city, town or community only grows and prospers when its people come together to work for the less fortunate in society. Winston-Salem, unfortunately, is among the top US cities with a problem of hunger in families with children.

Join as a volunteer with HOPE and help to alleviate the nutritional deficiencies of children from low-income families in the community. You will be doing something satisfying and will enjoy working with others who share the same dedication for the community.

4. Meet people in Winston-Salem through outdoor activities

Join Outdoor Activities In Winston Salem And Make New Friends

When you live in a place with as much natural beauty and wilderness trails like Winston-Salem, you are bound to develop an interest in outdoor activities. Enroll with the Piedmont Hiking and Outing Club where you will meet other members with a passion for the outdoors.

The club organizes numerous activities ranging from camping to spelunking, so there would be no chance of spending the weekends and holidays getting bored. You will enjoy the camaraderie shared by club members and lead a very fulfilling social life.

5. Gain friends through a love for sports

By Joining Sports Clubs In Winston Salem You Can Get New Friends

Another way to find new friends is through tennis. If you enjoy sports and want to make friends in Winston-Salem with a common interest, joining a sports club will work wonders for your social life. You could join the Westwood Swim and Tennis Club located on a beautiful campus in west Winston-Salem.

You will have access to multiple tennis courts, an Olympic size swimming pool, a well-equipped fitness center and a lovely clubhouse. This will make it easy to fraternize with other club members and enjoy a range of activities together.

6. Meet People in Winston-Salem via visual arts

Attend Visual Art Classes In Winston Salem And Make New Friends

Visual Arts are fascinating to see and admire and even more captivating to get involved in as a student. Sign up with the Sawtooth School of Visual Arts in Winston-Salem and you will learn about a whole new world of art forms, with many you may have not even been aware of earlier.

Learn from a variety of accomplished artists to become creative, develop an expert’s eye for art in its various forms and find some new friends among its members.

7. Challenge yourself mentally

Join Chess Clubs In Winston Salem And Make New Friends

Chess was once a sport for kings and royalty is a mentally challenging sport. If you enjoy taking up things that are cerebrally stimulating and like to compete with others, take up chess. When you join a chess club like the Winston-Salem Chess Club, you get to meet professional and seasoned chess players and learn from them.

Beginners to the sport learn the basics from experts and pick up the moves and strategies of one of the most engaging mental sports. Playing with other members will also help to gain new friends and build your social circle.

8. Develop a love for gardening

Meet With Gardening Lovers In Winston Salem And Make Friendship

Gardening is therapeutic and one of the best ways to beat stress. Having a wonderful garden is something most owners take pride in and if you share the same interest, become a member of gardening society or club.

The Old Salem Garden Workshops conducts classes and horticultural workshops on a regular basis. As a member to will learn about the latest developments in the field of horticulture, get to interact with other gardening enthusiasts and build friendships as well.

Meet People In Winston-Salem… And Everywhere Else

Anywhere you go, your social skills determine the quality of your social life. They also allow you to meet interesting people who can make you feel a little happier, and sometimes help you improve your career. If you already realize how “who you know” can make all the difference in your life, then we’d like to invite you to improve your social skills, in our trainings.

They’ll help you pinpoint the right way to go forward, from the situation you’re in, to a situation where you have a social life you can be proud of and serves you well.

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