Build a Friend Circle in 2 Steps

Building a friend circle around you is THE BEST thing you can do for your social life. If you do it, you’ll never worry about loneliness or boredom again.

In fact, you’ll have friends who make plans and call you up to get YOUR life to be extremely more fun and exciting. In my “Get The Friends You Want” eBook, I tell you how to do it, step by step.

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Now, why do some people lose friends faster than they’re making new ones… while others get more and more friends, without seeming to make any effort at it? For starters, people in the second category have learned to build a social circle, the right way…

By knowing the critical parts of a social life, some people get more friends than they have time for. They always seem to be having fun, going out, and sharing their lives with interesting people.

Others get stuck in vicious circles, making a huge effort to meet people, make almost no progress, and find it hard for them to actually keep friends. Some of them just give up and get used to being alone, frustrated, and unhappy.

But that’s not a way to live. And it’s definitely not for you. This newsletter will make sure that you “start right” on having a great social life, filled with the fun, and the energy you need.

The Two-Step Formula for Building a Social Circle

This is what I call “Explore the New – Nurture the Old”, and it’s a key part of the “Get The Friends You Want” method.

The two parts work like a cycle, you need BOTH… let’s dive into them. And if it seems too simple at first, it’s fine. Just stay with me.

Step #1 – Explore the New (constantly be meeting new friends)

I always say that “If you’re not making new friends, you’re actually making FEWER!”. It’s because people change, move to other cities, develop new interests, or get into new relationships, and that results in changes in their friendships.

If you’re not constantly making new friends, then you’re going to have fewer and fewer people to hang out with. It doesn’t mean they’ll stop liking you or reject you, they’ll just be doing something else, somewhere else, with someone else.

To make this easy, make the new friendships ABOUT something (a hobby, an interest, a cause, or an activity)

To make it extra-easy, pick an interest or hobby you ALREADY love.

To make it extra-extra-easy, join a group which meets regularly, so you don’t have to think about it. The meetings take place once or twice a month, and all you have to do is show up!

To make it extra-extra-extra-easy, join the ORGANIZING team. Whoa! When you give some of your time to help the team, everyone is grateful to have you. Meeting people, in this position, is as easy as it was when you were a kid.

To motivate yourself to do this, think of someone you know who is involved in a team that holds regular events… recall how many people they got to know throughout that process, how much fun they had… now imagine if YOU were in that position… would you like to be there? 😉

Step #2 – Nurture the Old (meet your existing friends, and introduce them to the new ones)

This is critical. It consists of regularly meeting the friends you want to keep, and introducing them to the new ones.



  • Friendships are FRAGILE… you need to keep meeting people regularly. Once a week is ideal if they don’t live too far.
  • By introducing people to each other, you make them STICK. It gets easier for them to keep in touch with you, because by doing so, they’re also staying in touch with a whole bunch of people. It’s often the best use of their social time.
  • Because by doing so you prove that you’re CONFIDENT. You’re not afraid of losing anyone. And you can make new friends at any point of your life, and that’s attractive and respectable.
  • Because it gives everyone the opportunity to grow, have more fun, and be happier within the group.

Now, how many friends you need in a group? It really depends on you. 4 to 5 is great if you’re an introvert, 10 or more if you’re an extrovert.

Of course, you can build one or two social circles, with different interests or styles that you like.

You’ll be amazed by the good influence it’ll have on your life. You’ll never feel all alone again, you’ll have people to go out with, celebrate holidays, celebrate birthdays, go to summer vacations with, and so on.

Always keep in your mind the simple formula: explore the new – nurture the old.

Learn To Do This FASTER

If you want to learn to execute this formula faster, so you can meet new friends, build a social circle the right way, and have the rich social life you want, then just head over to my website and get yourself a copy of my “Get The Friends You Want” eBook.

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In it, I’ll share with you the whole “Get The Friends You Want” method for making friends.

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– Paul Sanders
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