How To Meet People In Colchester, England

This article is for everyone who is either moving in or visiting and wants to meet people in Colchester. Read on to learn more about how and where to do it.

The town of Colchester has an illustrious history as the former Roman capital of Britain. Now, it is the cultural capital of Essex making it an exciting place to live and work in the UK. Just 50 minutes by train to London, you could pop in and out daily if needed. There is plenty of wonderful countrysides to explore and enjoy outdoor activities. Plus with a fine selection of entertainment venues getting to meet people in Colchester will not be difficult. Making new friends here or anywhere means taking the first step to be open and friendly with the people you meet and would like to befriend.

How & Where To Meet People In Colchester, and start making friends

  1. Explore the main meetup groups

Find other groups at

Social Groups & Clubs You Can Join:

  • Belle Vue Social Club: The members of Belle Vue get to enjoy great food and drinks as they interact with each other in a quaint and warm environment. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people in the area.
  • Ladies Circle Colchester: A unique platform in Colchester for women to engage in local initiatives, enjoy social gatherings, and build a strong community network.
  • Round Table Colchester: Offers men between 18 and 40 in Colchester a chance to join an organization that combines fun, service, and networking in a supportive environment.
  • 41 Club Colchester: A social club in Colchester for men over 41, primarily those who have graduated from Round Table, offering a space to continue friendships, community service, and active social engagement.
  • Rotary Club of Colchester: This social club in Colchester is for influential community members to engage in meaningful service, exchange ideas, and contribute to the betterment of society.
  • Lions Club Colchester: A prominent social group in Colchester known for its commitment to social welfare, providing a space for members to contribute positively to society through various service initiatives.
  • Colchester Elks Lodge: Offers families in Colchester a place to engage in community service and enjoy social events, emphasizing moral and patriotic principles.
  • BNI Colchester: In Colchester, joining BNI means becoming part of a diverse business community, dedicated to the principle of ‘Givers Gain,’ where members actively support and refer each other.
  1. Meet people in Colchester at Ladies Circle

Meet people in Colchester at Ladies Circle

If as a young female student or professional you are looking to meet other ladies in town as part of a group, Ladies Circle would be ideal to join. A group of ladies in the age group of 18 – 45, you will have plenty of activities including sports to keep you busy on holidays and weekends. Get to have loads of fun, socialize and make exciting new friends in the area.

  1. Volunteer with YES

Volunteer with YES

Working as a volunteer provides an opportunity to help others in need of help and support. Colchester has a good number of social service institutions and groups helping to bring about change in the lives of people going through difficult times. This could be in the form or serving the elderly, veterans, the homeless of youth.

Pick a cause dear to your heart and help your community by working as a volunteer for a good cause. You will do doing some good and also get a chance to meet and make friends in Colchester.

  1. Learn Tai Chi

Learn Tai Chi

In our busy lives trying to maintain a work and life balance can be a challenge. One of the best ways to beat stress in our daily life is by taking up an activity that is great for the mind and body. The Colchester Tai Chi Centre offers Tai Chi classes for beginners interested in learning this ancient Chinese form wellbeing.

Tao Cho cultivates both the mind and body and releases any lingering stress, which can have a detrimental effect on our health. A gentle and easygoing form of exercise it has grown in popularity with a good number of practitioners in Colchester. Be part of a group of learners and make new friends among them.

  1. Try the art of chocolate making

Try the art of chocolate making

If you have a sweet tooth and a weakness for chocolates then learning to make fine chocolate would be an exciting experience.

The Chocolate Making Team Event at Funktion Events offers a variety of chocolate making courses to make the most tempting varieties of chocolates and cakes. The right tools, expert guidance, and knowledge of tempering are essential to produce a great batch of sweet treats. Also, get to mingle with other people and start to make friends.

  1. Join an art workshop

Join an art workshop

If you are the creative kind but not had an opportunity to explore this side of you, joining an art class would be ideal.  Age is just a number and one can always learn or pursue their passion at any age.

Having an outlet to explore your creativity will be emotionally satisfying as well as help you to connect with other art lovers. At an art workshop, there will be other members with whom you can interact and build some great friendships. Pursue your passion and make friends in the process.

  1. Be part of a Ramblers group

Be part of a Ramblers group

Colchester has plenty of stunning natural beauty and is a haven for nature lovers. If you are an outdoorsy type of person, exploring the scenic countryside would be something to look forward to. Colchester Ramblers is a community of ramblers that explore the many nature trails in and around the city.

Join the group and enjoy walks on the weekends and holidays. Connect with nature and with other members of the group and build some lasting friendships in town.

  1. Meet people in Colchester at a social club

Meet people in Colchester at a social club

If you are want to make new friends in Colchester or anywhere else, joining a social club is your best bet to meet new people. The Colchester Belle Vue Social Club hosts various activities for its members all through the year. Join the club and enjoy meeting people, socializing and fostering new friendships.

Make Friends In Colchester and Everywhere Else

Explore your opportunities and participate in the ones that are perfect for you. Making friends can be easy if it’s done right.

Once you know where to go and what to do, assess if your social skills are right on cue as well. If you feel like it can be improved, and it always better to just improve upon it anyway, study how to improve your social skills.

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