Bakersfield, an interesting city that offers many opportunities for making friends. In this page, we list many good places for you to meet people in Bakersfield and find friends you want to keep.

Bakersfield, California is a booming city and if you consider putting down roots in the city, will find it affordable to live in a healthy market for jobs. With a thriving presence of agricultural and oil industries and a strong sense of family and community, it is a good place to settle in the US. Known as the country music capital of the West Coast, you will have plenty of opportunities to widen your social circle and make some fantastic new friends in town.

How & Where To Meet People In Bakersfield, and Start Making Friends

1. Popular meetup communities in Bakersfield

Meetup communities have mushroomed across America and Europe. It provides a great opportunity to meet and interact with people sharing common interests. This is the easiest way to make acquaintances and foster relationships when you relocate to a new city or town in the US.

Other meet up communities to explore in Bakersfield are:

2. Take membership of a newcomers club

Join Newcomer's Club In Bakersfield To Meet People

If you are a new local in town having just moved in and wondering where to make new friends, the best solution is to become a member of a newcomers club. The Bakersfield Newcomers Club is one such group formed especially for those who are new in the city. You get an introduction to the history of the city, its culture and social events and is a wonderful way to get to meet other newcomers like yourself. The club has a busy activity calendar so you will enjoy a very active and fulfilling social life in town.

3. Learn about a new culture

Know Basque Culture To Meet Other People In Bakersfield

If culture is something that interests you and learning about new cultures is something you enjoy, the Kern County Basque Club would be just the place to take membership. Bakersfield, in particular, Kern County has a rich and illustrious Basque heritage with the club the focal point to learn about Basque traditions and events in town. You will enjoy learning about the unique Basque events, their history and culture back in their homeland in Spain, and about the culture back home in the US. It will help to connect with other Basque culture buffs in town and even gain you some new friends.

4. Enjoy a new hobby with others

Take Chalk Paint As Your Hobby In Bakersfield And Meet Others Who Has The Same Hobby

If you want to bond with new people in a city, one of the most effective ways is through a common hobby or interest. If you are open to learning a new and creative art form, chalk painting would be a wonderful option. You get to put your creative skills to best use learning the art and steps of chalk paint. The Chalk and Talk Workshop in town is where experts will teach you, get to meet other group members, work together and build new friendships.

5. Get active with a local conservation group

Taking Responsibility For Environmental Protection In Bakersfield Will Meet You With New Friends

Another way to meet people in Bakersfield is through nature conservation. It’s one of the most important issues facing humanity across the globe. If you are someone with a passion for nature and a strong desire to contribute towards its protection, get active and enroll with a neighbourhood conservation group.

You will be doing something which is close to your heart. If this is for you then you can join forces with other residents with a strong awareness of protecting the environment. With hikes and loads of other outdoor activities, you will never be short of opportunities to socialize while standing for something.

6. Connect over books

Taking Membership Of A Library Is A Great Way Of Making New Friends In Bakersfield

If you are an ardent reader with a passion for reading a certain genre or even reading on a variety of subjects or themes, you will find it easy to connect with other book lovers. While reading as a hobby has seen a certain decline because of time constraints and social media, there still are a devoted lot of readers who swear by reading books as an interest or hobby. When you take membership of a library you get a chance to meet these people with a similar interest.

Thus, the task of making new friends becomes much more convenient and effortless. Connect over books with fellow readers by becoming a library member.

7. Enroll with a multi-sports’ club

Going To A Multisports Club Can Be A Great Way To Make New Friends In Bakersfield

Sports offer a wonderful opportunity to make friends as it is mostly a group based activity. If you are a sports enthusiast and would like to enjoy leading an active sporting life in your leisure time, a multi-sports club would be ideal. The primary benefit of membership of such a venue is you have access to multiple sports. This offers greater variety plus an advantage of getting to meet a much more diverse group of other sports enthusiasts. This common love for sports will make it easy to strike up new friendships without much effort.

Meet New Friends In Bakersfield Or Anywhere You Go

Friendship is a skill that more and more of us realize that we need to re-learn. Long are gone the days when you automatically became friends with the people living close to you.

Now things are different, and we have friendship needs that are more and more sophisticated. If you’re ready to learn more about how you can update your friendship skills, we invite you to check out our trainings, here: Update Your Friendship Skills.

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