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Announcing the FASTEST Method to Get A Social Circle of Friends, that Guarantees You’ll Never Be Alone, Have an Empty Birthday Party, Empty Social Calendar, Nor A Boring Vacation… Ever Again!

This works especially if you have no time to waste, feel like you’re kept out of the fun the “cool kids” are having, feel like no one interesting cares about you or even has time to go out with you…


if you don’t mind if people who know you right now will have their jaws dropped when they see all the fun you have and the quality of people you hang out with when you use this method.

First, I have some questions for you…

  1. Do you get disappointed when you go out to socialize, have conversations that go nowhere, don’t connect with people, and have an awkward experience instead of a fun, exciting one?
  2. When you text people to do something social, do they say they’re too busy to meet, or don’t even respond at all? Or worse, say “yes” and never show up?
  3. Does getting people to hang out with you forced (like pulling teeth) when it seems so easy and natural for others to meet with friends?
  4. Do you feel like you don’t get the respect you deserve in social settings? Does it feel like people ignore or brush off the things you say?
  5. Do you constantly see exciting things happening around town, but have no one to go there with you?
  6. No matter what happens to you, good or bad, do you feel like no one will talk about it, as if you’re living a secret or invisible life?
  7. Do you feel like, if you get into trouble, you have no friends to call for help?
  8. Are you confident and competent in many areas of life, but your social life is still a weak spot?

If any of these apply to you, you have to know two things:

→ I have been there and overcame all of these situations

→ Others have been there and made it to the other side too

Case Study: How Cathy’s Sister Viciously Stole All Her Friends

Let me tell you about a coaching client of mine who had to start from scratch and build a social circle…

Let’s call her Cathy (real name protected for confidentiality)

Cathy had a nice group of friends who cared about her.

They routinely had dinners, drinks, and parties. They traveled together around the country and abroad. They were all successful, interesting people.

Cathy’s “Secret”

Cathy only had that social circle because she got LUCKY. Someone just introduced her.

If you told her to do it again, she wouldn’t know how.

But her friends liked her despite her social quirks and lack of experience.

So her secret is that she was VULNERABLE. If she lost those friends, she would be ALONE.

Cathy had the time of her life with her friends,… and then she started inviting her sister, Bruta!

Bruta (real name is confidential), started hanging out with Cathy and her friends more and more often. 

Thing is… she became involved with everything. With time, she started making plans, making decisions on what to do, and gradually became the “hub” of the group.

Bruta is one of those dominating, manipulative types.

And she manipulated the whole group into following her lead.

Then She Pulled The Trigger

Bruta, out of RESENTMENT or something, made sure to exclude Cathy from the group, little by little.

She started suggesting social activities she knew Cathy won’t go for. She started making subtle jokes and remarks attacking Cathy, and so on.

The group just followed her lead.

They started noticing and highlighting Cathy’s quirks more and more and started seeing her as an outsider.

With time, they excluded her more and more from their plans, then started forgetting she even exists. 

She was devastated. It took her around two years just to heal from that double disappointment:

  • The betrayal of her sister
  • And the rejection from all her friends

She lost all her confidence and even thought that there was something deeply wrong with her.

Cathy Needed To Start FROM SCRATCH and Build A New Social Circle

When she had enough and decided to do something about her social life, she looked around for solutions, found my stuff, read my book, and then reached out for some one-on-one coaching.

After some work, she eventually got her confidence back and started meeting new people.

She knew she had the tools now to build a social circle. She felt confident.

After a while, she successfully built a new social circle… from scratch!

The kind of group of friends that was more mature and loyal than the old group.

One day, the old group of friends and her vicious sister were SHOCKED to see Cathy with her new group.

They were shocked because Cathy’s new friends were:

  • More successful,
  • More interesting,
  • More genuine and supportive,
  • And more fun!

Cathy Humiliated Her Vicious Sister… by accident!

That wasn’t her intention, but her sister felt humiliated when she saw Cathy rebuilding her social life from scratch.

Because Cathy took action and followed the right method, she made new friends, brought them together, and enjoyed amazing social experiences.

It WAS NOT CATHY’S FAULT She Ended Up Alone. It was her sister’s doing, and her old friends who abandoned her.

When Cathy was lonely and desperate it wasn’t because she deserved it, it was because her sister felt like being evil. (no one knows why, to this day)

In the same way, whatever the reason why you don’t have the right social circle is

  • Maybe your parents made you feel like you’re not enough…
  • Maybe your work takes ALL YOUR ENERGY and you don’t know how to get a social circle with what’s left of your waking hours
  • Maybe you moved and found yourself alone in a new city and feel like you’re an outsider
  • Maybe you went through a breakup and your previous group of friends disappeared

No matter the reason, or reasons, you don’t have a social circle right now…

it’s not that you aren’t meant to have it, don’t deserve it, or that there’s anything wrong with you…You just need to know how.

