How To Keep A Conversation Going

You’re About to Learn How To Keep a Conversation going in a Way that Makes You Sound Fun and Interesting and Have Topics Come Up By Themselves…

How To Keep A Conversation Going

I want to tell you how to unlock a recurring problem that many people will never be able to solve. It’s the problem of “What do I say when I meet people”.

Most people think that if they have enough “words” and “conversation topics” the problem would go away. Some go to the news and magazines to have stuff to talk about. You know what, that’s a step in the right direction but it won’t “cut it”.

How To Never Run Out Of Things To Say

Do This Simple Experiment

Imagine you travel to a third world country. Imagine that in this country, people constantly smile at you and listen (with big interest) to EACH and EVERY word you say. Even if you’re just asking for directions.

Imagine that, at the evening, you go to a café and everyone turns and look at you. They smile and are glad you came.

Then, a group of REALLY FRIENDLY guys and girls approach you and tell you “Hey, welcome !! Can you tell us a little about your country? Can you please join us for a drink? We’re interested in anything you can tell us.”

Assuming that you will not turn them down (because you have no one to talk to anyway), let me ask you a question :

Would you run out of things to say?

Think about it. These people are willing to listen to you talk about ANYTHING. You could say “I like muffins and I watch kung-fu movies” and they would find that super-cool…

Fact is, in that situation, you will not have to think of “what to say” or “conversation topics”.

This Simple Experiment Proves that you’re NOT dependent on Words and Topics.

You’ve seen this in real life

I’m sure you’ve seen those *loud* people. Those who can be talking about parking space, but the whole room needs to know about it? They talk and talk and talk… they never seem to get tired.

These people can talk to a big group of people about the weather, like : “Ohh i think it’s gonna rain all the way next week. We’re not gonna be able to do anything. Oh my god, it’s gonna be cold again.”

They’re very annoying and stupid sometimes. And you should NOT learn to be like them.

But know this : These people can talk to Anyone about Anything and always have MANY things to talk about.

How they do it?… They are UNINHIBITED.

They don’t filter things before they say them. They can talk about what they ate yesterday… to a total stranger and not even think of how they will come across. They don’t even ask themselves “Is this an interesting thing to talk about?”.

I think You can have that power to talk about anything, too…

Unlock Your Conversational Potential


If you FOCUS all your energy on filtering yourself less, you’ll be able to have UNLIMITED TALKING POWER Lol. It’s true.

Thing is, those filters are beliefs you may have. They’re not necessarily true.

Charismatic people don’t have these filters. That’s why they can talk about ANYTHING. Some can talk to you about the beer the’re holding for thirty minutes… then it’s time to talk about the nuts they’re eating… for another thirty minutes. They can never run out of things to say.

How to Have Great Conversations

Other than cancelling the filters that sabotage your ability to speak, you need other tools. Here they are:

  • Finding things in common with people (even if they seem very different from you)
  • Get in the mood for conversation, faster than you can do now
  • Reveal more things about you, so you have more things to talk about
  • Talk about “habits and opinions” that people love to share and discuss
  • Remember all kinds of stories from all kinds of sources
  • Link subjects to others, in your conversation, even if they seem very unrelated
  • And a couple more

All of these great techniques transform regular-boring conversation into EXCITING ones. In my eBook “Get The Friends You Want”, I get into a lot of detail to explain EXACTLY how to do these things.

I dedicate 9 pages just to holding a conversation and never running out of things to say.

If you want to learn, starting NOW, how to have the best conversations of your life, I highly recommend that you check out my eBook here: Get The Friends You Want – Risk Free Trial.

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