How To Meet People In Bournemouth, England

With golden sandy beaches, a thriving economy, and a vibrant young populace, you will definitely want to meet people in Bournemouth. The city has everything going for it. Aside from a major center for the aerospace industry and fast becoming a digital hub, Bournemouth has plenty more to offer.

With miles of golden sandy beaches and a very active nightlife scene, there should be no shortage of opportunities to meet people in Bournemouth. There is plenty of social and cultural events and festivals in the city. These are great platforms to interact and make friends in the city. We offer a few ways by which you can broaden your social circle and enjoy a much more satisfying social life in Bournemouth.

Ready? Let’s Explore Where and How To Meet People in Bournemouth and Make Some New Friends

1. It is always good to connect with meetup communities

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Social Groups & Clubs You Can Join:

  • Tuckton Social Club: The Tuckton Club hosts activities such as sequence dancing, table tennis, and snooker for its members. It’s a quiant and friendly club where you can truly get to know other members.
  • Round Table Bournemouth: A dynamic club in Bournemouth where men aged 18-40 can join, contribute to local initiatives, and enjoy a range of social activities together.
  • 41 Club Bournemouth: A social club to join if you were previously part of a Round Table and you’re now 41 or older. The aim here is to create lasting friendships, participate in charitable work, and enjoy social events.
  • Rotary Club of Bournemouth: A platform in Bournemouth that combines professional networking and community service, attracting members who are leaders in their fields and passionate about service.
  • Lions Club Bournemouth: A renowned service organization in Bournemouth where members are dedicated to serving the community, focusing on aiding the visually impaired and supporting various humanitarian projects.
  • Bournemouth Elks Lodge: A community-focused organization in Bournemouth known for its commitment to social welfare and family-friendly activities, with a strong emphasis on moral values and patriotism.
  • BNI Bournemouth: Ideal for entrepreneurs and business owners in Bournemouth looking to join a results-oriented networking group focused on generating growth through personal referrals and professional collaboration.

2. Meet people in Bournemouth at the Cafe Gallery

Meet people in Bournemouth at Coffee & Dice

Meet people in town over a steaming cup of coffee and over a board game of your choice. The Coffee Gallery started to innovate this concept of bringing people together in the area from all walks of life. Hark back to your childhood days when social media was just an idea and indoor board games dominated our lives. A wonderful place to spend a few hours, playing a wide variety of games, socializing, and having a wonderful cup of coffee! One of the coolest ways to gain new friends!

3. Make international friends

Make international friends

Meeting people from different countries and foreign cultures is always an interesting experience. There is so much to share and learn when it comes to this. Get to know about their traditions and culture and get offered a great opportunity to make some lasting friendships. When you join a group like Friends International you get to meet people from all over the world. Share experiences, learn a new language and just have plenty of fun together in the group.

4. Join hands with a social awareness group

Join hands with a social awareness group

If you feel strongly about social issues and want to contribute to change, becoming a member of a social awareness group would be ideal. When you join Sustainable Dorset, you are part of a community that is at the forefront of promoting sustainable development through a range of activities.

With more than half the world experiencing issues related to sustainability, it is time common people joined and made a difference. You get to work or a social cause and make plenty of new friends as a member.

5. Meet people in Bournemouth with a group

Meet people in Bournemouth with a group

Volunteering is a very satisfying activity as you get to make a difference in the lives of people and make new friends along the way. When you volunteer with Active Dorset, you are part of a community of people promoting sports and other activities among children in the area.

Get to mentor youngsters and help them develop a fuller life through sporting activities. As part of the group of volunteers, you will connect with other members at various events, so making friends will happen naturally.

6. Learn a new dance form

Learn a new dance form

Dancing is fun, a wonderful way to stay active and one of the best ways to break the ice with people you are meeting for the first time. Even if you have two left feet or socially shy, learning to dance will help you shed your inhibitions and make your comfortable in the presence of new people.

Join a dance studio like Anglo Dance and learn any style of dance of your choice. Experts will train you and there will be plenty of dance partners to join you on the floor. Through dance you get to remain physically active, meet and make new friends and just have a great time!

7. Meet friends through walking

Meet friends through walking

Walking is a great less impact exercise to stay in shape and active. Walking as a group activity is always an interesting and exciting experience. The companionship you have while exploring the numerous walking trails spread across Bournemouth will make this exercise even more fun.

Join a group of walkers like Dorset Nordic Walking and you will have plenty of walking relative activities and related events to be part of. You find a wonderful way to lead an active life, develop and nurture some valuable friendships along the way.

8. Try Speed Dating!

Meet friends through walking

You are probably familiar with the concept of speed dating. This form of dating is all the rage and Bournemouth has caught the fever. If you are single and looking for a partner or perhaps to meet and socialize with exciting people, speed dating is the right platform.

Meet young professionals in Bournemouth, over drinks and have a wonderful time mingling with other participants. If you are lucky you might even meet your ideal partner! If not, you’ll have the chance to meet new friends! It’s a win-win situation for you.

Find Friends In Bournemouth By Improving Your Social Skills

Bournemouth is a wonderful city filled with wonderful opportunities. Be sure you make use and take advantage of it.

Whatever it is you’re into or interested, there’s a high chance you’ll find an activity for it in this city. Be sure to check them out and make friends in the process.

To help you be better at socializing, I wrote this helpful eBook that’s perfect for people who are aiming to improve their social skills. Take a look at it as it might help you with your future endeavors in the social world.

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