You Can Now Build Your Next Social Circle, Here’s How…

1. Know Where To Go To Meet New People

There is a checklist that tells you IF a social gathering is worth your time, you should know if it’s good for meeting new people BEFORE you go there – this will save you from wasting your time and money and from a lot of awkwardness

2. Start Conversations The Way Socially Savvy People Do

Spoiler: it’s easy, feels natural, and you will ALWAYS know what to say after you say “Hi” (this works when talking to individuals and when talking to groups)

3. Make Conversations Flow Toward Connecting With People (Not Just Talking)

Focus on Finding Things in Common,

Use The Power of Empathy in Conversation,

Then use the Power of Vulnerability (telling it like it is)

Note: only use this with people you actually WANT to talk to because this will make anyone stick around and talk to you for a long time.

4. Make Conversations Awesome

  • Teach people something (I’ll tell you what)
  • Add some just a little bit of humor to the convo
  • Tell the right stories & get people to do the same
  • Say something that sounds quirky or dorky
  • Bring the right emotions to the conversation (there is a list)
  • Create a “mental association” between yourself and the great things about being alive (after this, they’ll brighten up just because you’re around)

Note: if you do the above, this will repel greedy and negative people and will attract generous, value-givers who are cheerful and will contribute to your life in ways you can’t even imagine right now.

5. Exchange Contact Information

Technique #1: asking for their contact info… without asking directly.

Technique #2: “The Instant Social Circle” technique: create a new group of friends, on the spot, even before you leave the venue (with this one, you can go to any city and build a new social circle on the FIRST DAY you arrive, and have a potential group of friends within a week)

Technique #3: be the “hub” for what’s happening next: this makes everyone in the social gathering rush to stay in touch with you.

6. Make Appealing, Enticing, “Yummy” Plans

  • Know Who to include in your social plans
  • Know What to suggest to people so they say “Sounds Awesome! I’m In!”
  • Know When to suggest plans so it feels like “perfect timing”

7. Create A Great Vibe (or ambiance, or mood)

  • Pay attention to What you say and How you say it when you’re within a new group of friends (especially when you meet them for the first and second time.)
  • Use simple conversation techniques to Protect your group from negativity and poisonous energy (it’s what breaks most social circles before they become strong.)
  • Establish a balance in the group, so EVERY SINGLE PERSON feels safe and respected in your social circle (easy to do, but very important in the beginning.)
  • Create a Socializing Routine for your new social circle, so it becomes a solid group.

8. SEE the spirit of friendship emerging in front of your eyes…

Notice the SIGNS that you’ve succeeded in creating a social circle of people who consider each other as real friends.

9. ENJOY 🎉

When you make it to this point, you’re done!

All you have to do is ENJOY.

Enjoy this great thing you’ve created: bring interesting people together into a group.

And the results look SOMEWHAT like this…

(Yes, it’s a stock video, but it’s pretty close to what I’m talking about)

I Show You This Method in my New Video Course

After almost 20 years of studying and trying things in real life for my own social life, and after a decade teaching, writing, and coaching… I wanted to create a course focused on building your social circle.

An online course that focuses only on WHAT TO DO IN REAL LIFE to build your next social circle.

The course is filled with techniques and tips to apply TODAY if you want, and start building your new social circle.

I want to show you the SHORTEST ROUTE between…
you right now…
and you, surrounded by the right friends.

I want you to get there ASAP because I’ve been there… I know how it feels not to have a social circle.

I used to walk down the street, during a weekend evening for example, and I would hear bursts of laughter from bars and restaurants… I turn to look and see groups of friends having a blast.

I would sometimes hear some noise coming from above next to apartment buildings, I look up, and see balconies or rooftops, with people hanging in there, music, and laughter,…

And I would ask myself: “why not me? What could be so wrong with me that I feel like I’ll never have that – why am I feeling left out and never invited or included in interesting social circles?”

I used to have neighbors who were loud during weekend nights, they constantly had dinner parties going.

I never knew if I was pissed because of the noise, or because I was filled with envy.

I thought if I complained (if I ever dared to stand up for myself), they would start to notice that I never did anything on weekends. I kept my mouth shut.

I don’t wanna get teary-eyed here but I know how it feels.

And it made me feel ANGRY.

It just felt UNFAIR that I’m being kept out!

That’s why I decided to do whatever it takes to learn how to make friends and build or join social circles whenever I wanted.

20 years later… we’re here, I’m teaching this stuff, and I created an online course for you to get your next social circle as soon as possible.

