If you’d like to meet people in Glendale, The antique capital of Arizona, then this article is for you. Glendale is an area with a mix of cultures ranging from Native American to Latin American. This diversity finding friends in Glendale, easier than you can imagine. You just need to be in the right place at the right time. Hopefully, this page can help with that.

The Downtown District is rich in history and one of the best places to visit to meet new people in town. With plenty of festivals, music performances, theatre and an array of public entertainment venues, there will be a wealth of opportunities to meet and befriend people in town. The great thing about Glendale is it residents are of a warm and friendly disposition, which makes it easy to get chatting to people you have met for the first time.

Where & How To Meet People In Glendale, and Make New Friends

1. A good starting point to make friends is the meetup community

Looking for more groups check out https://www.meetup.com/cities/us/az/glendale/

2. Train in martial arts and meet people in Glendale

Get Train In Martial Arts In Glendale And Meet New Friends

If you enjoy competitive sports give martial arts a shot! Not only will it help you to stay active and agile but also is a useful form of self-defense. People of all ages can learn the sport with expert martial arts teachers to help you through the process. Inspiration Martial Arts is one such venue in town where you can get trained in Karate or Taekwondo in ideal conditions.

Whether you want to become competitive and participate in tournaments, or just learn it for recreation you get to meet new people, make friends and overcome challenges. Martial arts discipline the mind and body and are perfect for contact sports lovers to learn.

3. Enjoy hiking in Glendale’s marvelous outdoors

Go For Hiking With Others In Glendale And Make Friends

Glendale is home to some wonderful hiking trails in its surroundings. These are popular with hikers and nature lovers with a wide choice of outdoor activities to enjoy with a group of people. The Glendale Hiking Club conducts organized hikes and offers a wonderful opportunity to socialize with others who share a passion for the great outdoors.

Besides hiking within Glendale’s surrounding areas there are trips to other spots in Arizona as well other states. Hikes are mostly conducted on the weekends. So join the group and enjoy the thrill of exploring the outdoors in your area.

4. Meet people in Glendale via the YMCA

Meet People In Glendale Via The Ymca In Glendale And Make Friends

The YMCA is town is a very active group that serves the community through a series of programs. They’re organized all through the year. As an active member of the group, you will have a chance to do something close to your heart though serving the community and get a chance to meet and make friends in Glendale. When you connect with people who share the same passion as you bonding becomes easier and making new friendships comes naturally.

5. Develop an appreciation of art

Join Art Classes In Glendale And Make Friends

Age is never a factor to develop an appreciation for the various forms of art that exist. If you have a passion for art and want to indulge yourself and get trained on the finer nuances of art joining an art class would be a great idea. WHAM organizes art classes and camps for people of all age groups and provides a platform for art lovers to get together, learn, share views and socialize at the many events held across the year. It will hone your artistic senses and help to make friends in Glendale.

6. Dance helps to build friendships

Join Dance Clubs In Glendale And Make New Friends

If you want to be socially active and make a lot of friends in town, you have to take up dancing. Dancing is among the most effective ways to build friendships and break the ice with people you are meeting for the first time. Purely Dance is the place to enroll to learn a variety of dance styles.

Even if you are an experienced dancer or just a beginner, you will have people to train and hone your dancing skills. Try their free trial class to get a feel of the dance styles. Once you attend you will definitely be keen to sign up!

7. Meet people in Glendale at a writer’s workshop

Join Writer's Workshops In Glendale And Meet New Folks

Do you have a passion for writing but have never had an opportunity to explore your interest? If yes, you could become part of the community of writers in town. Glendale has an active community of writers with various workshops and classes conducted all through the year.

The benefits of attending these are manifold, as you get an outlet to express your literary creativity, learn from professional writers and get to mingle with others writers in the area. Sharing a common passion for writing will make it easy to connect and make many new friends.

Find Friends In Glendale By Improving Your Social Skills

Let’s be honest, you don’t want to find just any friends. You want people who can be a good fit, and those who can understand you. To do that, your social skills determine whether or not you have a social life that makes you happier.

After many years of experience, trial and error, and learning from the best, Paul Sanders shares with you an effective methodology for making friends and improving your social skills.

Be sure to check it out to learn more.

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