How To Meet People In Southampton, UK

If you want to meet people in Southampton, we offer a few ideas to connect with locals in this article. These are off the beaten path for the simple reason that popular attractions and tourist spots are not something most locals visit on a frequent basis.

If you are living in the city and want to connect with locals, you need to visit or join those places where people visit on a regular basis. Sharing a cup of coffee with anyone once is not going to build a relationship. You need to regularly meet and nurture relationships, to make lasting friends. A meetup group would be a great place to start your search for new friends.

Here A Few Ways To Meet People In Southampton and Make Friends

  1. Join the top meetup groups

Other groups to explore

Social Groups & Clubs You Can Join:

  • Bitterne Park Social Club: Starting out as a Working Men’s Club, the club has now widened its horizons and diversified, opening its doors to everyone who enjoys a comfortable surrounding and friendly atmosphere.
  • Stoneham Golf Club: Boasting a golf course that rewards brains over brawn, the Stoneham Golf Club is an incredible place to better your game. The club also has a clubhouse where you can dine and relax before and after a round with friends and other members.
  • Ladies Circle Southampton: A dynamic network in Southampton for young women to engage in community service, enjoy social activities, and build lasting friendships.
  • Internations Southampton: Facilitates engaging interactions in Southampton between local community members and expats, fostering a sense of global connection and mutual understanding.
  • Round Table Southampton: A dynamic club in Southampton where men aged 18-40 can join, contribute to local initiatives, and enjoy a range of social activities together.
  • 41 Club Southampton: A social club to join if you were previously part of a Round Table and you’re now 41 or older. The aim here is to create lasting friendships, participate in charitable work, and enjoy social events.
  • Rotary Club of Southampton: A platform in Southampton that combines professional networking and community service, attracting members who are leaders in their fields and passionate about service.
  • Lions Club Southampton: A renowned service organization in Southampton where members are dedicated to serving the community, focusing on aiding the visually impaired and supporting various humanitarian projects.
  • Southampton Elks Lodge: A community-focused organization in Southampton known for its commitment to social welfare and family-friendly activities, with a strong emphasis on moral values and patriotism.
  • BNI Southampton: Ideal for entrepreneurs and business owners in Southampton looking to join a results-oriented networking group focused on generating growth through personal referrals and professional collaboration.
  1. Volunteer with an organization

Volunteer with an organization

If you are someone who enjoys helping others, joining an organization as a volunteer will be something to look forward to. You will get involved in an activity that is emotionally satisfying and get to meet other people, sharing the same ideals. Making friends becomes easy when there is a common interest. In this case, volunteering will bring you in contact with other volunteers in the group, where bonding and making friends will be easy.

  1. Meet people in Southampton as part of a Ramblers group

Meet people in Southampton as part of a Ramblers group

Joining a walking group helps to build new friendships and is a great way to stay fit and active. Ramblers Southampton offers its members wonderful company on guided walks at least 5 days a week. These can be from a few miles to all day treks for experienced walkers. They also host social events and coach trips, where you get to socialize and meet new people. A nice way to stay healthy, have fun and make friends in Southampton!

  1. Enjoy the thrill of biking

Enjoy the thrill of biking

If you enjoy biking it will help you to gain plenty of new friends in Southampton. Come and become a member of the cycling community at Southampton CTC. They organize a variety of cycle rides and campaign for improved cycling facilities in the city. From short rides for novices to more challenging routes for advanced cyclists, there are plenty of options to explore. There even is the option to join biking tours in the UK and overseas. You get to meet plenty of people and enjoy the thrill of biking as a group. A great way to make friends in Southampton!

  1. Meet people In Southampton at Fitness Fairy

Meet people In Southampton at Fitness Fairy

Dance is in itself a great way to stay fit and if combined with fitness its benefits become enhanced twofold. Fitness Fairy offers a fitness program where dance and fitness combine to produce a fusion fitness regime, which helps you to burn extra calories and get fighting fit. The triad of music, dance and fitness will not only help to shape up but also offer an opportunity to look and feel good. Then, of course, there is the added benefit of making new friends at the classes.

  1. Make friends in Southampton at the Arts Society

Make friends in Southampton at the Arts Society

Perhaps the only thing more enjoyable than viewing art is to be in the company of like-minded people who share a passion for art! The Arts Society of Southampton is one of the leading art organizations in this part of England, which promotes art among the members of the community and across the county. With a wide range of activities, you have plenty of chances to meet other art lovers, hold interesting conversations and make new friends in the city.

  1. Enjoy some TLC in Southampton

Enjoy some TLC in Southampton

How about some TLC in Southampton? Not the kind where you indulge in pampering like at a spa, but rather learning a new dance form at Tracie’s Latin Club! If it sounds like fun, it is a lot of fun, indeed! Members get to select from a variety of sizzling Latin dance styles, ranging from Salsa to Kizomba classes.

Visit the classes to see dance performances and then decide the style you want to opt for. Choose your style and enjoy learning from some of the most accomplished Latin dance professionals in the city.  The classes take place all through the year with a strong emphasis on having fun, while mastering a dance style. Plus you have an opportunity to mingle with other dance lovers and build relationships.

Meet New Friends In Southampton Or Anywhere You Go

Find the perfect opportunity for you to make friends depending on your personal preferences. The city of Southampton will surely have one for you. The tips here are perfect for this already, but if you find something else you feel like is better for you, then go ahead and do just that.

One other thing you should also consider, though, is your actual ability to socialize. So before you go out there to meet people in Southampton, improve your social skills first.

Read the articles I prepared for you here so you can definitely make connections and build friendships when you go out to socialize.

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