Social Circle From Scratch Video Course

Course Logo
  • The fastest method for having a group of friends, even if you have none right now
  • 40+ tips and techniques you can start using today
  • Watch or listen on the go, from your laptop or smartphone
  • Course notes to help you easily remember what to do socially

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Questions? Ask: [email protected]

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Here is Exactly What You’re About To Learn…

→ How to get a Social Circle (and an active social life) the EASY way. Think about it… Do you think it takes “effort” for socially savvy people to have a social circle? Do you see them struggling? They have very busy lives and responsibilities too. But it’s what they do to build social circles that makes it effortless.

  1. You’ll learn to Find Opportunities for socializing with new people
  2. You’ll learn Where To Go to meet new people, including in seemingly hidden places, most people don’t know about.
  3. You’ll be able to tell Whether Or Not a social gathering is Good for Meeting new People. That way you don’t waste your time and money on boring or awkward experiences. I share with you a simple, 3-point checklist for this.
  4. Know How Often You Should Go Out to build a brand new social circle.
  5. How to introduce yourself to socially savvy people in a way that makes them think… “you’re one of us!
  6. Uncover the Conversation Missing Link that makes you talk to new people for as long as you want: no more being at a loss for words and no awkward silences.
  7. A forgotten but easy-to-implement tactic to make the conversation supercharged with brilliant topics
  8. How to avoid interview-style conversations – basically how to get people to “spill their guts” without doing any “interrogating”
  9. How to get people interested in talking to you more than anyone else in the room. It’s funny because it looks as if you bribed them to talk to you instead of everybody else.
  10. How to connect with people, not just talk to them. You’ll know how to create the feeling of… “we just clicked” or “we hit it off”. Most people helplessly hope for this to happen on its own. You’ll know how to make it happen.
  11. The 3 Steps to make others think “You Get Me!”. This is the same feeling they get when talking to their best friends. They’ll feel that there’s something special about you and will be eager to know what it is.
  12. How to get others to start trusting you the first time they meet you – hint: this is crucial for them to consider you as a friend
  13. How to make conversations awesome (this is beyond “interesting” or “good” conversation – this is a master-level conversation skill)
  14. How to show some authority and gain respect from people you meet socially.
  15. What to do to Switch to Fun Conversation with people. Even in somewhat serious settings, your group conversations will occasionally have bursts of laughter that could be heard on the other side of the room.
  16. How to get people to take a deep breath, let their hair down, and be themselves around you instead of acting like insufferable snobs.
  17. How to tell great stories even if you lead a normal life. You don’t need to live like a renegade to have attention-grabbing stories to tell. And you don’t have to be a natural storyteller either.
  18. Spark people’s attachment to you, by using this conversation trick that only – I mean only – 100% socially confident people use.
  19. The list of emotions you need to demonstrate when socializing to attract the right people, and how to do it spontaneously.
  20. How to make potential friends “light up” when they meet with you – and always look forward to being around you, while staying true to who you are.
  21. You’ll learn to make people take off their social masks, and show you who they really are. What people hide about themselves will astonish you!
  22. What to talk about so people get energized by your presence. The beauty of this is that you’ll be energized yourself; it bounces back to you. This means that you’ll be lifted and energized by spending time with people, instead of having it consume your energy and bring you down.
  23. Get people to give you their contact information naturally, without ever asking directly
  24. Get people excited about just the idea of meeting you again in the future
  25. Get a group of people to wanna meet with you and create a social circle on the spot. This is the FASTEST TECHNIQUE TO CREATE A NEW SOCIAL CIRCLE I’VE EVER USED AND TAUGHT.
  26. How to avoid rejection when exchanging contact information… Every Single Time!
  27. How to make appealing, enticing, yummy plans: what to do, how to suggest it to people so you can get them psyched to socialize (instead of dragging their feet, being flaky, or not even answering your texts.)
  28. When making plans, you’ll know WHO to invite. If you choose well, you’ll avoid the disaster of “instantly losing” your best friendships and social circles.
  29. You’ll learn when to suggest plans and how long in advance. This makes it 10 times more likely for people to naturally say “I’m in!
  30. How to make plans on Level 1: Making plans that sound awesome, in general.
  31. How to make plans on Level 2: Social activities that are particularly interesting, enticing, and fun for you and for people you’re building a social circle with.
  32. How to make plans on Level 3: Things to just hint at and your new potential friends will plan it out. They’ll figure out the when, where, and how. You don’t have to plan it – you’ll be just invited to go.
  33. When people say “it was a great vibe”, you’ll know what that is made of. You’ll learn to create a “great vibe” people gravitate to and to avoid having a “bad vibe” people run away from.
  34. How to create a vibe so good that your new friends will keep it secret from their families and acquaintances, out of fear of jinxing it. They’ll see it as such a precious thing they’re so lucky to be part of.
  35. How to keep out drama, negativity, and destructive energy that can blow up a social circle in a flash.
  36. How to make your social circle “tight” so it stays strong, without you having to “hold it together” doing all the work of reaching out, making plans, etc. This is what makes it possible for savvy people to keep their social circles alive, without breaking a sweat.
  37. What to do during embarrassing and awkward situations within a group of friends. Do this and people will feel safe around you and that you “got their back”.
  38. How to make a new social circle feel like you’ve been friends for years after meeting just two or three times.
  39. What makes a group of friends feel like you’re meant to be friends and wonder why you haven’t met before!
  40. Once you’ve learned and started to apply the above, JUST ENJOY: Dance, swim, talk, go on picnics, laugh, take pictures, read books and discuss them, talk about your goals and your work, ask for advice, ask for and give help,… tell stupid jokes, play cards or board games, make a bonfire if you want, go to the movies, or travel. You can do all that now that you have a new social circle.

