In this article, we try to examine a few ideas where you can meet people in Glasgow and make new friends. Glasgow is famous for being home to Britain’s best curry and having received the title of ‘friendliest city in the world. We have no doubt it’ll be fun to go out and find friends in Glasgow.

Glasgow is West Scotland is historic and cosmopolitan making it a good place to call home. This makes it self-evident that making friends in the city should not be much of a challenge. The key to making friends is compatibility and finding people with similar interests and hobbies.

Let’s Explore How To Meet People In Glasgow & Make New Friends

1. Cool meetup groups to connect with

It is always a good idea to start with the popular meetup groups when looking for friends in a new city.

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2. Become part of a young professionals network

Meet Young Professionals In Glasgow And Make New Friends

If you want to hook up with other young professionals in the city, Glasgow Young Professionals is where you get to meet and interact with people from similar backgrounds in the city. Perfect if you want to connect with people from the same industry and improve your networking skills.  With events hosted on a regular basis, you get an introduction to people with similar backgrounds and interests, so making friends becomes easy.

3. Meet people in Glasgow via the Youth Scotland Program

Meet People In Glasgow Via The Youth Scotland Program

Do you enjoy being active in community service and helping others? The Youth Scotland Program offers an opportunity to volunteer and help the youth of the community achieve their potential. Mentoring young people is a fulfilling experience and knowing you can make a positive change in lives is a joy in itself. You will also enjoy the companionship of other volunteers with a common desire to help the community’s youth progress.

4. Make friends in Glasgow with Road Runners

Make Friends In Glasgow With Road Runners

If you enjoy running and want to meet a community of other runners in Glasgow, the West End Road Runners Club would be a perfect choice. There are runners of all ages and stages so you will feel right at home. There are plenty of running events and activities organized all through the year, so you get to be socially active and meet plenty of new people. This would make it easy to find new friends in town.

5. Meet new people at the Raeburn Supper Club

Meet New People At The Raeburn Supper Club And Make New Friends

Meeting people in town becomes easy when you are a part of the Raeburn Supper Club. A socialising club for singles it is open for membership for single women and men of all ages. While they are not a dating site, they offer an eclectic choice of activities at some of the top venues in the city.

There are members from all over Glasgow and beyond, with events centred in the city. Wine and dine and make friends in Glasgow. A cool place to connect with like-minded folks at events like dinners, weekends away, wine pairings etc!

6. Learn the Tango

Learn Tango Dance In Glasgow And Make Friends

If you want to impress your friends and even possibly make new friends learn the Tango at the Glasgow Tango Studio. Local tango experts Sari Lievonen and Jeff Daniels tutor beginners in this intricate and sophisticated dance form of Argentina. Stylish and suave, learning the Tango can have a very positive impact on your social life. Not only will your new found dancing skills impress your friends, it will attract a legion of admirers wanting to be buddies as well.

7. Find new friends at the Glasgow Botanic Gardens

Find New Friends At The Glasgow Botanic Gardens

Finding and meeting new people involves visiting public places and venues where people also looking to make friends, visit to connect and socialize. The Glasgow Botanic Gardens are popular both visit locals and visitors to the city. Enjoy the amazing natural beauty of the gardens, and bump into new people in town as well. The Gardens organize walks, workshops and activities where you meet people in Glasgow. On weekends and holidays visit the gardens to find new friends.

8. Be part of an environmental conservation club

Join With Natural Conservation Groups In Glasgow And Make New Friends

Saving our environment is a priority, especially for our future generations to enjoy the natural beauty of the planet. If you are passionate about the ecology and environment come and be part of Young Friends of the Earth, Scotland. A young group working at the grassroots level for social and environmental causes, it welcomes members to get involved. You get to contribute to the conservation of the environment and an opportunity to socialize with like-minded individuals.

Meet People In Glasgow… And Everywhere Else

In Glasgow or elsewhere, your social life depends on the level of your social skills. What’s more, the better your social skills, the less time you’ll spend meeting new people, and the more time you’ll spend enjoying the company of great friends.

This is why it’s always a great investment to improve your social skills. It saves you time, and makes building your a great social life much easier.

To get started, we recommend that you read the Get The Friends You Want eBook, and access the fun and interesting social life you used to dream of.

Get started today!

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