How to Overcome Shyness at a Party

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Did you know that shyness is a repetitive human habit? It’s actually an automatic reaction inside you, that happens on its own, without you even realize it as it grows in your body.

And when you become aware that you’re in a shyness state, it’s too late.

Like all automatic psychological phenomenons, there are sets techniques and exercises to make shyness stop before it reaches that point of no return.

If you can learn the techniques I used to stop my shyness before it made me almost paralyzed in social situations, then you too can start to enjoy the social and friendship life you always wanted.

Shyness is maybe the ONLY thing holding you back from meeting, and having the friends you want.

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Parties and social gatherings can be great for you to meet new friends but, if your shyness prevents from being able to talk to people, then it’s gonna be hard to make friends with anybody.

In this newsletter, I want to share with you a set of effective techniques on how to overcome shyness at a party or social get together. Be sure to practice these the next time you’re out.

Focus Outside To Stop The Crippling Thoughts

Negative thoughts are at the root of the problem. The only way to stop dwelling on them is to replace them by something else. That’s why focusing outside of yourself replaces the negative thoughts.

If you want to get out of your head, you can ask yourself questions that will get your mind to focus outwardly. Try asking yourself things like: “What’s interesting here?” or “What do I find interesting in this place?” or “Who’s that person? I bet they’re interesting to talk to.”

Don’t Face The Crowd

If you get shy, a better way to feel good is to avoid staying up and facing the most crowded place. Instead, try and stand so you’re facing a less crowded part of the room.

Because shyness results in over-stimulation of your brain, you need to give yourself less things to focus on. This will inevitably calm you, even if you’re in a very crowded place. As soon as you’re not really paying attention to the crowd, you don’t really feel the pressure.

“Dumb Down” Your Communication Style

Shyness also comes from putting too much pressure on yourself to be interesting and impressive. If you want to feel more comfortable, try a technique that most successful communicators use.

This is about talking and acting in a way that is more random, and not that sophisticated. Talk as if you’re not sure of a lot of things, or as if you’re too tired to talk about serious subjects. This creates a certain comfortable energy around you, and it encourages low-key conversations.

Go Early To Make Yourself Feel At Home

Another great way to overcome shyness at a party is to get there early and talk to anyone you find. Go early, order something, talk with the staff or the bartender. Make yourself “at home” before everyone else comes. This simple switch will make it ten times easier for you to feel comfortable throughout the night.

As more and more people come to join, you’ll be increasingly getting comfortable with the number of people. This is mainly because you warmed up and prepared your mood for conversation.

Cheer Someone Up

Another thing with parties that can make you shy is the impression you have that everyone knows one another. This impression is usually false. Popular and loud people tend to get more attention, and if you focus on them, it’s easy to get that impression.

However, if you notice others, you’ll see that there are people who come alone, and hope to be able to meet anyone. If they look friendly but hesitant to talk to anyone, go to them and ask a basic question, and see if they’re open to talking.

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– Paul Sanders
Author, Get The Friends You Want

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