This Course Is Just What You Need Now If one of the following applies to you

  • If you want a new social circle
  • If you’re entering a new phase in your life and need new friends who are more in tune with it
  • If you have goals but regularly run out of motivation to get things done. The right social circle will skyrocket your stamina for achievement.
  • If you are feeling lonely these days
  • If you don’t have anyone to go out with
  • If you’ve been hanging with the same types of people and you feel like it’s time for a change
  • If you feel like you cannot “connect” with others on a deep level and your conversations are stale and go nowhere
  • If you’re “social calendar” is empty right now
  • If you have no idea who’s gonna be able to attend your next birthday (and you do want to celebrate it)
  • If you always thought that “maybe in the future I’ll have great friends” while it’s something you can have NOW

If one of these applies to you, then this course is perfect for you.


If more than one of these things applies to you, then you need to jump on this right now. Nothing is more important. You deserve to have a great social circle and you need to start on it right away.

On the other hand, you probably don’t need this course if…

  • You already have too many exciting and interesting things to do with great people
  • If you have multiple social circles with really amazing people in them.
  • If you get invited by friends to do fun and interesting stuff all the time
  • If you’re convinced that the friends you have now are the best you can do
  • If you have inspiring people around you who push you and inspire you to be the best version of yourself while accepting and liking you the way you are today

If that’s not how your social life is right now, then you need to jump on this opportunity and get a new social circle.

What’s special about this particular course

I usually like to explain the theory behind what I teach, so you can understand friendship on a deep level.

In this course, I wanted to do something different.

I want to give you… JUST WHAT TO DO.

That way, all you have to do is learn it and apply it, starting TODAY.

I can’t wait for you to come inside and see what it’s all about. And most importantly, I’m looking forward to getting your emails about how you applied and got yourself a new social circle.

Watch The Course Now & Get A New Social Circle

Social Circle From Scratch Video Course

Course Logo
  • The fastest method for having a group of friends, even if you have none right now
  • 40+ tips and techniques you can start using today
  • Watch or listen on the go, from your laptop or smartphone
  • Course notes to help you easily remember what to do socially

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Questions? Ask: [email protected]

Note: This page expires & registrations close in…

If you wanted to learn this on your own…

Some brave souls like to go and learn to build a social circle on their own. Here’s what usually happens:

  • They waste hundreds of hours going to the wrong places to socialize
  • Have countless awkward conversations that don’t go anywhere
  • Their confidence gets lower and lower as they keep trying and failing to make any new friends
  • They spend thousands of dollars going out, doing social activities, with the wrong people that wouldn’t be great friends for them
  • They eventually give up, accept their lonely fate, and wait years before they can stumble on some new friends – if they’re lucky

This is usually what happens. But it doesn’t have to happen to you. You can order this course now, and start using what took me years to learn about building a social circle.

And you get it all packaged and condensed in one video course.

And that saves you from years of frustration and trial and error with no guarantee of success.

As usual, if you don’t like the course for any reason, email me, and I’ll refund your money.

Social Circle From Scratch Video Course

Course Logo
  • The fastest method for having a group of friends, even if you have none right now
  • 40+ tips and techniques you can start using today
  • Watch or listen on the go, from your laptop or smartphone
  • Course notes to help you easily remember what to do socially

Click to view course registration options

Questions? Ask: [email protected]

Note: This page expires & registrations close in…

My Risk-Free Promise

It’s Immediate

You’ll be able to access the program within minutes of purchasing.

It’s Unlimited

30 full days of unlimited access to watch the program, try my tools & see the results.

It’s Risk-Free

Not 100% thrilled? Let me know and I’ll give you a full refund.

– Paul Sanders

P.S. I’m very confident that this course will give you all the techniques you need to meet the right people, build a social circle, and have the time of your life. Hundreds of people transformed their social lives following the same method. I’m so confident in this that I’m betting that you’re going to love it. If you don’t like the course, just email me and get your money back. Go ahead and order now.

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