Here, we are going to explore where and how to meet people in Charlotte, North Carolina so you can build a great social life. You will discover a wide range of ideas and venues where you just might meet a great new friend, or two.

Have a read through, enjoy and try some out. If you want to add some of your own ideas of places where you can go to meet new people, feel free. Go to this form and add your contribution.

Discover Where and How To Meet People in Charlotte and Start Making Friends

1. Top Meetup Groups in the City

Let’s begin with the top meetups

Find more groups here:

2. Wine and Wind Down with Professional After Work

One of the easiest ways to meet new people is in bars and restaurants as you wind down after a hard day’s work. Most professionals love to swap stories either about their biggest triumph of the day, or how much worse their boss is than yours. They may be corny stories, but they are great ice-breakers. Places like the 1940’s themed Sullivan Steakhouse attract a diverse crowd of professional men and women all looking to relax and meet new people.

3. Sharing Your Passion For Music and Art

Museums, art galleries and exhibitions are all excellent places to meet new people that share the same passions as you. Commenting on a painting or sculpture is the perfect ice-breaker. And if your knowledge is lacking then turn the tables and ask someone about the piece. Some museums make that extra effort to attract new visitors by laying on music and wine evenings. This is the perfect laid back adult orientated occasion for meeting new people. The Mint Museum of Craft and Design is just one example of a place that will help you make the most of mingling with a new crowd.

4. Create a Community with Your Canine

Pet lovers will always attract other pet lovers and in Charlotte it is easy to find other people you think of their pet pooch as part of the family. Nothing strikes up a conversation with a stranger like complementing their four-legged friend. Join other individuals and their pets at The Dog Bar, or at one of the dog friendly parks in the city.

5. Find Friends and Better Business Connections

There is very little reason why you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure, especially when it gives you an opportunity to meet new people who share a common career, or business interest. Charlotte hosts a number of business orientated get-togethers aimed at encouraging new ideas and concepts in an informal and friendly atmosphere. If you work in advertising, media, or any of the related creative industries the Ad 2 Club could be just the place for you to find like-minded individuals. If you are in a different industry, then try Business After Hours.

join a gym to meet new friends in charlotte

6. Join the Gym

The locker room of the gym is always a place to chat and meet people, whether it’s swapping keep fit tips, the latest diets, or boasting about who can do the most reps. A casual conversation can easily become a weekly workout partner in one of the city’s many gyms.

7. Get Adventurous and Find Someone to Face the Fear With

There is nothing like an extreme sport to bring people together. Try something new and laugh along with others as you fail the first time. Whether it’s white water rafting, zip lining or mountain climbing, there is nothing quite like putting your safety at risk to start a conversation, that can continue with a quiet drink after as you and your new found friends count your blessings and regal others with stories of how close to drowning / falling you got on the last trip. To find out more about extreme sports in and around Charlotte, you can start here.

8. Secret Coffee Spots That Get You Talking

Sometimes the best places to meet and engage with new people are those little places off the beaten track. The calm, quiet atmosphere means you can have a conversation and actually hear what the other person is saying. Independent coffee shops and bookstores are ideal places because they also give you reasons to strike up a conversation, whether it is about the coffee, finding a seat, or the latest best seller. Try some of these hidden gems to get you started on the road to friendship.

9. Learn New Things and Meet New People

You don’t need to be a mastermind to take a class and meet new people with similar ideas and interests. You could try a creative class in anything from painting to cake decorating. Even if you’re not very good at it, at least your creation will act as a starter for conversation. Find a range of classes covering all types of subjects, here.

have fun learning and meet new folks in charlotte

10. Connect at a Club

Similar interests often get people talking, and it only takes one in-depth conversation to start a lifelong friendship. Consider a travel club, book club or create your own club and add it to the meetup site for Charlotte. There are a host of clubs and societies to get you started on your friendship search here.

11. Volunteer Your Time, Find Friendship in Return

There is nothing more fulfilling than being able to help other people. When you get to do this with like-minded people there is a good chance that the new people you meet will soon become friends. The key to meeting people while volunteering is to ensure you choose a cause you really care about. Hands On Charlotte is the best place to see what is available for you.

12. Don’t Forget the Neighbors

Ok, so the chances of meeting your new best friend by popping next door to introduce yourself are remote. But, becoming active in your local community and working alongside neighborhood organizations dramatically increases the chances of finding people you want to spend time with. Check out this list of neighborhood organizations and see how far a bit of community spirit can get you down the road to friendship.

13. Take Up Golf At Ballantyne Golf Academy

Golf is a very elegant and relaxing sport. If you aren’t experienced with this yet and are planning to learn from the best golfers, check out the Ballantyne Golf Academy in Charlotte. Even if you’re already skilled, you’ll still learn a thing or two here. Golfers of all levels are welcome.

You’ll get access to an amazing facility so you’ll surely enjoy the sport at its best. Of course, you’ll also get the chance to meet and get the know the other golfers.

14. Join A Driving Experience Class

If you’re a car enthusiast or a speed freak, this will surely make you jump from your set. Charlotte is home to the Nascar Racing Experience. This is a place where you can truly feel like a professional NASCAR racer. You’ll be coached and trained before you can drive around a track, of course.

If you don’t exactly want to drive but still want the experience of moving incredibly fast, you can simply ride shotgun while a professional drives for you. Isn’t that amazing? You can meet a lot of people here who also enjoy this craft.

Enjoy Charlotte And Make Friends By Improving Your Social Skills

Charlotte is a very wonderful place. You also won’t experience a shortage of fun things to do in this city. You can make your experience here even better by meeting new people and making new friends in Charlotte. For this, you’ll also need to improve your social skills on top of learning where to meet people.

The eBook that I wrote can be of very good use to you in this regard. Make sure you check it out as it covers a wide array of topic, all boiling down to you improving your social skills. Have fun and good luck!

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