How To Meet People In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Let’s explore a few ideas on how and where to meet people in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It’s a great city for meeting new people and making friends, thanks to the diversity it has in terms of activities.

If you have recently moved to Philadelphia or “Philly” as fondly referred to, the city is an amazing place to connect with new friends. The City of Brotherly Love has the glamour of any cosmopolitan US city while retaining its own small-town ambiance and charm. The residents of the city are amiable and outgoing, something which helps to adjust to new surroundings and in the process fosters new relationships.

Like any major city or town in the US, Philadelphia has a very active social and cultural scene with plenty of meetup groups across town. This makes it convenient to hook up with people who share similar interests and hobbies.

How & Where To Meet People In Philadelphia, PA, and start making friends

1. A few of the top meetup groups in Philly are:

If you want some more meetup options:

Social Groups & Clubs You Can Join:

  • Fitler Club: The Fitler Club marries world-class ameneties from dining to social events and business meetings. It’s the perfect place for socially conscious individuals to mingle.
  • Pyramid Club: Whether you want to experience next-level networking or simply socialzing while overlooking a breathtaking view of the city, the Pyramid can be a suitable home for you.
  • Racquet Club: On top of offering world-class racquet, this club also hosts events that are prime for building new relationships with forward-thinking Philadelphians.
  • NextDoor Philadelphia: A local social platform that brings together the residents of Philadelphia to discuss community matters, participate in local events, and create lasting neighborhood connections.
  • Internations Philadelphia: In Philadelphia, this platform provides a unique opportunity for locals to meet expats, exchange cultural insights, and partake in a variety of social and informative events.
  • Ellevate Philadelphia: Provides a supportive environment in Philadelphia for women to advance their careers, learn from industry leaders, and gain access to valuable resources.
  • Rotary Club of Philadelphia: In Philadelphia, this club brings together influential leaders and professionals to collaborate on impactful service projects, both locally and globally, enhancing community welfare.
  • Lions Club Philadelphia: In Philadelphia, this club is a beacon for community service, bringing together compassionate individuals committed to making a tangible impact in their local area and beyond.
  • Philadelphia Elks Lodge: In Philadelphia, the Elks Lodge is recognized for its charitable work and family-oriented environment, aligned with ethical and national values.
  • LeTip of Philadelphia: A dynamic business community in Philadelphia where members collaborate to support each other’s growth through qualified lead exchange and networking opportunities.
  • BNI Philadelphia: A genuine business networking organization in Philadelphia where professionals can join to build strong, referral-based relationships and expand their business network.

2. Get into Saturday Night Fever mode

meet new people at Lindy and Blues in philly

One of the easiest ways to mix with new people and break the ice is to be a part of a dance class. Dance clubs are popular meet-up spots in town and Lindy & Blues is one such place. Whether you are a novice to dancing or already a pro, this is a great place to show your dance moves. There are a variety of dance styles ranging from swing to ballroom with regular dance workshops for beginners, through most of the week. So put on your dancing shoes, step on the dance floor, have a lot of fun, and meet cool new people along the way.

3. Enjoy hiking with a meetup group outdoors

make friends while hiking in philadelphia Pennsylvania

The outdoors are popular with Philadelphians with plenty of clubs and groups dedicated to outdoor activities. If you are someone who has a passion for nature a fantastic way to make the introduction of other nature lovers is to become a part of their club or group. Spending time exploring hiking in the amazing outdoor trails of the city, offers a fabulous way to click with people with similar interests and build relationships.

4. Take a spooky Philly tour

meet new friends at the Ghost Tour of Philadelphia PA

The city like any other historic place in the US has plenty of history. This includes some awesome spooky places too. If you like stomping around haunted sites join one of the haunted tours of the city. These tours attract a lot of locals as well as visitors, who want to explore the creepier areas in town. Join up with others with a similar interest in visiting these mysterious places, have a lot of fun, and get to socialize with group members as well.

5. Drop in at a pop-up food market

help stop hunger while meeting new people in philly

Philly has a love affair with food. This is evident with the diverse culinary options the city has to offer. The locals love sampling new food whether at cafes, restaurants, or food markets such as the Reading Terminal Market. It’s a good place to bump into them and share experiences. Keep an eye out for the latest pop-up food markets in selected neighborhoods and you can make new friends and savor the delicacies on offer. Another terrific way to socialize and practice your social skills in town!

6. Spend an evening at a concert

meet music lovers at the world cafe live in Philadelphia

If you are a music buff, there are plenty of great concerts held across town. These are a perfect opportunity to meet people in Philadelphia, and mingle with other music lovers, and spend a wonderful evening. There are concerts catering to a wide variety of genres ranging from Rock to English Classical. There even are midday concerts in town on Fridays at the World Live Cafe, with some of the top acts performing. These are a major draw with music lovers from across town and afar. As they sell out quickly, book your tickets online in advance. Make it a memorable experience with great music and mixing with other music lovers in the process.

7. Visit Big Blue Marble Bookstore


Another way to meet people in Philadelphia is the great bookshops. They’re great places to make new friends who share a love for books. These offer a platform to interact and exchange literary views and opinions. One such place to unite with bibliophiles is the Big Blue Marble bookstore. Apart from selling books, the management strives to bring the literary community together. With book clubs, poetry readings, and a host of other group activities you might bump into some very interesting company.

8. Relax in a prohibition-era speakeasy


If you fancy a tipple and want to meet new people in town in a posh setting, 1 Tipping Place is the venue. A big hit with locals it has a laid-back atmosphere with comfortable lounges to relax, drink, and socialize. The drinks menu includes a fine blend of cocktails, ranging from seasonal to cocktails. Enjoy the plush ambiance while striking up friendships with other visitors and experience the atmosphere of a true speakeasy.

9. Saddle up at an equestrian farm

If you have a love for horses, a visit to Chamounix Equestrian Centre is a must. A popular haunt for other horse lovers in town, the center offers both private and group lessons for beginners. It is an equestrian center with a difference though as you get hands-on experience of feeding and even cleaning the stalls. You will have plenty of company with other horse lovers to interact with and even try some polo lessons at the center. Saddle up and enjoy the experience with other members of the group!

10. Join a Fitness Social Group

November Project Philadelphia

If you’re a fitness fanatic you might agree that doing it alone can be exhausting! At times, you might even feel like giving up on your goals. So, why not do it as a group? Yes, you can join a Philadelphia social group to spice up the fitness experience. It is one way to get some solidarity on a fitness journey and help you stay resilient.

Feel free to engage in diverse conversations to break the ice and create valuable friendships. This can help cement your newfound friendships. You might even build social circles that will come in handy when you need them. Try joining a Philadelphia Fitness Social Group for workouts done at around 6 a.m. once or twice a week. You will love the experience and solidarity of being in a fitness social group.

Make Friends In Philly & Everywhere You Go

These ideas can get you started. But if you want to take your social life to the next level, I suggest you check out my training today.

In it, I’ll share with you the most effective strategies to overcome social hesitation, make conversations with anyone, and make friends with the right people.

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