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Getting the social life you want and the great experiences with the right friends – especially when you always had trouble making friends and being social – can be SO much easier than we’ve been taught!

It’s often just a matter of understanding the ins-and-outs of how friendship works, and shifting a few habits that will get your social life going.

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Imagine what your life would be like if you had the friends you want. Imagine how cool it would be if you could destroy any chances of getting lonely. With the right friends, you won’t ever feel rejected or criticized, instead, you will feel deeply understood and tolerated.

If you want to find these friends, you need to invest a little more time in your social life. However, that time will be fun and exciting if you use the right strategies for meeting people.

From my experience, the best way to make friends is to help others make friends. In other words, you should help others get to know each other. Here is how it works…

Why Is Introducing People To Each Other The Best Way To Make Friends

It’s a great way of offer value to people – If you ever find yourself wondering “what would people want to be friends with me for?” then you have your answer. Now, introductions can be your primary way of adding value to other people’s lives.

It takes advantage of the group effect – If you introduce people to each other, you’re actually forming groups of friends around you. People love to hang out with more than one friend at a time, because it’s usually more fun.

More friends, with less effort – If you make introductions between people, they will start making plans, and calling you. Now, they know that with a few calls they can gather up a group and have a great evening. This takes the pressure off of you. You won’t be the only one calling and making the effort.

How Can You Introduce People To Each Other If You Don’t Have Enough Friends

People naturally ask this question. How can you help others make friends, if you don’t have enough friends yourself?

If you don’t have enough friends, then you definitely need to use the power of introductions to speed up the pace of your social life. It gives you the opportunity to connect up the acquaintances, which turns them into real friends. You can do it with people you barely know, facebook friends, and people you just met.

Even if you don’t know people that well, by introducing them to each other, you bring them closer to you. They start seeing you as a real friend not just a “contact” or a facebook friend.

4 Quick Tips To Grow Your Circle Of Friends By Making Introductions

1- Match well (just well enough)

As you start making introductions between people, you gain extra points when matching the right people together. Look at their habits (their weekend habits, for example) to know if two people will connect easily and become friends. But don’t over do it, sometimes people seem different but may love each other’s company.

2- Favor Open-Minded People

Open minded people are great because they can “blend” with pretty much anyone. If you know people who never change their habits and/or stuck in their own way of thinking, then it’s gonna be hard to introduce them to others. People who are open to new experiences, new ideas, and new cultures, are more flexible. They can fit anywhere.

3- Do it early

As soon as you meet someone new, start thinking of who they should meet in the range of people you know. Maybe you know someone who does the same kind work they do, maybe they’re looking for a running partner and you know someone who would be interested. You just have to think a little, then say “I know someone you should meet…”

4- Protect Your Group

Never feel guilty about cutting someone out of your group. If they’re not contributing any value, or if they bring lots of negativity to the group, then they can go. If you’re not willing to cut anyone who is destructive, you’re going to see your group fill up with negative drama and headaches you don’t need. Give people a chance, but reclaim the right to cut out those who can be destructive to the group.

Learn More about How To Make Friends

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– Paul Sanders
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