Crack the Code Behind “Being Cool”

In this social skills newsletter, I’m going to show you how to “crack the code” behind what it means to be “Cool”. As you probably know, if people see you as “cool,” (whatever that means to them), they’re more likely to be friends with you and hang out with you more.

But WHAT DOES “COOL” REALLY MEAN? Let’s talk about that.

I have a question for you. Have you ever struggled to get answers to questions like:

  • Why some people are always seen as “cool”, while others are not?
  • Can you learn to be “cool” or is it something you either have or don’t?
  • Does being cool necessarily mean being superficial, conformist, or unfocused?
  • Why does everyone wants to be friends with cool people? What do they gain by that?
  • And most importantly, are you a “cool” person? How do you figure that out?

If you have trouble answering one of these questions, then read on.

If you come across as “Cool”, more people would want to get to know you. They would want to hang out with you more, and help you be more successful in what you’re doing.

But, being cool is NOT about what most people think: it’s not about following fashion trends, it’s not about being superficial or conformist, and it’s not about knowing the latest gossip and trends.

Now, let’s answer the questions above:

  • Some people come across as “cool” because they have 6 super-qualities. (I call them “pillars”). People who don’t possess these qualities, are just not considered as “cool”.
  • Cool people behave in ways which look very normal, but are “cool” in subtle ways.
  • Coming across as “Cool” IS something you can learn, starting today. It’s just about doing what Cool (and positive) people do.
  • Being cool DOES NOT mean superficial and/or conformist and unfocused. Superficial people actually want to be looked at as “cool” but fail at it.
  • Everyone wants to be friends with Cool people because they GIVE a certain value just by WHAT they do, and HOW they behave socially.
  • I can’t tell if you are a cool person. But the best way to go is be aware of what “cool” people do, socially, and then emulate it, yourself.

(Remember, I’m not talking about superficial uninspiring people here. I’m talking about actual cool people who TOLERATE everyone and make everyone around them feel good)

The Six Pillars of Being Cool


People love free thinkers and see them as “cool” for many reasons: they’re open-minded, they tolerate others, they respect your point of view, they can use language in a fun way, they joke around, they’re open to different styles, music genres, and culture, they can talk about sex and sexuality without being judgmental, they go exploring new places and ideas, and they’re very open to learning new things.

Here are five examples of what a FREE THINKER does:

  • Do what you want to (instead of what you’re supposed to). Free thinkers go by their own choices. Not those others choose for them. They also encourage you to make your own choices and proudly pursue them. Even if these choices are new and different.
  • Go to Expat Events. Why? Because that’s the way you meet people from different backgrounds. And THAT opens your mind to other cultures and habits. And THAT makes you into a open-minded cool person that anyone would love to hang out with.
  • Change where you go. Go to places that are different from what you’re used to. It will stimulate you and refresh your ideas. Try a new dish, try a new music genre, try a new sport or dance. Do it. The effect is almost instantaneous.
  • Do not tell anyone “You’re Wrong!”. The clearest sign of a closed-uncool person is the fact that they disagree a lot with everything and try to prove that they’re wiser than everyone else. Never do that. Respect everyone’s opinion and express yours. Your opinion is not an absolute truth, it’s a mere opinion.

Now, if you do JUST that you’ll be seen as cool by a LOT of interesting and cool people. More people would want to be your friend and/or hang out with you.

But, if you want to SKYROCKET your COOLNESS factor (and make a lot more friends), you can read the WHOLE THING: Read and apply “How To Be Cool – The Six Pillars”. Being a “Free Thinker” is just one out of six.

It’s a section in my book where I get in whole detail about exactly what you can do to come across as cool, and make more and better friends.

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– Paul Sanders

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