If you just moved or just want to make some new friends, this article will show you where and how to meet people in San Antonio, Texas. It’s a city rich in cultural heritage that is celebrating 300 years of vibrant art, history, and innovation. Don’t let its moniker of “Military City” scare you off; there are lots of places here to meet unique friends!

How & Where To Meet People In San Antonio And Starting Making Friends

1. Most Popular Meetup Groups

Here are some top meetup groups that can help you meet people in San Antonio:

Find more of your favorite meetup opportunities here: https://www.meetup.com/cities/us/tx/san_antonio/

2. Art History at its Finest

The San Antonio Museum of Art is rich in history, with its collection of 30,000+ objects spanning 5,000 years. What’s really unique about this amazing cultural site is the building itself – formerly the Lone Star Brewery, dating back to 1884. There are many opportunities to meet history and art buffs alike in this wonderful museum.

3. Experience the Colors of Fiesta

The one of a kind Texas Cavaliers River Parade began in 1941. On the first Monday of the Fiesta every April, festive music fills the air and vibrant floats pass by as thousands watch from the banks of the San Antonio River. Meet new friends among the event’s 250,000 spectators… and for a good cause! All money raised supports local children’s charities through the Texas Cavaliers Charitable Foundation. If you want to meet people in San Antonio, do know that these kinds of events make people get in a really festive and open mood, ideal for making new friends.

4. Can You Escape?

san antonio meet people with escape room

The doors lock. The time starts. Do you have what it takes to escape the room? Step into another world where it’s up to you to get out of a collapsing mine shaft, battle zombies, or defeat a pirate. Once you’re inside, you will race against the clock as you and up to nine others try to escape the room in 60 minutes or less. Working side by side with someone to solve clues is a unique way to meet potential friends!

5. Local Flavor, Shops and Entertainment

Pearl, located north of downtown San Antonio, provides a unique experience as a top culinary and cultural destination. This huge space features retail, dining, picturesque green spaces, paseos riverside amphitheater, and the third campus of The Culinary Institute of America. You can shop produce, meat, eggs, baked goods, locally produced cheeses, olive oils, and a diverse selection of prepared foods and treats at the weekly Pearl Farmers Market. If you have a specific interest, look for its regular author events and acro yoga classes!

6. Get Ready to Howl

meet people at howl at the moon san antonio

Howl at the Moon is the #1 nightlife spot that’s keeping Riverwalk dancing! Part bar and part concert, Howl at the Moon’s energetic and interactive setting creates the perfect atmosphere to meet new people. It’s the most fun you’ll have dancing and singing in San Antonio.

7. Test Your Agility and Balance

Like a physical challenge with other active people? On this amazing Canopy Explorer Course, test your balance on a four-story obstacle course. You have up to 30 minutes to grapple your way to the top of a 60-foot, four-tier adventure course. Test your agility, balance and strength on 47 fascinating obstacles.

8. Dance & Rhythm with Historic Roots

When it comes to a workout, few disciplines are as interesting, diverse, and celebrated as the ancient method known as Brazilian Capoeira. This beautiful mix of dance, martial arts, music, and acrobatics perfectly designed to target all areas of the human physique. Make new friends as you improve your health, increase your flexibility, reduce stress, learn a new culture and, most of all, have fun!

9. Help Make a Difference

meet people in san antonio by volunteering-min

The City of San Antonio is a great place to volunteer! There are opportunities for residents to get involved in myriad activities that enhance the community. There’s something for everyone, including animal services, the library, historic preservation, parks and recreation, senior services and more. Volunteering is the number one way to meet people in San Antonio and make lasting friendships.

10. Try Your Hand at Poker

The SA Card House is a private social club that provides a clean and fun environment to play different poker games. Try it out with a daily membership fee… it’s open 7 days a week! Meet new friends and bring home some extra dough at a cash tournament!

11. Check Out The Pearl District

The Pearl District is a wide cultural hub and is one of the most popular destinations in San Antonio. With many dining and shopping locations, you won’t run out of places to go in Pearl District. You can dine and drink to live music or you can visit a book shop for a little reading. A lot of people visit this place so you’ll have a lot of opportunity to meet new people.

12. First Fridays

On the Southtown of San Antonio, there’s an amazing happening to occurs every first Friday of every month. The First Fridays is a monthly festival where people gather to drink, eat, listen to live music, and even bask at art and cultural exhibits. It’s an amazing and lively atmosphere so people are fired up to socialize. You will be too.

In conclusion, you need to know that your friendship skills and your social skills, depend on your willingness to act, practice, and try again. If you want a head start, check out my training on how to improve your social skills and start making friends. You can also just read my eBook if you prefer reading material.

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