If you’d like to meet people in Des Moines, this article is for you. The key to meeting new people and finding friends in Des Moines is all about knowing what type of context makes it work. Be in the right place at the right time and you’re halfway there.

This is why we prepared this article for you and we hope you’re going to try at least one of these places for meeting people.

The capital of the flyover state is a nice place to work and live. Quiet neighborhoods are home to Tudor and Colonial-style homes, while the suburbs are where all the action lies. Des Moines is famous for its welcoming friendly residents, so those who have recently moved to the city will feel right at home.

The downtown area is where all the festivals and cultural events take place. Des Moines is becoming a popular destination for the millennial generation to work and live. This combined with the lively social scene will make it easy to meet and form friendships in the city.

Great Ways To Make Friends & Meet People In Des Moines

1. Check out the meetup communities

Find more groups here https://www.meetup.com/cities/us/ia/des_moines/

2. Make friends at a social club

Join Social Clubs In Des Moines And Meet New Friends

If you enjoy socializing and meeting new people the Newcomers Compass Club in town is the perfect place to meet newcomers to the city. The club was set up for community members to enjoy a wide range of activities and social events, and increase the social circle of members. Those new in town get to learn about the history, culture and traditions of the city and state. A great way to break the ice and make friends in Des Moines!

3. Meet people in Des Moines at a Lock and Key event

Lock And Key Event Is A Great Way Of Making Friends In Des Moines

One of the hottest trends raging across cities and towns in the US is Lock & Key events. The concept is surprisingly simple with every woman given a lock and the men get a key each. The objective is to match the right key with the lock. Each time a lock and key combination match, the winner earns a ticket to participate in the mega-draw.

Along the way, you meet loads of people of the opposite sex and an opportunity to build some wonderful friendships. An icebreaker guaranteed to help you to make friends in Des Moines.

4. Its Just Lunch helps to meet people

Make Friends In Des Moines By Its Just Lunch Event

If you want to meet new people, maybe even find that someone special in town, then Its Just Lunch offers you just the platform. A confidential dating service with no online profile assures total privacy. Members’ profiles are first matched with those members sharing common interests and other relevant factors scrutinized.

At no stage are participants under pressure to make commitments, as these are introductory lunch dates with either party free to make their decision. Meet over lunch at a restaurant chosen by the team. Enjoy spending time together with someone new and if things click, who knows it may be the start of a wonderful relationship. Alternatively, both could choose to just remain friends!

5. Meet people in Des Moines with a passion for reading

By Going To Library You Can Make New Friends In Des Moines

If you enjoy reading and look forward to meeting people in town sharing the same passion for books, joining a library will go a long way to increase your existing social circle. Libraries are where you can meet and interact with fellow book lovers. Striking up a conversation with someone sharing a common interest is easy. Since you’ll have similar interests and well read, it could make for very engaging conversations. That could be the start of building new friendships in the city.

6. Join the Green Runners gang

Join With Runner Groups In Des Moines And Make Friends

Running with a difference is what Green Runners Club is all about. The members do not just run together on a weekly basis, they also clean any trash they might come across in their path. It is running with a purpose to raise awareness and make the city a greener and cleaner place to live.

Members meet at a pre-designated area, for a workout and then move on along the running trail to plan to cover on their run. Do your bit for the environment, stay healthy and build your social life in the process.

7. Get introduced to the sport of Curling

Curling Is A Good Way Of Making New Friends In Des Moines

Do you like learning new sports? If you want to try something different for a change, Curling would be a great recreational activity.  While it may look easy to play, it is a challenging sport that needs focus and practice to master. Learn from some of the best curling experts in Des Moines. Join the Des Moines Curling Club, learn the basics, make friends and have plenty of fun.

8. Serve the community as a volunteer

Do Volunteering In Des Moines And Meet New Friends

Another way to meet people in Des Moines is through volunteering. Give back to your neighborhood and the community by becoming a volunteer at a children’s charity Variety in Des Moines. Spend time with children motivate them and help them to improve the quality of their lives. You will feel good, meet other volunteers and get to make new friends in the city.

Find Friends In Des Moines By Improving Your Social Skills

Making friends is a special life skill that most of us need to re-learn. Why? Because we live in different times, with technology constantly distracting people from real life socializing. Also because making friends as an adult is very different from when you were a kid.

In order to learn modern social skills, that can lead you to have a great social life, while only investing a couple hours a week, we suggest that you read, the Get The Friends You Want eBook. In it, you’ll find what most people miss out on in terms of making friends and conversation techniques.

You can learn more about the book, here.

See you there!

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