How To Meet People in Leicester, UK

If you are looking to meet people in Leicester, there will plenty of opportunities to meet, connect, and build friendships with them in the city.

Leicester is located in the East Midlands is a city of historical significance and medieval heritage. With an abundance of natural beauty, tranquil surroundings, and a relaxed pace of life, Leicester is a wonderful place to call home.

Football is a passion among locals. They even have their local football team called the Leicester City F.C. The city is also a cultural hub with plenty of theatre, music, and comedy shows held all through the year. These provide a lot of opportunities to interact with locals and gain new friends.

Best Ways To Meet People in Leicester and Make Some New Friends

1. Try the local meetup groups

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Social Groups & Clubs You Can Join:

  • Regent Sports & Social Club: Whether you want a place to play snooker, darts, or simply want to have out in a relaxing area where you can drink with friends and other members, this club can provide the perfect environment for you.
  • Round Table Leicester: Offers men between 18 and 40 in Leicester a chance to join an organization that combines fun, service, and networking in a supportive environment.
  • 41 Club Leicester: A social club in Leicester for men over 41, primarily those who have graduated from Round Table, offering a space to continue friendships, community service, and active social engagement.
  • Rotary Club of Leicester: This social club in Leicester is for influential community members to engage in meaningful service, exchange ideas, and contribute to the betterment of society.
  • Lions Club Leicester: A prominent social group in Leicester known for its commitment to social welfare, providing a space for members to contribute positively to society through various service initiatives.
  • Leicester Elks Lodge: Offers families in Leicester a place to engage in community service and enjoy social events, emphasizing moral and patriotic principles.
  • BNI Leicester: In Leicester, joining BNI means becoming part of a diverse business community, dedicated to the principle of ‘Givers Gain,’ where members actively support and refer each other.

2. Become a member of an environment group

Become A Member Of An Environment Group And Make Friends In Leicester

If you are passionate about protecting the environment, joining an environment group will help to connect with others in the city having the same passion. Leicester Friends of the Earth is one such group. Some of the areas covered by the group are climate change, sustainable transport, biodiversity, among others.

They work at the local and national level and offer a platform to facilitate change at the grassroots level. If you want to be around people who care about the planet as much as you, then you should join this community.

3. Meet people in Leicester by joining a walking group

Become A Member Of A Walking Group In Leicester And Meet New Friends

Joining the Leicestershire and Rutland Walking Group offers an opportunity to socialize while walking. They are an active community of walkers and are a friendly lot of members. This group caters to all types of fitness levels and different age groups.

They work towards protecting walking trails and promoting walking to lead a healthier life. Aside from getting to explore new locations, you can also make plenty of friends among friendly group members by joining.

4. Make Friends at the Leicestershire YFC

Make Friends At The Leicestershire Yfc

You do not necessarily have to be a farmer to be part of the Leicestershire Young Farmers Club. All you need is to have a love for the countryside and a sense of adventure. It offers young people a fantastic opportunity to learn about rustic country life, socialize, and even make lifelong friends. Pick up a few new skills, and if you an entrepreneur, it may even open up a wide world of business opportunities.

5. Hone your literary skills

Hone Your Literary Skills And Make Friends In Leicester

Do you have a literary bend? Do you enjoy writing in your free time? If your answer to both is yes, then being part of a writer’s group is perfect for you. Leicester Writes is where young and experienced writers come together with regular writers meetups. They also host literary events regularly.

Get to connect with like-minded people with a passion for writing. Get inspired to write more, and then make new writer friends in the group.

6. Give speed dating a try

Try Speed Dating In Leicester And Make Friends

If you are looking for a partner, you could give speed dating a try! It is very popular and a great way to meet plenty of new prospective new partners.

The objective of speed dating is to meet multiple prospective partners and have a brief conversation. If the chemistry clicks, then cool! You could look forward to a long-term relationship. In the process of speed dating, you could also pick up some new friends if a relationship isn’t viable.

7. Meet people in Leicester as part of a biking group

Join With A Biking Group In Leicester And Make New Friends

Biking is a fun way to stay fit. Joining a club makes it a much more sociable experience. The Leicestershire Road Club offers an opportunity to connect with members of the biking community.

Through biking trips and related events hosted across the city, you’ll get to explore the excellent biking trails across Leicester and the countryside. On top of that, you’ll enjoy the companionship of fellow bikers in the city. You can have fun with biking and make friends in the process.

8. Learn the benefits of becoming a vegetarian

Learn The Benefits Of Becoming A Vegetarian And Meet New Folks

Vegetarianism and veganism are two of the fastest-growing diet lifestyles around. While both involve the use of vegetables as the primary source of nutrition, the main difference is that vegans abstain from dairy products and milk as well. If you are planning a dietary switch, you can join the Leicestershire Vegetarian and Vegan Group to know about the overall benefits of both diets. Joining will offer an opportunity to mingle with members of the group and make new friends.

9. Join a photography workshop

Join A Photography Workshop In Leicester And Make New Friends

Leicester has some wonderful picture-perfect locations for photographers. If you enjoy the art of photography and want to connect with others with the same interest, The Leicester & Leicestershire Photographic Society would be the place to join.

They have a busy events calendar, including weekly meetings where members get together and share their knowledge. A great place to meet up and bond with like-minded people!

Make Friends In Leicester and Everywhere Else

There are so many things you can do in Leicester. It will be so much better to do those things in the company of friends, don’t you think? Remember these tips on where and what to do to meet people in Leicester.

Once you’ve got that noted you should also take the time to learn how to socialize altogether. You can learn that and more by reading my eBook here.

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