In this article, we’re exploring the best ways to meet people in Pittsburgh and make some new friends. The key here is to go where other people also expect to meet new friends. If you try at least one idea from this article and go out to find friends, then this has been a success. Read below and… happy socializing!

Welcome to “Steel City” as Pittsburgh is affectionately referred to by its locals. If you have decided to make Pittsburgh home you will enjoy the lively atmosphere, warm and friendly folks, incredible cuisine, and art and culture of this thriving metropolis. A city with a long and illustrious history, meeting and making friends will come naturally.

This is courtesy of the plethora of activities, sports events, musical performances, theatre and other public events hosted in town. You can make your search for friends an even easier task by checking out the numerous meetup groups in the city. These groups are theme or interest-based so all you need is to find one or more you are in sync with and you are good to go!

How & Where To Make Friends and Meet People In Pittsburgh

1. Check out the top meetup groups

For more info about other meetup groups check out

2. Explore the singles scene

Joining Singles Club In Pittsburgh Is A Proved Way Of Getting New Friends

Becoming part of a singles club does not necessarily entail looking for a romantic partner, although if you are on the lookout for one this could definitely help. There are plenty of singles in the city who are looking to meet people and make new friends. If you have recently moved to Pittsburgh, this is the perfect platform to find new pals in town. As many of the members are themselves, newcomers, looking to increase their social circle you will find similar company. From pub crawls to speed dating there are plenty of events organized so you can expect to have a very active and fulfilling social life.

3. Meet people in Pittsburgh by networking

Joining Professional Group Networks Can Be A Great Way Of Making Friends In Pittsburgh

As a young professional in a new city, it is vital to be part of the professional networking scene. When you become a member of such a group you get to meet other professionals from different industries and also many from a similar profession as you. You get to learn a great deal, share and exchange tips and knowledge and forge personal relationships.  A great way to connect with and make friends in Pittsburgh!

4. Be part of a chilled out running group

Join With Chilled Running Group Is A Way Of Meet New People In Pittsburgh

If you want to enjoy the camaraderie of a running club with a difference, you must join the gang at Running For Brews in town. Fancy enjoying a long run and getting rewarded with some of the finest craft beer at the end of the run! If it sounds like fun it sure as hell is, and definitely not an opportunity to pass if you enjoy staying fit and have a love for craft beer as well. You get to become part of themed events, charity runs etc. all of which help to meet people in Pittsburgh and fraternize with like-minded souls as well!

5. Enjoy the thrill of an outdoor lifestyle

Get Involved In Outdoor Lifestyle Activities And Meet New People In Pittsburgh

The city is perfectly suited for those with a sense of adventure and a love for the outdoors. The best way to experience the best of nature and the wilderness in town is to enroll with an outdoor club. From camping under the stars to setting off on fishing trips, there is no shortage of activities to choose from. With camping extremely popular among the residents, you get an opportunity to meet and make new friends in Pittsburgh while doing something truly enjoyable.

6. Jazz up your life

Jazz Music Club Is A Great Place To Meet New People In Pittsburgh

What better way to connect and make friends when new to an area then by becoming part of a music club. Jazz is firmly entrenched in the hearts and minds of the residents. If you enjoy this genre of music, make the most of it and join a jazz club. It is never too late to start to learn something new so if you have harbored a desire to learn, hookup with the Jazz Workshop Incorporated, one of the best places to learn. You will revel in the company of other jazz lovers and learn from the very best of jazz exponents.

7. Break the ice with a Lock & Key Event

In Pittsburgh Lock And Key Event Is A Great Way Of Making New Friends

One of the coolest events dubbed as the ultimate ice-breaker is participating in a Lock & Key Event. If you are looking to meet people in Pittsburgh and wondering how to go about it, this is the way to go. An interactive and exciting way to schmooze with some very cool people in town, it will open up a whole new world of exciting possibilities. A great way to unwind on the weekend, sip cocktails and socialize with interesting groups of people.

Meet People In Pittsburgh… And Everywhere Else

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See you there!

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