You need to know how to meet people in London for one simple reason: London absolutely rocks! There are just no two ways about it! Samuel Johnson summarised it beautifully when he said: “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford”. With a description like that, you are bound to feel the same way if you have recently moved to London.

The social scene in London is simply electric! The most cosmopolitan city in Britain, cultural diversity is what makes the city so magical a place to work and live. If you are wondering where to meet people in London, you will find the options overwhelming. Making friends in London will be easy as Londoners are friendly and open-minded. Two essential features that make it easy to connect with new people!

Best Ways To Meet People in London and Make Some New Friends

1. Interact with some of the coolest meetup groups

2. Meet people in London at a Rabble game

Meet People In London At A Rabble Game

If you want to try something new London offers plenty of new things to do! Rabble has taken London by storm with a good number of Londoners actively engaged in rabble. The term rabble refers to 60 minutes of team games. Every game involves disguised high-intensity workouts within it. The games vary and cover key areas of fitness like speed, coordination, agility, strength, endurance etc. Enjoy the camaraderie of a team sport, the company of fellow sports enthusiasts and become part of a social community. At the end of each session head off the nearest watering hole for a tipple with the mates. Rabble helps to make friends in London a breeze!

3. Get fit with Project Awesome

Get Fit With Project Awesome In London And Make New Friends

Want to stay fit and active in London? Forget the gym come and be part of Project Awesome? No hassle of signing just show up in the morning at 6:25 am at the venue. Be part of the London Tribe that gives a whole new meaning to fitness. You don’t pay a penny and be part of an awesome group of fitness conscious blokes in London. If you were wondering where to meet and make friends in London, Project Awesome is the answer!

4. Get hands-on in the city

Join With Helping Communities In London And Make New Friends

London is all about community spirit and as a local, you will have the same rub off on you. Be part of Hands On in London a non-profit group that serves the community and works in coordination with various charities across the city Volunteer and be part of growing community of Londoners who share their time and experience in helping the less fortunate sections of the city. Sharing the same objective with other volunteers will help to build some wonderful lasting friendships in the city.

5. Meet people in London through City Socializer

Meet People In London Through City Socializer

When you join City Socializer you get to meet complete strangers and by the end of the evening end up gaining a new set of friends. If it sounds unbelievable, it is not! London is growing as a city with larger numbers of people moving to live and work in the city. When people are new to a city, there is an initial hesitation to mix with new people. City Socializer is the perfect icebreaker and helps people from all walks of life and backgrounds to come together, bond and socialize. You cannot find an easier way to make a whole new bunch of friends in London.

6. Thinking Bob helps new people to connect

Thinking Bob Helps New People To Connect In London

Get your thinking cap on and become a member of Thinking Bob, where minds meet and you get an introduction to new people at social and fun events across London. The concept behind Thinking Bob is simple – adults struggle to meet and make friends with new people. Meeting Bob gives you an opportunity to be part of a carefully selected list of social events, where people relax and socialize in a warm and friendly atmosphere. With plenty of group activities like treasure hunts, escape rooms, pub quiz nights etc.  interaction becomes easy and any preconceived inhibitions vanish.

7. Make friends at an improv workshop

Make Friends At An Improv Workshop In London And Make New Friends

Are you shy, lack confidence and want to improve your social skills? The Hoopla Improv Classes will help you grow and develop in confidence. By the end of the course, you will see remarkable growth in your social life. Improv classes and workshops help people overcome any pre-existing inhibitions. A warm and supportive atmosphere combined with training from some of the best tutors offers members an opportunity to learn through fun activities and games. By the end of the course, you will be socially comfortable and confident to connect with people, easily.

Make Friends In London and Everywhere Else

We need to make an effort to personally socialize now more than ever. Technology is rapidly evolving and while it can be of benefit to us as a whole, people spend more time looking at their phones rather than looking at each other.

Going to bars, parks, coffee shops, and other places to meet people is something we shouldn’t disregard. You should cherish moments like these and in order to make the most out of them, you need to equip yourself with the right set of social skills.

Improve your social skills today to effectively make friends in London, or everywhere else for that matter.

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