In this article, we’d like to share with you a list of places to meet people in Los Angeles. We’ll be updating it soon, so we can give you the best local ideas and hints on how to make friends in L.A. We hope that this will inspire you to try at least one idea and find some new friends in Los Angeles.

If you have recently relocated to Los Angeles you can be sure to rejuvenate your social life with plenty of new friends. The ‘City of Angels’ and home to the ‘Bold and the Beautiful’ offers countless opportunities to develop your social skills, through a plethora of activities. You are lucky to live in Los Angeles, barring the traffic of course, because it is among the most cosmopolitan cities in the US and definitely out of the more vibrant and friendly.

Here A Few Ways To Meet People In Los Angeles and Make Friends

1. Some of the ways you could get to meet and bond with some great groups

More great groups to interact with are:

2. Get social with a sports club

Join Yacht Clubs In Los Angeles And Make New Friends

If you are into sports then what better way to fraternize with a whole bunch of fellow sports lovers than joining a sports club. The Yacht Club in town is a great place to enjoy some great moments in a team sport, with other locals as company. In addition, the club works within the community for the under-resourced youth in the neighborhood.

While connecting through dodgeball, the club hosts a variety of meetups and social gatherings. This gives you an opportunity to fraternize with other club members and even getting to make new friends. You may even get an opportunity to mentor some of the younger members, which would be a great experience. A win-win for all!

3. Be part of a community initiative while having a blast

Take Part In Cleaning Ocean Bay Activities In Los Angeles And Make New Friends

There is a certain feel-good factor to be part of a community social initiative or drive in the neighborhood. The benefits are twofold you get to improve your networking skills whilst getting an opportunity to meet and socialize with other active residents of your city. One such organization is ‘Heal the Bay’ which is doing outstanding service to protect our beaches’ heritage and the ecology of the coastline. Become a part of the many fabulous events they organize including exciting beach bashes, all of which provide a platform to make a great set of new friends.

4. Get on your dancing shoes

Attend Dance Clubs In Los Angeles And Meet New Folks

Music and dance are a combination guaranteed to get you plenty of opportunities to meet and make new friends. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced dancer, the hottest new dance trend keenly followed by fellow Angelinos is swing dance. Get into the groove with, put on your swag and learn the collegiate shag, while honing both your dance and social skills!

5. Get fit and friendly together

Join With Running Groups In Los Angeles And Make New Friends

Sounds good doesn’t it! Whether you are an avid runner or just prefer a brisk walk, there are running clubs in LA, offering plenty of opportunities to do just that. Running along the beachfront is an invigorating experience and when you have company it doubles the fun. The LA Running Club offers fitness enthusiasts of all levels opportunities to network and socialize with other locals. With beachside events, track workouts, social events etc. you always will get to mingle with people who share a common interest.

6. Learn a new subject with new people

Learn A New Subject With New People In Los Angeles And Make Friendship

The quest for knowledge never ends and we can never be too old or too busy to learn something new! And when you do it with a group of people with similar interests and objectives it can be a whole lot of fun. The Plato Society in Los Angeles is where people of different age groups come together to learn, discuss and share knowledge. Become a member to learn a new subject that interests you, while enjoying the distinguished company of some very bright and friendly people.

7. Join a self-improvement class

Joining In A Self Improvement Class Is A Good Way To Make New Friends In Los Angeles

None of us is perfect as much as some like to try and believe! There always are areas where we can modify and improve ourselves while making new friends in the process. Improv for the People is one such platform that offers people from all walks of life to learn to adapt, become more innovative, improve our communication and teamwork skills and grow as an individual. Who said that studying improvisation was solely for those in the acting profession!

8. Hone your culinary skills and win over people

Attend Cooking Classes In Los Angeles And Make New Friends

Cooking is just like any other art form with some having an innate talent for churning out the finest dishes, effortlessly. While other lesser mortals might find it akin to a Herculean challenge! If you are a pro at cooking or someone who struggles to rustle up a decent meal, relax help is at hand! The folks at Hip Cooks teach you all you need to know to polish your cooking abilities. Even if you are a terrific cook there always is something new and exciting to learn. With plenty of locals attending you will get a chance to share cooking ideas and recipes while making friends with other cooking enthusiasts.

9. Give stand-up-comedy a shot

Show Your Stand Up Comedy Skill And Make New Friends In Los Angeles

Having a natural comic talent helps to make friends. While not every one of us can be a Whoopi Goldberg or Robin Williams, you never know where your forte lies until you make an attempt! LA Stand-Ups offers comedy classes for everyone, including those who do not have a sense of humor! Go ahead and give it shot, you get to have a whole lot of fun, have your funny bone tickled and what the heck might even become a born-again comedian!

Best Way To Meet People In Los Angeles? Boost Your Social Skills

In a city like LA, you can easily get overwhelmed by the number of choices for where to go to make new friends. But you can spend much less time searching and trying by improving your social skills. Your social skills allow you to quickly access a social life where you spend time enjoying your time with good friends, instead of looking for friends.

To get a new boost for your social skills, and use the latest making friends techniques, we suggest that you check out our social skills trainings and start learning today.

See you there!

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